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A creative person with flexible and proactive approach and strategic thinking accostumed to use technology to transform organizations and processes to align them with the business strategy.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Freelance Advisor

As a freelance Consultant I've done the following projects to companies of different


• Financial advisory and general business review- Industrial sector

• Financial analysis and information system design and implementation-

Transport sector

• Strategic business review and Coaching to General Management- Consulting

services sector

• Process reingeniering- Media and advertising sector

Jan 2007Jan 2009


Transcoma Group

The main business of this group of companies is shipping agent of liner and tramp vessels among other services. This group also offers forwarding, custom services and acts as a logistic operator.



• Contract internal and outsourced personnel.

• Policy salary definition

• Fix people's annual objectives and bonus.

• Member of the board of directors


• Development of the strategic business plan

• Design and implementation of the balance score card

• Redesign of the back-office services and its functions

• Process reengineering in all the business areas.

• Commercial meetings coordination.

• Annual directors meeting discussion topics preparation


• Strategic plan definition (infrastructures, transactional applications,

information system design, SLA, internal processes...)

• Planning the production capacity of the department

• Elaborate and manage the budget of the department.

• Design, implement and manage the IT infrastructures (with the help of

the appropriate staff)

• Design and manage the change policy of desktops and software


• Operations manual design and constant update.

• Contracting (internal and outsourced) department personnel

• Negotiate salary policy of the department. Fix people’s annual



• Follow up and coordination of the different quality managers of the


• Update and implementation of any matter relative to quality.


• Purchasing policy and processes definition

• Direct negotiation of the biggest contracts

Jan 2000Jan 2007


BBDO Spain

In charge of technology, organization and purchase (technology, communications and

consultant services).

• Collaboration in the business strategic plan definition

• Reeingeniering of the business and backoffice processes

• Design, implement and manage technology projects in different areas (finance,


• Evaluate, choose and implement software applications

• Budget definition and management

• Sarbanes oxley implementation

• Suppliers negotiation

• Assure that IT infrastructres and applications work properly

• Asset management

• Information systems design and implementation

Mar 1993Jan 2000




- Document all processes of the various departments (trade, logistics, quality,


- Reorganizing the processes of different departments.

- Redesign the system of pricing for the company.

- Negotiation with suppliers.

- Assisting the Quality Director implementing the ISO9000

- Internal Quality Auditor.

- Definition of the different reports for various areas of the company

(commercial, production, logistics, finance and general management).

- Member of the steering committee

- Analysis, design and implementation of various management systems (areas

of Production, Quality, Business and Finance).

- Responsible for the smooth functioning of the various existing systems. (ERPAS400,

Datawarehouse, email)

- Training for users.


Mar 2009May 2009

Accounting and Finance for non Financial Directors

Condensed postgrade with the following main goals:

Getting to know the accounting techniques.

Getting to know how to design and implement cost control policies

Getting to know how to analyze a business from an economic point of view(kpi's, balance sheet, business strategy...)

Getting to know how to analyze investements.

Jan 2005Jun 2005

Programe for Management Development

Jan 2004Jun 2004

Management Control


Software Applications Design
People Management
Aligning Technology with business strategy
Strategic Planning
Process reengeniering