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A results-oriented, Director of Enterprise Solutions with more than 15 years’ experience in the international hospitality industry, I have progressed to lead the establishment of best practice business application and IT environments at an enterprise level. I deliver innovative, cost-effective transformation, systems improvement and BI/analytics projects that empower executive decision making, increase productivity and ensure data security. An energetic, motivational people leader, I offer a proven track record in acquisition integration and centralisation, building highly effective teams of systems and BA personnel that proactively solve problems and deliver value return.

Key Assets

  • Accomplished enterprise solutions leader, leveraging frontline operations, finance and audit experience in hospitality to create strategically aligned business application/IT roadmaps;
  • Advanced business acumen and executive leadership experience, proactively supporting and enabling business success through the development of best-in-class BI environments;
  • Tenacious problem solver, change agent and innovator, driven to improve systems, processes and business models whilst ensuring business ethics and legislative compliance.

Executive Employment Summary


Director - Enterprise Solutions

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Asutralia
  • Executive role, responsible for developing and implementing a strategic enterprise solutions roadmap, leading a series of improvement projects to ensure the effective provision of BI (business intelligence) to the business and a best-in-class solutions environment;
  • Partner with the leadership team to deliver strategic objectives, providing financial modelling and BI/analytics support to shape a $65M refinancing deal and a multi-year CAPEX proposals;
  • Provide leadership and direction to a multi-disciplinary team in the build and management of cost-effective and secure application solutions supporting over 1400 users company-wide;
  • Collaborate with Enterprise IT (Infrastructure & Service Delivery) to ensure adequate support for business applications, guaranteeing negligible downtime and maximum service for users;
  • Lead the design and implementation of training programs to build user capabilities across the organisation, ensuring maximum utilisation and ROI from business solutions;
  • Support business forecasting cycles as a member of the leadership team, utilising business analytics tools and advanced statistics to develop accurate financial models.

Key projects & Achievements

  • Initiated and delivered a series of IT solutions and business improvement projects, increasing efficiencies and productivity by enhancing systems, reporting and BI/analytics capabilities;
        • Led the integration of property management systems and data into a new BI (business intelligence) suite, completing Phase 1, automating reports saving 1.5 to 2 hours daily;
        • Completed initial build of data warehouse (EDW) and OLAP cubes for data related to payroll, improving overall analysis of payroll information;
        • Led debt restructuring negotiations following acquisition of Voyages, collaborating with Deloitte & KPMG to deliver financial models and a savings of $4.5M in interest charges;
        • Integrated financial reporting structures, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance with IFRS, Universal System of Accounts and government requirements;
        • Implemented training programs for over 450 frontline staff to comply with new PCI-DSS standards for credit card transactions and CCTV systems;
        • Led build of comprehensive budgeting suite and BI tool, delivering 100% mobile ready, market-leading solution within short timeframe.

Business Applications Manager

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia
  • Strategic and operational leader, initially tasked with supporting the integration of a number of acquired business, expanding to an enterprise-level business solutions leadership role;
  • Led 4 system administrators and solution designers responsible for business solutions, MDM (Master Data Management), ETL and data integrity across all enterprise systems;
  • Collaborated with IT Director on strategic projects, increasing efficiencies, ensuring financial data security and regulatory compliance during a complex transition phase;
  • Served as a strategic business partner and contact point between Operations, Finance and IT, fostering interdepartmental communications and collaboration across the organisation;
  • Led continuous Data Warehouse, Data Mart and OLAP development, improving capabilities, updating systems, and ensuring accessibility of large financial data sets;
  • Developed business cases and analytics models in support of acquisitions, business planning activities, reporting requirements and risk management activities. 

Key projects & Achievements

  • Project Managed various business solutions projects in support of acquisitions, divestitures, points club systems and franchise agreement activities;
        • Led integration of systems with Accor Hotels following establishment of franchise agreement with a number of Accor-held assets, with no disruption in service;
        • Successfully integrated business applications and processes to facilitate new management agreement for Home Valley Station tourism assets;
        • Facilitated business transition activities for divestment of Longitude 131 hotel in Ayers Rock Resort, preparing long-term business models as case for divestment;
        • Oversaw systems and process development for Mossman Gorge Centre, integrating systems with the newly-acquired asset;
        • Developed a custom solution for technical integration of Voyages systems with Virgin Australia’s Velocity Membership Program, automating points calculations;
  • Implemented a comprehensive business intelligence tool in 3.5 months, elevating reporting, financial modelling and forecasting capabilities across the organisation;
  • Contributed to organisation-wide review and redevelopment of Business Continuity Planning to comply with Australian National Audit Office requirements following internal audit;
  • Negotiated agreement with Micros Fidelio for hardware and software support for the National Indigenous Training Academy, saving Voyages over $250K in direct costs;
  • Led completion of a comprehensive website redevelopment project, modernising Voyages and Ayers Rock Resort websites, facilitating full hotel and activity booking lifting revenue by 300%.

Finance Systems & Operations 

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia
  • Transitional role, coordinating divestment of remaining assets and operational transition of Voyages Hotels & Resorts to ILC Group, ensuring financial and operational accountability;
  • Realigned and integrated business systems, rationalising legacy applications and streamlining IT solutions to align with the new operating model under ILC Group;
  • Liaised and collaborated with Finance and Legal departments, ensuring audit and regulatory compliance with the sale, appropriate transfer data sets to establish on-going operability.

Key projects & Achievements

  • Coordinated the final operational elements of a $65M sale of Voyages Hotels & Resorts to ILC Group, implementing strategic plans to facilitate a smooth transition;
        • Post acquisition, streamlined IT operations, closing 2 data centres, reducing footprint by 50%, resulting in a cost savings in excess of $1M per year; 
        • Led an application replication project, ensuring vendor retained all necessary data as part of transaction requirements, completing project 35% below budget;
      • As Project Manager, led the Finance Team through the automation of company-wide daily management reports function, increasing productivity and saving 4-6 work hours per day;
      • Provided key technical and financial advice throughout the company’s tendering process to select a new commercial banking solution, coordinating the transition to new provider.

Finance Operations Team Leader

Voyages Hotels & Resorts
  • Responsible for leading a team of 5 Finance Operations Officers in support of shared service delivery across Treasury, Accounts Payable and Banking;
  • Managed banking processes and transactions, liaising with CFO and overseeing all bank reconciliation and account activities pertaining to balance sheets for all hotels;
  • Conducted in-depth financial data analysis to ensure accurate reporting and forecasting, supporting company-wide strategic planning initiatives;

Key projects & Achievements

  • Formulated and delivered the Company Carbon Footprint measuring project, used to secure governmental NGERS compliance reporting requirements;
  • Contributed to various special reconciliation projects by liaising with third-party auditors to establish a best-ever reconciliation report as confirmed by PWC;
  • Awarded “Finance Office Employee of the Quarter Award,” Oct 2008.

Earlier Career History


Audit Supervisor

Voyages Hotels & Resorts

Night Manager

Hotel Unique

Education & Professional Development


AWS Solutions Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services

Project Management Professional

Project Management Institute

SQL Data Modelling

New Horizons Learning Centre

Bachelor of Business, Hospitality Management

Senac - São Paulo


I've always believed we have pray what we preach, and I've always preached we should make decisions based on data, so here is my results from the Strengths & Personality test.