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Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Media Translator / Interpreter

ATLAS Translation Interpretation

Provided my services of Translating for four of the National Television networks in Japan Nihon Television, Fuji Television, TBS and NHK. I’ve translated footage from News Programs to documentaries in three languages and into multiple local dialects.

Apr 2014Present

Assistant Compliance Officer / Multi Lingual Customer Service Representative 

Speed Money Transfer Japan K.K.

Main Duties

Compliance Officer Assistant:

 Acted as a Multi Lingual Output for the Compliance Officer and acted as an assistant who understands and uphold the Japanese Financial laws for  every branch.

Multi Lingual Customer Service Representative: 

 Acted as a Customer Service Representative for Multiple Languages such as Tagalog, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

Apr 2013Jan 2014

Business English Teacher

Tsubakimoto Kogyo


Teaching Business level English to various students and how business transactions are usually made using English as a negotiation tool.

Apr 2013Oct 2013

Barrio Fiesta Main Interpreter

Philippine Embassy, Japan

The 2013  Barrio Fiesta, a Philippine festival held by the Philippine community and Embassy every year in Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan to spread and strengthen the bonds between the Philippines and Japan.

Acted as the main coordinator between the Japanese administrations, the Philippine Embassy and the Philippine community.

Main Duties


Interpreter  for the Philippine Embassy to Japanese counterparts to conduct and achieve this years Barrio Fiesta goal. 


Translated document forms needed to submit to the Japanese administrations to host Barrio Fiesta. Such forms include health check documents, declaration forms and warranty forms.


I was in charge of all the transactions needed to be taken in negotiating and consulting between each group in charge of Barrio Fiesta and submitting the necessary documents needed to the Japanese administrations such as the Yokohama Health Department.


Acted as the Main Coordinator before and during the venue in which who cooperated with the Japanese event organizers in setting up the stages, booths and maintained a safe family friendly event. 

Nov 2010Mar 2013

UBS Financial Group Supported Intern

Multicultural Center Tokyo

Multicultural Center Tokyo organizes and implements programs for people with multicultural backgrounds, mainly designed for children and women. We strive for a multicultural society where differences in nationalities, languages, and cultures are respected, so that we can share in a diverse and enriched community.

Worked as an Intern for three years and used abilities to teach interpret for children and their families. As an assistant, I maintained a clean office and taught Japanese and English to children who were not accustomed to the Japanese and English language. 

Main Duties

Inventory duty 

Checked inventory and ordered office supplies.

Hosting at events

Hosted intercultural events hosted by MCT and other Non Profit Organizations.

Training new interns Trained new Interns every year.

Interpreter for the Organization With a vast Multicultural volunteer members, I helped interpret for the members who cannot speak Japanese and children who has difficulty in understanding the subjects.

Child counselor I helped as a counselor by listening and understanding the children on what they are going through in school and at home.

Cleaning and Maintaining a safe environment Cleaned the premises every Tuesday and Thursday and setup rules in separating garbage. 

Document handling

 Translated Japanese documents in English and organized the File cabinets.

Assistant Teacher  Helped made teaching materials and marked tests. 

Jul 2012Dec 2012

Special Learning Assistant

Arakawa ward Higurashi Elementary School

I was assigned to an Elementary school as a Special Learning Assistant and taught children with learning disabilities and children who are still learning the Japanese language.

Main Duties:

Child counselor

  Helped children with foreign background to deal with the stress that comes from a new surrounding and the difficulty of not being able to communicate with other classmates.

Assistant teacher

 Assisted the assigned teacher with the daily curriculum by interpreting the subjects to children who cannot speak Japanese.

Child interpreter

  Interpret for the children in making friends and solving problems by understanding the difficulty of communicating and easing the frustration.

Care taker

 Took care of children by supervising them and giving them the care they needed.

Motivational speaker

  For I was the predecessor in experience for the children, I was the role model for them by showing the possibilities of communication.


Part time


The Popular I worked was a family managed store and therefore was very close to the neighborhood. There I worked on my people skills by handling the customers with respect and worked the cash register and brushed up on my accounting skills.


Apr 2009Mar 2013


Kanda Univesity of International Studies

 Majored in International Communications, Mass Media interpretation, business communication, public speaking and media communication

    Joined the Handball team as the goal keeper in my sophomore year and been playing it since. Joined the Rugby team and returned to my Football team in Senior year and helped maintain the current league position.

      Participated in the school festival for 2 years as a tenant, and maintained a 100 thousand yen plus profit even with a poorly funded group and a shortage in manpower in which we covered by scheduling shifts and maximizing the man power.


        My interests are Communicating with other people, International relations and Languages.


        I like to watch movies and if I have time I like to interpret and translate every line in different languages.

        I also love Translating children’s books, and read novels in both Japanese and in English.


        I like to do volunteer work such as teaching children Japanese and English in their native language and bonding with them to make their stay in Japan a better one.

        Listening to ExperienceI also like to teach retired veterans on how to use modern appliances such as computers, cellphones and more. After each lessons, I would stay listen and learn from their stories.


        • Came to Japan at the age of nine and mastered the Japanese language within six months, at the age of thirteen joined the Japanese Archery club. At the age of sixteen I was the club president of the Asian Culture Research Club and the Foreign Culture Research Club while still able to go to the semi finals of the Japanese Archery city tournament. Had organised Multicultural food stands for the school festivals in my college years, and was able to obtain an Internship for a Non Profit Organization which specialize in supporting migrating children in re-entering schools.
        • Great at Interpreting Japanese, English and Tagalog or using them all at the same time. Experienced using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel at Multicultural Center Tokyo. Have used people skills by listening to people and solving and consulting their predicaments in both of my previous jobs and did not receive any complaints. Took Interpreting, Media literacy, Public communications, Group Discussions and, Japanese and English Debate classes in school. My strong points are my vitality, language ability, perseverance and, my ability to adapt.


        Mar 2006Present

        STEP pre-first

        STEP(The Society for Testing English Proficiency)