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Cover Letter

My name is Albert William Scott I'm 25, I'm of Samoan and Fijian decent and have a deep passion for youth. I have recently completed my Bachelor in Human Services Degree majoring in Youth, and am now working as a Specialist Youth Worker working with high risk young people.

I have always had a passion for youth but it was really cultivated with my studies and more so with the experience i have gained in field. My passion is to journey with youth being able to guiding them to their full potential and better future.

I'm an outgoing guy who loves spending time with family and friends. When it comes to work I'm reliable, trustworthy, a self motivator, able to work well in team situations, hard working, quick to learn and always looking to challenge myself to get to that next level.

I have 5 year experience working with youth, facilitating strength based leadership programmes and have also assisted in leading a trip to a 3rd world countries with youth from low socio economic areas, to really help them open there eyes and broaden there world view.

My studies in this field have given me the tools to be a successful youth worker. Also my life experiences really have given me an opportunity to genuinely empathise with what youth may be going through. I have the tools I just need the opportunity to use them and excel in my practice.

If successful I believe I will be a valuable asset to your organisation.

Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Specialist Youth Worker (Lighthouse)

Youth Horizons

To create a safe environment for youth, allowing them to learn life skills in a residential setting. Although the working environment has its challenges with the high turnover and High Risk youth we engage with. We continually engage young people through activities that hopefully makes them more aware of themselves in turn allowing to see where they may have gone astray and where they may need support systems. 

Jan 2012

Programme Director for Enable Leadership Programme

Outback Community Trust

4 years experience with Leadership, Mentoring programme run out of Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate. As Campus Coordinator my responsibilities are to collect and evaluate course material that will be taught in mentoring lessons, mentoring youth walking along side them equipping them with tools to help the succeed in life as a leader. 

Jan 2010

Fitness/ Boxfit / Group Fitness Instructor

Otara Fitness- Auckland Leisure

4 years experience working with a wide variety of ethnicities, cultures, and walks of life. Being able to engage with them effectively to prescribe suitable exercise programmes and assessments. I'm this role I also ran a programme in collaboration with South Seas Health Care called Kids in Action. My role was to work with High school student in getting them active in life.


Jan 2013Jan 2017

NCEA 1,2,3 & University Entrance

Lynfied College

Left Lynfield having accomplished :


House Captain

Sportsman of The Year

Student Representative

Founding members of the Pasefika Student Association  


BACHELOR of Human Service (Youth)

University of Auckland

Full Drivers licence


Deep Passion for Youth and their Future

personally feel that a passion for youth is something that is mandatory in this line of work. Being able to have the ability to journey alongside today’s youth no matter what ethnicity, culture, socio economic environment or past, all youth deserve the chance for a successful future. My passion for youth is the driving –force behind my work ethic and dedication towards my practice. I understand words on paper can only influence so much, but hopefully you see my volunteer work as a mentor, programme facilitator and now a programme director shows you that I have a deep passion to see youth succeed in life.

Going Beyond the Call of Duty, ability to Problem Solve and Adapt in Difficult Situations.

Hard work, resilience and the willing need to do what it takes to get things done is something that has been installed with me from a young age. It is something that I have carried through my life into my adult years currently. On numerous occasions in previous jobs I have been known to put in that extra effort to not only get the job done but also to it to an excellent standard.

Elaborate Understanding of Youth Culture in New Zealand Society and the YDSA

University has made me aware and given me the knowledge to understand youth culture from not only a statistical view but also in historical context. Understanding common tends and facts have given me the confidence in understanding youth culture in today’s society. Also having a deep understanding and strong commitment to the YDSA will make sure that all my practice is ethical and effective.

High Cultural Awareness and Strong Sense of Cultural Identity

Having an understanding of foundational culture in Pasifika, Maori and New Zealand is something I take pride in possessing. Having these life experience growing up Pasifika in New Zealand has given me the ability to genuinely empathise with youth. Also having a strong sense of cultural identity in self is something that I pride myself on as having a strong sense of self-identity give the tools and ability to scaffold other to find theirs.

Ability to Effectively Engage with People of Diverse Ages, Ethnicities and Cultures

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to a plethora of cultures and ethnicities, more importantly have had the opportunity to engage with these people. I believe the successful engagement comes from taking a taking a genuine interest in people and not categorise them because everyone is unique.


Repaio Petero

Auckland Leisure: Otara Fitness Centre
Team Leader
09 273-5034

Potoua Papalii

Outback Community Trust (Enable)
Senior Board Member
021 481 501

Oliver Tavita

Te Wangana o Aotearoa
Youth Guarantee Programme Team Leader
027 551 831

Tumanako Tomo

Youth Horizons Trust
Team Leader