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Work experience

Assistant Examiner, Clerk, Technical Examiner

Swiss Federal Office  for Intellectual Property
  • Worked on the transmission of electric signals and electrical-mechanical synchronization of time.
  • Published four groundbreaking papers on the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, special relativity, and the mass-energy equivalence.

Faculty Member, Lecturer

Princeton Institute for Advanced Study
  • Attempted unsuccessfully to develop a unified field theory, combining the four fundamental forces of nature - gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force.
  • Advocated for world peace and the control and nuclear weapons.


Apr 1986

PhD. in Physics

University of Zürich 
  • Collaborated with Alfred Kleiner on his thesis, entitled "A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions."

Physics Teaching Diploma

ETH Zürich
  • Passed the physics teaching examination with exceptional grades in physics and mathematics.