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Ambitions and goals are necessary for people who plan their success. For me, I have lots of goals that I want to reach in life, but the most important thing is making my parents proud and happy. A smile on their faces will always be one of the top goals in my life. In this semester, year and in life in general I’ll list my goals and do all I can to achieve them.

After completing my education, I will be ready to take advantage of life’s opportunities. Though I would like to be a CEO or VP of a company one day, I’m aware that those ambitions are long term and that it will be decades before I can achieve that kind of success. I expect to start at the bottom and work my way up. I would expect to get an internship at a firm or company once I finish school, and then eventually get hired within a year or less. I would obtain further knowledge about the company and how companies function in the U.S. I would then spend about five years or more at this particular company before I venture out, either to a different country or back to my home country. Once I have obtained enough experience in the U.S., I’d like to reach my goal of becoming a CEO at big company back in Saudi Arabia.

Work experience

Jan 2010Jun 2010


Family investments in Saudi Stock Exchange

Invested there and made benefits for 10%

Jun 2008Dec 2008

Assistant Manager

AlBadr Company
  1. Earned management trust by serving as key holder, responsibly opening and closing store.

  2. Assisted customers in person and via telephone. 

  3. Answered questions regarding store and products, while maintaining knowledge of current sales and store promotions.




Listening skills
Quick learner
Communication skills.
Computer proficient
  Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint.