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Risk and Security Management Specialist with notable success being a key driver in process improvement and providing assurance for revenue streams designing and implementing business controls to better identify and recover revenue loss. With more than 14-years experience, worked with over 40 operators and vendors in the public security, intelligence, credit, fraud and revenue assurance space in South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. I´ve detailed knowledge of public security, intelligence and enterprise risk management techniques in all type of environments, as well as proven ability to effectively link business objectives to technology and implementation of productive solutions. It complements my background strong communication skills with proven ability to develop reliable interpersonal and interdivisional relationships. I’m fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


  • Maximize Revenue Recordings
  • Systems Problem Solving Skills
  • Business Consultant to IT & Product Development
  • Isolate Revenue Leakage
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention Management
  • New Product / Service Risk Analysis
  • Leadership Skills

Work experience

Sep 2005Oct 2013

Partner Director

Vizzari Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda.

Established an independent consulting firm focused in risk management in the telecommunication, financial and retail markets. Worked over several projects helping customers to improve and structure their revenue assurance, fraud prevention and detection systems preventing losses in all the customer life cycle. Additionally, represent several national and international solutions which supply telecommunications carriers, issuers, lenders, retailers and insurance companies with a comprehensive protection while reduces their costs and losses as well as the impact with legitimate customers. Deliver lectures services in the most diverse formats (workshops, conferences, trainings, etc.)

Jun 2007Jan 2013

Director of Global Consultancy Services

ECtel Ltd.

Recruited to establish and manage enterprise-wide consultancy practices and training programs. Oversee companywide efforts to help and assist on customer projects implementations identifying and evaluating all critical factors related with revenue assurance. Lead customer risk teams in order to minimize exposure to risk and optimize revenue opportunities through the development of robust and commercially viable credit policies, the production of timely and accurate management information and the development of a company-wide credit risk strategy. Collaborate with external and internal stakeholders to conduct in-depth project deployment design, presenting all results to senior management. Supervise daily activities of Revenue Assurance Experts within the company. Participate directly in projects in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela, and indirectly in Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Mar 2006Jun 2007

Certification Coordinator

Associacao Profissional de Risco - APRISCO

ASSOCIACAO PROFISSIONAL DE RISCO, also known as APRISCO, constituted in August 30, 2005 is a non-profit organization that has the following object:(a) congregate all the professionals that participate in Risk analysis and management, been Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Country Risk, Actuarial Risk. Disaster Risk among others;(b) preserve the Profession ideal that is the diffusion of concepts and techniques of Risk Management in Brazil; (c) promote the integration with same class entities in the world;(d) promote the integration among its members, through meetings, lectures, seminars and studies, objectifying project discussion of general interest of the Professions tied to Risk Analysis, Interpretation and Management.APRISCO is constituted by an unlimited number of associates, distributed in categories as: founder, benefactor, honorarium, contributor and others.

Jan 2000Aug 2005

Relationship Manager

Fair Isaac International Corporation

Reporting to the Commercial Director for LAC-South, responsibilities encompassed Mercosur markets development within the Finance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Retail markets, related to credit, collection and fraud management.

One of my attributions was to initiate and maintain a high managerial level contact with the fraud, credit, collection, marketing, operations and IT departments to foster a broad corporate relationship and create new niches for Fair Isaac products within these markets.

Attend and speak in several fairs, congresses and seminars. The most recent speech was about reducing fraud and risk across the telecom customer lifecycle (IBC).

I have increased the Southern Cone market revenues in 10% within the first year. The most recent achievement in this company was entering in the Circle of Excellence for exceeding my annual quota in more than 150%. I received the price “Big Hitter FY´04” for closing one of the 10 biggest deals in the company.

Jun 1999Dec 1999

Account Manager

Telefônica – Telecomunicações de São Paulo

As an Account Manager, reporting to the Sales Manager, responsibilities encompassed the wireline telecommunication service sales over a 20 great customers portfolio, within the industrial, commercial and services Brazilian markets as Kaiser, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Olivetti, Procomp, SGS, United Airlines, etc.

Jan 1998Aug 1998

Regional Executive

Hamworthy Ltd. (Motores Rolls-Royce Ltda.)

As a Regional Executive, reporting to the International Director of the industrial compressor partner (Hamworthy) in England, responsibilities encompassed research and development of the Brazilian market to establish a joint venture and also to guarantee a clear evaluation and identification of the potential different market segments within the industrial compressor market.

At the time the Hamworthy decided to slow down their investments in Brazil, I presented a business plan for an OEM association with a potential market segment of four millions dollars revenue per year (ROI calculated for 2 years).

Dec 1995Dec 1997

Export Manager

Produtos para Linhas Preformados Ltda. - PLP

As a Export Manager, reporting to the General Director, responsibilities encompassed to elaborate proposals and to participate in the public and international tenders of companies as Furnas, CESP, Eletronorte, as well as similar ones in the Argentinean, Bolivian, Chilean, and Paraguayan markets. Needed to set up and restructure agents, representatives and distribution nets in all the aforementioned markets, analyzing them and supervising them as well.

Participated in trade fairs, congresses and seminars, and performed several training sessions for representatives and agents.

Jan 1989Jan 1995

Export Supervisor

Alcoa Aluminio S.A.

As a Export Supervisor, reporting to the Export Manager, responsibilities encompassed exports to Latin America and US. During 3 years I managed the distribution within US (from Brazil) being entrusted of establishing the commercial, logistics, as well as financial tactics. Participated in trade fairs, congresses and seminars, and performed several training presentations for representatives and agents.

Lectures Performed