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Alarna Moles

Experienced Runner and Production Assistant

Work experience

Oct 15May 16

Production Assistant & Camera Operator

Solent TV

Ihave worked with Solent TV for multiple projects.I worked as a camera operator for Solent Graduation 2015 where I worked throughout the week on different static and roaming cameras. I also worked in the gallery as a production assistant. These were for an OB of the event. The footage was streamed online and in the universities cinema. Also  working for SolentTV filming short films. The footage for these will be edited and broadcast on online platforms.

Jan 2016Present

Camera Operator

Chameleon Films
Working with Chameleon Films as a camera operator. Working on promotional videos on location with a small crew. Using a C100, Cannon 7D, Slider and Dolly to shoot videos to client specification. Videos to be edited and used on online platforms for client.
Jan 2016Present

Series Producer

Series Producer who has taken over for series 2 of the Late Night'ish Show with SonarTV. I have implemented some changes within the programme content. This responsibility is for the entire process and I will oversee the production till end of the academic year.
Dec 2015Present

News Reporter & Researcher

I work for community radio station VoiceFM in the 'Top of the Hour - Good News Crew'. This means I individually ,and as part of a team, research good news in and around Southampton which we will present as part of a 3minute top of the hour feature daily. I research, write scripts and also present the news.
Nov 2015Present

Freelance Videographer

Solent Creatives
I am a videographer and producer for Minestead Trusts Social Media Campaign to celebrate their 30th birthday. Within a group we are in charge of shaping the content we produce around specifications from the client. I planned and sam shooting content for this project presently. This content will be used as the main crux of the social media campaign in January.
Sep 2015Present

Head of Music

I am Head of Music at SonarTV, my university's TV station I am in charge of adding all music to the videos we create. I contact local music producers and artists to gain permission to use their music for and get them in our programmes. We now have a library of music and continue to join with these contributors to get them a wider coverage.
May 2015Present

Videographer & Editor

Solent Creatives
I freelanced with George DeLong and together we wrote the script, produced, directed and were directors of photography for a 5 minute film. I also edited the video and sound for the film The project was also to engage a group of local young people in the production. We structured the film around the ideas of the young people and polished the script with them. Then created the film from there, involving them with the filming. This film is in the final stages of edited and will then be circulated around local schools for educational purposes.
Jun 2015Present

Producer, Editor & Sound Designer

Southampton Solent

I worked on a feature film, adapted from a Berry Theatre Production as a producer, editor & sound designer. I organised the film crew through pre-production and for the location filming, video edited multiple scenes on Adobe Premiere Pro and designed the sound using ADR recording, foley, dubbing mixing & sound editing on Pro Tools. The feature film has been released in episodes online and is being exported to premiere at Southampton Film Festival in November.

Sep 15Sep 15

Production Assistant

Gung Ho Media Collective

I freelanced for a webcast and short film as an assistant producer. I assisted the producer with the live webcast and also a filmmaker with the short film that featured in the webcast. I helped load and rig the equipment, assisted the producer and director throughout. I also acted as an Assistant Producer during the live broadcast, a go between for live guests and the production team and interviewed people for the short film. The short film was featured on the live webcast with a live audience and a world wide active audience.

Sep 14May 16



I have gained experience with my universities TV society with running, graphic operating, and OB audio assisting. Live events have included Solent Sport awards and Sonar Live, Studio events have included Music Sessions. The variety of roles has enabled me to understanding and enjoy working as a TV production company for live and studio recording.