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Community Involvement

Calvary Baptist Church – Church council member

American Red Cross – First Aid/CPR Instructor and first aid station coordinator and media liaison.

Boy Scouts of America – Assistant Scoutmaster and merit badge counselor


A couple of things that people have told (emailed) me.

You were of the few I trusted

From a co-worker - Infrastructure Security Specialist

... based on skill sets, solid work ethic and demonstrated hard work ...

From a Team Manager

The following is from my LinkedIn profile:

Alan is a very capable and methodical system/software engineer. I always had high confidence that tasks and problems assigned to Alan would be well-handled. He always displayed a good attitude toward his work and a willingness to expand his horizons whenever needed. I would gladly choose to work with Alan again if the opportunity arose.

From a Security Architect

Technical Skills

Successfully worked with a broad range of platforms, languages, technologies and applications including:

* System Administration

  * Primarily in the unix/linux environment

  * Also in the windows environment

* Languages:

  * unix shell scripting

  * Visual Basic

  * C

  * SQL

* Technologies:

  * VPN

  * VMware

  * Terminal servers

  * TCP/IP


  * JCL

  * CMMI

  * ITIL

  * RSA Security

* Microsoft products including:

  * Office

  * Visio

  * Access

  * Project

  * Publisher

  * Frontpage

  * Visual Studio

* Developed, implemented and maintained a medical billing system for private practice physicians

* Installed and customized accounting software

* Adept at learning new skills and knowledge as needed

Professional Development

Consistently exceeded yearly Continuing Education goals. Topics included:

* EDS Leaders Internship Program* Project Management and Systems/Software engineering life cycle concepts including ITIL & GSMS* Business ethics, confidentiality, export control, records management* Crisis/Incident Management

* Product knowledge including design, implementation, administration and support

Other Interesting Facts

The security IAM systems had over 500,0000 users in a secure environment running 24x7.  Uptime was well over 98%.

Sought out by program managers and project managers for my technical expertise.

When a general call for assistance in analyzing legacy applications written in Assembly and COBOL was sent out, stepped up to the task and was able to successfully document the functionality of the applications.


Highly experienced Information Technology (IT) professional with experience, on a global scale, in system administration, systems analysis, software engineering and technical support. Excellent problem analysis and resolution skills.  Able to articulate information to both technical and non-technical audiences. Successful in developing team, client and vendor relationships.

  • Adept at rapidly learning and using new technologies
  • Enterprise Security - Specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Entrusted with critical applications and confidential information and algorithms
  • Skilled in leading, instructing and mentoring others

Job Titles

This is a high level summary of skills using representative job titles to show the diversity of my skill set.

Team Manager

* Directed a variety of teams and initiatives

* Functioned as Project Manager

Technical Support Specialist

* Excellent problem analysis and resolution

* Duties included systems administration and analysis

Software Engineer

* Involved in all aspects from design and development through implementation

* Have also performed as system architect

System Administrator

* Primarily in the unix.linux environment

* Also in the windows environment

Enterprise Security

* Identity Management

* Access Control

Work experience

Sep 1998Jan 2009

Service Delivery - Technical Support 2008

Maintained the global production instances of the Computer Associates eTrust Identity and Access Management application.  Successfully analyzed and resolved a wide range of problems and issues.  Mentored team members in the functionality of the application.  Functioned as part of this virtual/global team via teleworking.

  • Provided analysis of and resolved a security flaw; this resolution prevented unauthorized access to systems, corporate humiliation and possible stiff penalties.
  • Created the roles and policies for the tech support team, streamlining the process thereby reducing the amount of time required to add, modify or remove team member access to the IAM systems.
  • Developed and executed custom data extracts to the security onboarding team; this resulted in greatly reducing the time to update their databases and reducing the chance of error.
  • Recommended and implemented additional measures to better secure the IAM system.
  • Actively participated in discussions as a subject matter expert where policies and procedures were made.
  • Developed documentation, utilities and procedures for the technical support team.
Security and Privacy Architecture and Engineering - Global Deployment 2007

Subject matter expert (SME) for the CA-eTrust application.  Analyzed, tested and globally deployed this security application within a secure delivery network.  Worked with the vendor to resolve issues.

  • Deployed eTrust application to seven separate data centers around the world.
  • Developed policies, procedures and documentation for the technical support team.
  • Trained the eHRO team, outside of the security organization, in implementing the CA-eTrust application.
Security and Privacy Architecture and Engineering - Development Lab 2005 - 2006

Coordinated the usage of the four CA-eTrust development environments.  EDS' implementation of this product was larger and more complex than had ever been implemented by the vendor dramatically increasing the complexity and volatility of the environment.

  • As Technical Leader, supervised a global team of five people maintaining the systems.
  • Given system administration rights and access by the data center where the systems were located.
  • Applied patches and reinstalled the software as necessary due to the volatility of the environment.
Enterprise Security Level-4 Support 2004

Maintained the global production instance of the BMC Control-SA User Provisioning system. 

  • Entrusted with system administration access and rights, a unique privilege, to better support the application.
  • Developed scripts to monitor the applications and to page the team which allowed the team to more rapidly respond to incidents.
Enterprise Security Engineering and Deployment 2003

Engineered and deployed the BMC Control-SA system.  Development systems were in the US and the production system was in Europe.  Implemented the CA-Harvest configuration management system to control deliverables. 

  • Developed disaster recovery plans and service level agreements.
  • Developed the interface with the legacy systems.
Systems Management Services 2002-2003
  • Project Manager for the CA-Harvest configuration management system implementation project.
  • Monitored the Endevor mainframe configuration management system. Analyzed and resolved problems.
  • Assisted with setting up the disaster recovery system for mainframe applications.
Engineering IT Support 1998-2002

Supported the CAD and custom applications for Delphi Packard's engineering department. 

  • Supported the custom file management application used to control libraries and securely transfer files.
  • Technical leader for installing applications and file libraries to new plant overseas.
  • Technical leader for implementing the Ideas and Catia CAD systems.


Bachelor of Science