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Work experience

Mar 2013Present

Director of Product


In charge of the direction of new products at Wozlla from small projects to larger and complex ones. Own the road for creating, deploying, enhancing the first Wozlla product.

Jun 2007Mar 2013

HD Games and Special Projects Producer


Manage teams for developing own IP and 3rd party titles for different platforms such as PalmOS, WebOS or MAC OSX, as well as different commercial and prototype devices, for example mobile, home consoles or personal computers, modifying or creating new designs as needed, adapting titles for each platform.

Mar 2007Jun 2007

Game Designer


Designed and balanced the game system for the first title developed in our studio, with the target of making it appealing to a mobile audience and fulfilling the expectative from executive managers. Reviewed, evaluated and improved the graphic quality together with company artists. I modified game design and flow in order to reach a good game experience.


Co-founder, Game Designer

MOR Games

Organized a team of individuals with the enthusiasm of develop simple game applications in order to share and obtain experience in game development. Designed and programmed small shareware games, that were available through web download.

Mar 2000Mar 2001

Technical Support

Secretaría de Desarrollo Social

Updated and maintained the code for the main data base used for municipal resource allocation during the transition for the Y2K (correct record of the year above 1999). Adapted the main data base queries and reports as requested, according the needs reported from each department. Brought support to users from varied departments with the updating of system's OS or upgrading hardware and solving issues with the local network.


- Showed initiative in solving daily production issues, as well as discussed with development and management teams the prevention of other possible problems. - Guided other producers who joined locally or remotely, helping them in starting their projects with systems/devices we already researched. - Created initial documents for emerging technologies in order to help other studios with their initial steps. - In agreement with Headquarters, transmitted quality requirements to everyone involved in the project.
- Successfully managed research teams for working with new environments/devices. These included working with PalmOS, WebOS, Windows Mobile 7, among others. - Excellent results obtained in managing research teams on emerging platforms. This brought the opportunity to our studio to keep developing on them.
- Proven ability to work with different teams, managing several devices and platforms. - Scheduled and distributed activities to personnel involved in each project, from inception to post delivery release. - Planned goals for delivering the project with quality in the time granted. - Organized periodical reports and sent status to supervisors and administrative areas in order to keep projects in track.

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I’m a person committed to deliver the best quality in each project, making use of available resources such as time, personnel and budget. Always looking for improvement areas, and accustomed to bring ideas and solutions in a daily basis. With experience and knowledge of several platforms I expect to keep bringing good results in any project, be it for mobile devices, home consoles, or personal computers.


Manage development teams for creating and closely follow the production process of video games that could become a great success in the market, with the target of making them appealing to current and new customers in order to have highly profitable products.


Passionate about Video Game Development and Production.

Love for spoken languages (especially from Asia).

Attraction for traveling to new places.