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About Me

 My academic knowledge in Business Administration & Management, coupled with my professional experience thus far has allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge in building successful, long-term and fruitful relationships, ensuring constant and sustained benefits for my clients & customers, across their value-chain.

 Being a multifaceted professional in various dimensions of Consulting, has imparted in me an enterprise-wide ability to analyse and improve business performance for the long term. To further elaborate, I am able to define and understand the future state that the organisational strategy aims to achieve. Based on the strategic outcomes, I am able to define the business logic, architecture and processes, required to achieve the future state. In addition, appreciating that architecture and technology are enablers, people are ultimately the element that drive the strategy. My approach is people centric, to ensure that business buy-in and adoption starts from day one.

current Work History

Mar 2011Present

Senior IT Consultant

Sage Informatics (Pty) Ltd

Off-site Responsibilities

  • Strategise, design & develop the Information Security Operating Model for Sage Informatics.This also includes formulating the Information Security engagement model.
  • Document business & technical proposals, based on technologies & services offered by Sage Informatics for IBM, SAP, Newgen, ClickSoftware & Microsoft. This also includes documenting proposals & engagement strategies for Consulting, Assessments and E2E Service Delivery Engagements.
  • Play a critical role in supporting the COO in establishing Joint-Ventures with carefully identified business partners and solution providers, as and when required.

On-site Responsibilities – Senior IT Consultant / Management Consultant

  • Help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve their business performance. Use invaluable business skills to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which the organisation(s) may be lacking.
  • As a management consultant, I am primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of the organization, Whilst identifying options for the organisation and suggest recommendations for change, as well as helping with additional resources to implement solutions.
  • Operate across a wide variety of services such as business strategy, marketing, financial and management controls, human resources, information technology, solution designing, e-business and operations, and supply-chain management.
  • In addition to the above, my tasks as a Senior Consultant involve:
    • Identifying issues and forming hypotheses and solutions.
    • Presenting findings and recommendations to clients.
    • Implementing recommendations/solutions, whilst ensuring client(s) receive the assistance required.
    • Managing projects and programmes as required.
    • Leading and managing those within the team, including analysts & help make relevant decisions.


Jul 2001Oct 2005

Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Madras
  • Core Subjects 
    • Financial and Management Accounting 
    • Production and Materials Management 
    • Personnel Management and Industrial Relations 
    • Marketing Management 
    • Principles of Management 
    • Business Mathematics and Statistics 
    • Introduction to Operation Research 
    • Business Data Processing 
    • Business Economics 
    • Business Law 
    • Business Organization 
    • Business Environment 
    • Marketing Research 


May 2015May 2015

Data Quality Management (DQMACUR) 

Barclays Africa Group Limited
Feb 2015Feb 2015

Business Continuity Management (BCMGA2015CUR) 

Barclays Africa Group Limited
Oct 2014Oct 2014

Global Information Risk Management 

Barclays Africa Group Limited
Apr 2014Apr 2014

Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 (070-331) 

Microsoft Corporation Limited


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