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Teacher, Chair History Department

University School

Teaching Subjects:

o    Western Civilization, 1500-Contemporaryo    Advanced Placement US Government and Politicso    Advanced Placement US Historyo    Designed and taught “Strategy, Diplomacy, and War”o    Designed and taught “The Wind of Change: Decolonization in Asia and Africa, 1940-1980



Stanford University



Alan Cate


Alan Cate, Colonel Alan Cate


The author of The Battlefield Leaders Who Made American Independence, United States Military Colonel Alan Cate has cultivated a successful career in writing, education, and defense. Besides publishing his book in 2006, Alan Cate has written a number of articles, most of which are about historical subjects. Such articles include A Failure of Political Intelligence: Vietnam in Retrospect, The Second Best Lieutenant Colonel’s Job in the Army, Tales of Three Generations: American Soldiers in the Best and Worst of Times and The Deadly Brotherhood and Other Looks Back at Our World War II GIs. Primarily, Alan Cate’s articles have been published in publications such as Infantry and Military Review. Alan Cate’s book reviews often have been published in The Plain Dealer, a Cleveland, Ohio, news outlet and Parameters, a journal designed for senior members of the US Military. In the last few years alone, Alan Cate has published book reviews on books such as Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris, Mrs. Adam’s Winter: A Journey in the Last Days of Napoleon, How the War of Independence was Fought, and The American Civil War: A Military History.Before Alan Cate became a respected author and book reviewer, he attended the United States (US) Military Academy at West Point and Stanford University where he earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degree in American History, respectively. After graduating from Stanford, Alan Cate gained a new level of experience in his field when he began serving as a Teaching Assistant for future Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other notable professors’ classes including The Military in Politics and Strategy, War, and Politics. Around the same time, he also served as an Assistant Professor at the History Department of the US Military Academy at West Point, where he related to young students his extensive historical and military knowledge, gained through his schooling as well as his experience as a Colonel in the US Army. Alan Cate later went on to work as an Instructor at the US Army Command and General Staff College in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, and a Guest Instructor and Director of the Army Heritage and Education Center at the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and finally as a Professor of History at the University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio. Alan Cate continues to work at University School to this day, where he teaches Advanced Placement US Government and Politics, Advanced Placement History, and Western Civilization. Alan Cate also designed and taught the courses Strategy, Diplomacy, and War and The Wind of Change: Decolonization in Asia and Africa, 1940 to 1980.


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