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Alan Alsheimer - Short Bio

Alan Alsheimer; from Costa Mesa to San Diego

The entrepreneur Alan Alsheimer was born and raised in Costa Mesa, Orange County CA in the late sixties. The only son of an Economist, Alan was exposed to financial terms from a young age. He excelled at math and completed his schooling with honors for exceptional achievement in the subject. His academic excellence led to Alan Alsheimer receiving a scholarship for a degree course in the city of San Diego. As an undergraduate of a BA in Economics, he had his nose in his books most of the time, only surfacing for some fresh air occasionally for a few rounds of golf. During the summer in his final year at university, Alan Alsheimer worked at a globally renowned financial company in their Analyst Program. He felt at home in this environment and excelled at his duties. This led to the company offering Alan a full time position when he graduated.

It is sink or swim in investment banking

Investment banking is a cut-throat industry where only the hardest workers survive. Alan Alsheimer who grew in Orange County relished the fast pace and enjoyed the unique challenges a position in an industry steeped in risk provided. Alan was responsible for a large chunk of the company’s strategic and tactical planning for the three most significant clients on the books. He initially co-managed and was eventually entirely responsible for public and private offerings of debt and equity management to the value of $2million for one of the major clients. His analytical skills and ability to accurately process large bodies of information are highly value qualities in the industry. These skills, coupled with his enthusiasm and genuine propensity for the investment world led Alan Alsheimer to achieve a solid reputation in the industry and two substantial promotions during his 11 years at the firm.

Embracing entrepreneurship

Although Alan Alsheimer loved the buzz of the industry and considered his colleagues as family more so than co-workers, he longed to forge his own way in the world. After careful consideration, Alan handed in his resignation and initialized his own concern; a mere 5 blocks away from his old office in the centre of San Diego. Alan Alsheimer’s long hours of work and excellent rapport with clients and colleagues over time paid off and his contacts and reputation ensured his success in business as an entrepreneur. Alan maintains his small office offering bespoke investment services with a staff of three additional bodies. He also frequently entertains a range of students with an outstanding program that he developed that offers an opportunity to students who are not able to gain experience with larger companies the way he was.

Alan Alsheimer at home

Alan Alsheimer acquisitionsis a film buff with a particular penchant for old films created before Technicolor came to play. He resides with his partner of 15 years; Clare and daughter Lily in a leafy suburb just outside central San Diego. He is an animal enthusiast and regularly donates to charitable causes that assist animals in need. The family have two dogs named Ginger and Fred after two of Alan’s favorite Hollywood heroes.