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Like a landscape, my work is diverse...

Since 2008, my mission has been to restore hope for the future, fueled by positive scientific data. I can offer this hope to you now, through an inspirational talk for your organization. If there's resonance, I can introduce you to influencers from around the world, who are ready to collaborate on projects regenerating  our soil, water and air. And, I can show you the progress that’s been made, as well as future goals for rainforest renewal in the tropics. 




Event Producer at COP23

UNFCC Conference of Parties

Working in collaboration with the French OpenTeam, I produced and co-hosted a side-event for Project Drawdown in Bonn.



Speaker at COP22

UNFCC Conference of Parties

In recognition of the iGiveTrees Project by the French Ministry of the Environment, I was given the opportunity to speak about our project before a global audience in Marrakesh.



Laureate - 100 Projects for the Climate

French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea

The iGiveTrees project was recognized as a citizen initiative that mitigates the effects of global warming, resulting in invitations to participate in two UNFCC Conference of Parties COP22 and COP23.

“Continuing the momentum of COP 21, '100 Projects for Climate' aims to speed up the emergence of citizen-led initiatives to combat global warming. This new participative step, building on the valuable discussions of the Paris-Climate Conference, will enable the 100 most innovative solutions from around the world to become a reality.” 

Work experience


Public Speaker & Rainforest Advocate

Alana Lea | Rainforest ECO Enterprises, LLC

“Alana Lea is a voice for the rainforest. 

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Alana moved to the United States as soon as she could walk, and only learned that she emerged from the most diverse and endangered rainforest on earth, half a century later.

She had instinctively cultivated a passion for the plant kingdom as a horticulturalist for more than thirty years, while later telling its stories as a visual artist. In addition to the creation of Tropiflora, a successful tropical nursery business, these years yielded exhibits of her botanical watercolors and digital collages at the Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Smithsonian Institution and Museum of Natural History. 

Her rainforest botanicals have been printed on organic silk, hemp and cotton fabrics, with water based pigment inks, to raise both awareness and funds for the renewal of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.

As a founding member of the Womens Speakers Association, she confidently takes the stage of schools and social enterprise events to tell stories of renewal and hope.

Alana is also the founder of the non-profit ECOfloresta projects in Brazil, supporting subsistence farmers to become stewards of the renewed forests. Their iGiveTrees campaign invites organizations around the world to participate in the benefits of bringing carbon back home to the soil.”


Botanical & Environmental Artist

Alana Lea

“Alana Lea is an environmental artist whose work integrates old-world character with contemporary verve. She harmonizes imagery with informative and imaginative wordplays, transforming them into spirited showpieces. Her signature works are digital collage featuring exquisitely rendered floral watercolors in a precise, yet lively style. 

The eclectic appeal of Alana's work has garnered the attention of such diverse clients as the Smithsonian Institution, Fine Gardening Magazine and the Amazon Herb Company. Her paintings and prints reside in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Britain and Brazil. They have been sold in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, exhibited at the Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences and at the Smithsonian Institution in partnership with the US Botanical Garden in Washington, D.C., and at two international climate change conferences: COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco and COP23 in Bonn, Germany.

Alana's passion for plants springs from a lifelong awe of the natural world. Her relationship with the plant kingdom as explorer, importer, gardener, herbalist, horticulturalist and entrepreneur has been a boon to her career as a botanical storyteller. ”


Publication Design for Print & Social Media

Alana Lea | Rainforest ECO Enterprises, LLC

Alana has a rich background in publications for magazines and books as illustrator, designer and production manager.

Her book design and production abilities have been used by the Amazon Herb Company, and self-publishing authors of "The Little Goo-Roo," "Cravings of the Soul," "The Ultimate Dick and Jane," among other titles, to turn rough manuscripts into polished printed books.

Working with Waterside Publications, she is preparing her book Trees of Transformation, for print publication after having been available in multimedia.

She has developed social media skills used for promotion on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Alana also develops rich content for blogs, from Huffington Post to Care 2.


Retail & Wholesale - Nursery & Plant Shop


Tropiflora was the first of its kind, a tropical plant store specializing in rare and collectible plants in the early 1970's. A result of Alana's fascination with the plants of the Puerto Rican rainforests, she began importing orchids and bromiliads from Central and South America, and educating her clientele in Portland, Oregon about tropical flora. The business included a nursery, retail plant shop and commercial plant maintenance service.

International Experience

Alana speaks conversational French, Spanish and Portuguese, and currently divides her time between the United States, Brazil and France, cross pollinating organizations and projects that love the Earth as much as she does.