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Work experience

Oct 2014Feb 2015

Japan - Car quality inspector


Sent away to start a new headquarter in Utsunomiya, Japan. Job based in commercial issues and quality inspection of prototype car parts. Managing my skills with the politics and customs offices due to the flow of parts sent from Spain.

Jun 2014Oct 2014

Spain - Quality inspector and handcarrier to abroad countries


Work as car part quality inspector, based on prototype models for new cars. Besides, sent away for handcarrying car parts to Germany and Japan, thanks to my skills of being self-suficient and confident when being abroad.

Feb 2014Jun 2014

Malta - Boat party promoter and seller

eXclusive boat party Malta

Promoter of the best boatparties malta. Working during all day at every type of environment. Selling tickets, finding new customers. Working as a bartender on board and animator.

Aug 2013Jan 1014

Japan and Germany - Car parts transporter by plane


As previously explained, hired for hand carrying car parts by plane to the destinations of Japan and Germany, thenks to my abilities of solving issues abroad.

Aug 2012Jul 2013

Denmark - Temporary works during university studies abroad


Working in different environments and situations during the whole year I did spend in Denmark. Where I got my second universtiy degree. 


Aug 2012Jul 2013

Denmark  - Energy Civil Engineering 

VIA University College

Second degree studied in Denmark which complented my first studies in Spain. Based on onstruction knowledge and Energy effiency and production systems.

Sep 2009Feb 2012

Czech Republic  - ERASMUS

BRNO University College

Finalising my first degree as an Erasmus Student in Czech Republic. Where I worked on my Final project about energy efficiency.

Sep 2008May 2012

Spain - Technical architecture, Building engineering

EPSEB - UPC Barcelona

Architecture and construction knowledge. Studies about construction systems, structures, project planning, budget managing, site organization and security management at the work site.


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Public speeches and seller
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