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Cover Letter

I have programming experience in 8 year. Like coding and focus on optimization software development. I'm always become to project and team member bridge. I will keep learning new technology.

Work Experience

April 2016Now

Openstack developer - Deploy Team

CloudCube Co., Ltd.

In CloudCube. We have CloudOS and Try-SC ( product。The Trc-SC product we're develop based on Grafana. In Try-SC case, I'm focus on Front-end (Angular) and Backend (Golang). Grafana is opensource project. That have many interesting thing like Plugins, Dashboard. I'm developed Single sing-on feature from Grafana to CloudOS. Another project is CloudOS. That's base on OpenStack product. My responsible is CloudOS CICD system. These item very interesting and it's include a lot of tech.

Dec 2015Mar 2016

Senior Backend Engineer

KYE Systems Corp.

My job responsibility is refactor static page into Node.js Backend service website. Apart from this case, I assisting development flow for team. e.g. The Git-Flow can be simplify the work.

And I also introduction Phabricator, Gitlab, Jenkins platform service. The Phabricator have code review, project task, bug tracking and generate Scrum chart. That help keep on stable by the project. When the team member commit source code onto git server than auto post webhooks to the Jenkins. That's execute auto testing in project. When pass testing. The Ansible execute auto deploy.

The above I used Docker Compose build platform server. That make me useful and easier management service. Last I used Slack integration my all notifier.

Jul 2015Dec 2015

Full Stack at Freelancer

Sheng Yang Truck Co.

In this case. My responsibility are become to user and system bridge. They want to design web system on the work environment.  The UI is one of important point. So, The challenge is reuse and maintainability. The AngularJS, Backbone and Reactjs are my options. Finally I choice the Reactjs . Because it's very friendly and useful with dom on the View. And the backend I used Python/Django.

Front-end / Backend / DevOps

Aug 2014Jun 2015

Senior Backend Engineer

Unalis Co., Ltd.

Unalis is agent mobile game of company sales. I have two project in the Game Development Department. The one is 龍族金幣, This is Japan company Sega development. My job responsible is maintain game normal operation and upgrade version.

The other item is the UniCloud (mobile game analytics platform). I'm a Scrum Master in this item. My job were not only to implement and maintain platform service. I also have responsibility solving problem. Ex: transport data encode & decode. It have Android, iOS and Server API.

I introduce the Git into our team, and build an internal Git repository. And use collaboration Tools (Slack, Gitlab, Vagrant) constructed our development.

龍族金幣 / UniCloud / UniCloud Development Tool

Sep 2011Jun 2014

Software Engineer

Rakuya International Info. Co. Ltd

Rakuya is a subsidiary of PChome. Provide  selling house online, buying and renting service. My job responsible is website feature and Android application development. Before coding, We are discuss design pattern and drawing UML. In here I begin clean code, design pattern and agile develop. That improve coding skill.

Rakuya Website Android application

Jul 2009Sep 2011

Web Developer

Ardi Technology Corp.

Ardi is focus on RFID product company. They wanted have social website can be connect Paliie device. In here I creative idea and implement on website. And I responsible for the backend server, connection website and device. And I use Node.js solving real-time problem.


Additional Projects

Baby Helper

This maker is help to new father and mother on care of the baby. I used Tessel module detection the baby crying. When cry sound is over 1 db. It notice to the slack and take picture.


Natural production of edible oil Description Website. Responsive Website Design.


The feature is upload picture and show you want to show image. But watch all picture must registration member can be.


Use to coding common tools. When I want to use. I call on slack message to robot. It's very helpful and easy.