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Work experience


Supply Chain Manager

SCA Packaging

Supply Chain manager – SCA Packaging Belgium

·Managing internal sales, transport & production planning, warehouses.

·Purchase of transport, warehouses, tools

·Downsizing the departments with 25%

Jan 2008Dec 2008

General Sales manager


IMES ( is a subsidiary of the French privately owned Descours & Cabaud group ( ). Descours & Cabaud generates a turnover of 3,2 bn €. The main activity of IMES is distribution of MRO (Maintenance, repair & operating) parts. The annual turnover is 56 mio € in Belgium and the staff is 180 people. The business is mainly generated by sales calls, but an increasing part is generated out of e-commerce.


o2008- 2008:General sales manager Belgium

In the actual position I head the sales (regional offices, logistic services, business development), marketing, purchase and warehouses. These are the company’s strategic departments

In a second step I will be in charge of the entire Belgian operations as general manager.

Jun 1991Dec 2007

Several (se below)

SCA Packaging


o2007-2007: Sales & supply chain manager Western Europe Region

o2006-2007: Supply Chain manager cluster Belgium& Northern France

Business unit manager SCA Packaging Kortrijk

Business unit manager Gandabox

o2005-2006: Sales manager Belgium

o1998-2005: Sales manager Brussels plant

o1994-1998: Customer service manager Brussel & Buggenhout plant

o1991-1994: Quality assurance manager

Company profile:

SCA ( a Swedish company with cellulose as the core product. The share is registered on the Stockholm and London stock exchange. SCA is organized in 4 basic divisions: forestry & graphic paper, packaging, and personal care hygiene and tissue products. The company employs around 50.000 people. The packaging group consists of over 90 profit centres across Europe and is organized in regions (Western Europe, Middle Europe, Southern Europe, Nordic region and UK & Ireland region). The Western Region is divided in 4 clusters.

·The Netherlands




·Speciality products

Description of the functions:

I am working as a sales & supply chain manager WER. In this position, I coordinate the sales of the different clusters and assure the cross regional network in sales. I do the same for the supply chain network. This is a new position which I am developing.

Before that, I was working as supply chain manager in the Belgium – North of France cluster, reporting to the cluster director Belgium & Northern France. The span of control was than the supply chain department of 4 plants: Gent (B), Buggenhout (B); Vervins (02-F) and Gasny (27-F). Further, I headed a sheet plant (Wevelgem – Belgium)30 people – 5000 K€ and a trade organisation (Gent – Belgium) 2500 K €

In my staff I have university degree departmental managers in internal sales, design, planning, shipping and warehousing. The Belgian headcount was +/-55 people, the French headcount +/-40 people. The function has as main deliverables:

oDefine this newly created function’s scope, activities and deliverables

oLine up all procedures in the supply chain process:

oInternal sales


oProduction planning



oEnhance a business improvement program through Factory Physics™

oP&L responsibility over 2 business units (sales, production, investments, logistics, finance and HR


oManage the actual portfolio in terms of brick walling, profitability and organic growth

oDirect the prospecting program complying with the strategic headlines

oSupport in the medium and long term – high turnover partnership deals

oNetwork in and out the company

Key data:

Turnover: € 450 million

Contacts: mainly in Benelux, France, Spain, UK and Germany. Sometimes other European countries. Internal contacts: all European countries.

Customer base: mainly suppliers of FMCG and small industrial products. Business to business negotiation. Most relevant customers: Vandemoortele, Master Foods, Kraft Koods, Sara Lee, Cadbury, Suikers Van Tienen,…

Oct 1997Jan 2001


Gebroken Wit & Rom NV

In 1997, one of my brothers passed away. He was the major owner of two corporate companies. My other brother and I decided to liquidate one company (Gebroken Wit N.V. – 125 K€) and continue the other (ROM N.V. – 500 K€).

To liquidate I was the responsible liquidator. In this capacity I had to end all activities (although low), sell the assets and deal with Belgian financial and tax authorities.

We continued ROM N.V. for another 4 years. Then, we decided to turn the company in a trust for our late brothers’ children. I sold the assets to a company called A.P.S. group. This company ( is actual the Belgian market leader in silk printing, badges, textile printing and digital printing.

Jun 1986Jun 1991

Several (se below)

Sigma Coatings


o1990-1991 : Junior Financial Controller

o1988-1990:Sales Office manager

o1986-1988:Production engineer

Company profile:

Sigma Coating ( was a subsidiary of the Petrofina Oil Company. Sigma Coatings had production units in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and Congo. They made a turn over of +/- 125 mio €. The most important customers were: Cockerill Sambre, Sollac Usinor (today both Arcelor), Hoesch, Caterpillar, Large building companies, Large maritime companies.

Description of the functions:

oDirect support of the Finance director, financial reporting, auditing of departments and stores, budgets, amortisations,…

oManaging a team responsible for order intake, stock management, pricing, … (turn over : 110 mio €)

oLeading a production crew (5 people); responsibilities: chemical follow up of polycondensation reactions, quality, shipping…(total production 35.000 tons resin/yr)

Aug 1984Jun 1986

R&D engineer

Stork Pompen


oR&D engineer

Company profile:

Stork ( is a part of the VMF group (Verenigde Machine Fabrieken). Today the company has merged into Johnson pumps. The Brussels plant produced liquid pumps.

Description of the function:

oBasic research on materials used in pumps (e.g.: metals, coatings, plastics, ceramics,…).

oTechnical preparation of projects.


Other post graduate courses

o“ GRID ” -Blacke & Mouton - management and leadership

o“ Management by constraints” - Eli Goldratt by G.Leonard consultancy

o“ Time management “ - R.Mayo

o“ Quality Auditor “ - P.E.Batalas

o“ Persuasive Presentation skills ” - Wickland & Westcott

o“ Management in Action I & II ” - Wickland & Westcott

o“ Professional selling skills ” - Learning International (Achieve Global)

o“ Account development strategies” -Learning International (Achieve Global)

o“ Successful negotiating” - Stichting Marketing

o“ Leadership” – Achieve Global

o“ Supply chain , senior executives course” – Hughenden

o“ Strategic pricing & pricing tactics” – Kellogg management institute – North-western University Chicago

o" Process excellence Primer (six sigma yellow belt)" - Stanwick

Oct 1988Jul 1991

Master on Master


In 1991, my child passed away, I never submitted my thesis

Oct 1979Jul 1984


K.I.H.De Naeyer

Thesis: Corrosion on materials in gear pumps

Cum Laude


Ludwig De Mot

L.De Mot is a former Managing Director at SCA Packaging. I had the privilege to work with him.


Management Style

oLeadership, endeavour and integrity


oServing the company’s interest

oGeneral overview, and hands on when needed

oPeople manager

oChange manager

oLean thinking

oProcess driven, work down from general goals to detailed objectives

oResult driven

oCustomer oriented, everyone is dedicated to the customer

Major Experience & Achievements

oSetting up operational structures

oOrganizing a turn around of an operation in trouble (sales side)

oDefining strategic plans

oDeveloping sales plans

oConcluding long- and medium term partnership deals with large and medium size accounts (up to 8 mio €)

oChange structures and organisations to lean and customer oriented units

oImplementation of a quality system

oLiquidation of a corporate company

oSelling a business and turning a corporate company in a trust

oPresident of the local election bureau

oPatent owner WO/2000/027715 dd 18/5/2000

Senior Sales&Marketing director



Based on my experience and my entrepreneurial mind set, I need to take a step forward in my professional occupation. This means that I am looking for a challenging and responsible position where I can broadly use my experience in its most general way.

More specific I want to work in public, multinational companies operating in a B2B environment.


May 1992Present

Quality Auditor