Alain Morin

Alain Morin

Work experience

Work experience
2009 - Present

Deputy General Manager


IFOCA is an Institute dedicated to initial education and vocational training in plastics and rubbers.The DGM is in charge of business relationships and staff management. He ensures high-level contacts with universities and government ministries and agencies.He holds peculiar missions to expand the Institute exposure and to grow customers' and partners' portfolios.

2006 - 2008

Director of Development

Prosytec (acquired by Tremco-Illbrück)

Sales: 25M€, 65 employees including 7 people-R&D team (2 engineers, 5 technicians)

Sets policies for and Manage all R&D, Technical Support, and Business Development activities for Insulating Glass and Construction Divisions. Has for objectives to allow the company to adapt permanently its products, its processes and its services, and to create new ones to meet the needs of its customers and its markets. Organizes and proceeds to the active scientific and technical intelligence. Member of the Executive Committee, and reporting directly to the General Manager of the company,participates in the elaboration of the strategic orientations and of the Business Plan. 

2000 - 2005

Technical Manager, Engineered Elastomers

Rhodia Silicones Inc. (acquired by BlueStar Silicones), Engineered Elastomers Business Unit

Sales: $10 million, 45 employees

2003-2005 / R&D Manager, Engineered Elastomers

Manages the NA R&D team (8 people), including Technical Service and Manufacturing Support. Manages the projects pipeline and ensured alignment with domestic and global strategic objectives. Provided Regulatory Affairs support to Human Care side of the business.

2000-2003 / Market Development Manager, Engineered Elastomers

Facilitates the technical and technological integration process of newly acquired Human Care business (short- and long-term silicone implants) with European teams. Contributes to the Engineered Elastomers strategic planning. Implements key corporate projects in North America (dental impression materials, SPF-roof coating, gels for external prostheses, concrete molding, rapid prototyping, etc.) accounting for about $5 million in sales (2004 figures).

1997 - 1999

Innovation Manager, Silicones Technologies

Rhodia Silicones Inc. (acquired by BlueStar Silicones), North America Headquarters

Sales: $60 million, 100 employees.R&D Budget: $1,2 million

Reorganizes and coaches the North American technical community (4 locations, 25 people including 2 managers). Operates the technical and technological liaison with the corporate R&D teams. Fosters the Silicones Technologies internally and outside Rhodia Group (Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Tremco/RPM, Akzo Coatings, DuPont Automotive, etc.).

1988 - 1996

Construction Laboratory Manager & R&D Project Leader

Rhône-Poulenc Silicones, Applications Department

R&D Budget: 400K€, 7 people-team

Manages a technical team (7 people) dedicated to sealants & caulks (sealing, waterproofing), and structural sealants (Structural Glazing, Insulating Glass) development for the Building Industry. Participates to the Building Industry standardization and regulatory activity (SFJF, BNTEC, ISO). Pilots a strategic innovation project (water-based silicone technology, RHODALIS™) that led to 600 metric tons per annum of current production.

1983 - 1988

R&D Engineer – Engineering Plastics Laboratory

Rhône-Poulenc Recherches, Materials Department

Oversees a polymer processing laboratory (4 engineers, 4 technicians) devoted to injection molding, extrusion processes, and new polymer entities (polymer blends, liquid-crystal polymers) design.


1980 - 1982

Charles Sadron Institute/EAHP

1982: Engineer's Degree in Polymer Science & Technology

1981: Master’s Degree in Polymer Science & Technology