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Hello, I am Andrew Lacina.  Through out high school I have made multiple jobs in different lines of work.  I have been a ranch hand, which included upkeep of the fences on the ranch, maintenance of tractors and equipment.  It also included keeping an eye out over the cattle and buying and selling cattle.  I have also worked in construction.  I was taught how to basically build a house from using a transit to level a foundation to putting up the framework of the house its self.  This job taught me alot about self discipline.  It took my work to a whole new level.  My boss let me complete tasks by myself.  This taught me the valuable tool of troubleshooting.  I have also worked in two businesses that involve talking to customers and sales.  The first, Waterflow Inc., is a irrigation/plant nursery.  This job opened me up into a field which I was completely unfamiliar with. But, after i worked there i had a good sense of what plant was what, how to completely install residential irrigation systems, and how to communicate with people. The second job, K & K, is a retail trailer parts shop.  My knowledge of tools came into effect when i was working with the ranch and for the construction company, so i came in one step ahead of the game when it came to installing parts under trailers and in trucks.  A new technique I picked up was wiring a trailer.  I also became good at making sales at this company.  I enjoy talking to people face to face or on the phone in order to make a sale and make someone happy.  I can personally say that this job has helped me become confident in myself in making sales to an individual or company.  You are able to learn how other people run their business and become friends with people through sales.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope my different jobs have appealed to you for things you are looking for in a employee.


I am interested in getting a business degree to one day futher my clientele in my fathers shop and get more business than we have already

Work experience

May 2008Present


K and K

I handle sales in the business. I also install parts on trailers and passenger vehicles. The business was started in 1998 by my father in Hattiesburg, MS then relocated to Highway 11 just a mile north of Purvis, MS. We specialize in selling parts and accessories for trailers and trucks. If you can put it on a trailer or a truck, we can get it and install.


Aug 2011Dec 2011


jones county junior college
Jan 2011May 2011


University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Aug 2009May 2010


University of Southern Mississippi
Aug 2005May 2009

High School

Purvis High School


Over the past 3 to 4 years my father has introduced me into sales at k and k and he has let me install numerous things that the company has been installing for years.
I helped build houses some during the past two summers. I learned alot through construction.