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Alaa Sayed ALy El-Sayed

ADDRESS : Beverly hills , villa no. 438 , 6 October city , Egypt


gender : Male

studying EECE(Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering) at  Cairo University

graduation year : 2017

average score : V.Good with honours (83%) 



Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering 

Cairo University

cumulative score : very good with honours (83%)


thanwya 'Ama

EL-Nasr language school

score 412/410 (100.5%) 

rank : 11 


- Digital electronics and FPGA design (VHDL , Verilog).

- programming ( C++ , Java ,Android Java ,  XML , JSON , system C )

- Software development 

Graduation Project


design of a GPU based on OpenGL Version 1.1.12 ( ModelSim 'VHDL' and Mentor grahpics HLS tool 'Catapult C' )

Cairo university under supervision of Dr. Serag El Din Habib

Results :

-complete support for openGL version 1.1.12

- c model

- rtl model

- FPGA (stratix III ) verified interface .



- design of a 32-bit microprocessor 

- design of GPU interfaces and control unit ( graduation project )

-simulation and modification of twofish encryption algorithm

Catapult C high level synthesis tool

Graduation project : 

- design of gpu's vertex processing unit, per fragment operations and rasterization units 

-test benches and  RTL verification on C level


layout design for N-bit shifter using specific DRC

Synopsis Design vision

RTL logic synthesis design of N-bit counter and twofish encryption algorithm 

Cadence encounter

place and route of n bit counter and two fish encrypting block


design of a complete 8 bit ALU block from 2 inputs nand gates

Android studio / Eclipse

design of movie app ,weather forecasting app and other mini projects


C++ various projects / miniprojects / test benches 


compilation of RTL model / area, frequency calculation / fpga interface for graduation project


Simulation of Encrypting ciphers algorithms ( ModelSim , Cadence Encounter , Synopsis Design vision )

simulating encryption algorithms' codes (Twofish , AES , 3DES) regarding  layout , power and delay . under supervision of Dr. Hassan Mostafa at Cairo university

microprocessor design ( ModelSim,Xilinx )

designed a 32-bit microprocessor using VHDL

ALU design (Multisim)

designed a software implementation for an arithmetic logic unit from basic logic gates using Multisim

Smart house prototype (LABview, embedded C)

designed a smart house prototype using embedded C , LABview GUI  using AVR microcontroller 

Previous training

jan 2016march 2016

IOT security

ONE lab Cairo university 

the design steps from RTL to FPGA layout 

Jul 2016Aug 2016

Mobility network and broadband

sep 2014nov 2014

NI LABview training

Cairo university
Oct 2014Nov 2014

scada technology

Town Gas company