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Currently seeking necessary training/internships to develop professional skills and gain more experience to reach future career goals.


Cairo University (2012 – 2017 [Expected])

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Major: Communication & Electronics Engineering.
  • Grade: Good


Student activities :

  • Technical member at ENACTUS-CU 2014/2015 and won the national competition of ENACTUS Egypt
  • Embedded moderator at IEEE-CUSB 2015/2016

Technical Projects :

  • Home monitoring system (university project December 2015) :

it was a device integrated in a compact box and its features are detecting the motion in the room, read the temperature of it and turn on a fan above threshold temperature entered by the user, displaying these states and temperature on LCD, giving an alarm when motion detected or the box was opened, and displaying all these data on a connected PC with GUI application.
this project has done using ATmega32 micro-controller coded with C-language.

  • Security system simulation (October 2015) :

it was a security system simulation using ATmega32 micro-controller coded with C-language and simulated with proteus.

  • Smart bin (July 2015) : 

it was a prototype for smart bins that can separate the metal objects from the non-metal ones automatically.
it was coded with C-Arduino
this project was supported by ENACTUS-Cairo University and the prototype was checked for usage in CityScape mall.

  • Simple Microprocessor Simulation (university project April 2015) :

full simulation of simple microprocessor with VHDL (Modelsim)  that can execute about 50 different instructions and it can easily modify to execute more than these instructions.

  • A remote controlled car (August 2014) :

 remote controlled car coded with C-Arduino that can has two mode
a) trace a black line
b) move freely in any direction.