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Personal Summary

I am a motivated and highly professional person, with 8 years of experience in the automation, business modeling , projects management and Data Analysis. Achieved lots of projects and I build many policies and producers in the past 5 years of my experience. I am conscientious, and hard-working team player seeking to leverage my skills and experience in facility management or business or automation fields.


Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT)

Syrian Virtual University

This program aims at qualify IT specialists in the field of information technology and information system management who have good knowledge in business management science, and are able to play the role of a mediator among the institutions that evaluate IT solution, and the other various Commercial, industrial or academic institutions ... etc, which need these solutions in their work.

High Diploma In Information Technology

Information technology Institute

The study mainly about the computer science, automation and electronics which included also networking, programming languages,  maintenance and data base

Work experience


Facility Supervisor

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
  1. Plan for, order and maintain all equipment needed for smooth running of the headquarters building and the ICBA property.
  2. Serve as liaison with the water, power, telephone and air-conditioning companies to ensure efficient and effective service.
  3. Arrange for construction and related maintenance contracts
  4. Plan for office furniture and supplies.
  5. Manage the vehicle fleet (vehicles assigned to staff), including monitoring of use and maintenance.
  6. Develop and implement a security and safety plan for the ICBA facility, and conduct regular checks.
  7. Provide regular reports on the facility to the senior management.
  8. Build policy and procedures for the activity of the division also update and adjust the existing policy and procedures based on the work need.
  9. Prepare the annual budget for the section or division.
  10. Develop and implement an annual farm management plan.
  11. Automatizing the facility procedures and transactions.
  12. Create work flow all the facility section transaction and services.

Research Associate-Irrigation Technology and Automation

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture


  1. Support the operation of a SCADA irrigation system under supervision of senior ICBA scientist.
  2. Support the maintenance and improvement of existing SCADA infrastructure.
  3. Collect data routinely from data loggers and databases as required for the monitoring of operation of the SCADA system based on per-defined lists.
  4. Install, maintain and collect data from a variety of sensors to be used in groundwater, soil moisture and evaporation monitoring.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date overview of the software routines and algorithms that are used in the SCADA system and other automated data monitoring systems.
  6. Collect data manually to support the automated data for verification of the monitoring system.
  7. Advice direct supervisor immediately about any issues arising in operation, maintenance and data recording related to SCADA and other automated data collection systems.
  8. Planning and designing for the new projects in the division in terms of work flow, budget and time frames.
  9.  Collect and coordinate the data of the researches and link it through database.
  10.  Generate a report for data analysis using SPSS or SAS.
  11.  Finding prompt and efficient solutions for any problem that might occur.




Information technology school

 I used to teach the high secondary class many courses such as Access program, data base management, Auto Cad ,Excel, and the Photoshop where I had almost 150 student at that time.




AlQabas Computer Company

My duties were to sell many products such as printers, scanners and other computer accessories. Also marketing all the computer programs and software such as accounting programs as AlAmin, Peach tree and the orange where that company was the agent of those software.

Personal details

Date of Birth: 01-01-1990

Nationally: Syrian

Visa Type: Residency