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Experienced Programmer with 6+ years of milestones across FinTech, Adtech, CRM & Supply Chain segments who leverages visual, analytical and coding skills to build well-crafted products. Handled technical roles in various capacities in a cross functional team working across Full stack and Backend.

  • Prototyped over 6 products.
  • Built a coloredcoins framework, Partner Management as a Service for a unified B2B Marketplace using OAuth, a Crypto Investment Platform and Adtech Platforms.
  • Worked extensively to analyze data, chain workflows, transform & monitor ETL style data pipelines.
  • Led most teams.
  • Managed entire end to end product development, monthly Sprint releases and collaborates with QA.

Work experience

Globallogic Technologies Ltd.
JUN 2018Present

Associate Consultant, Engineering at Google

  • Built a knowledge-base query interface on top of machine learning driven database that returned top ranking troubleshooting results and relevant history of past queries being voted by other user agents of the system. Techniques employed caching, storage and fast retrieval.  Full stack development based on Cloud Datastore, Full text search, App Engine, Protocol RPC, Cloud Endpoints, AngularJS, Python.
  • Full Stack development on a high traffic CRM like reporting solution. Used ES6, Python, Closure, Soy, GSS for writing peer reviewed code. Did testing, optimizing queries, maintaining legacy code, resolving software issues using Google App Engine, Closure Tools, Google Cloud Datastore among other internal tools. 
  • Full Stack development on an Advertising tool for Publishers that maximizes ad returns using Polymer, Python, PLX, Spanner, Data Pipelines.
  • Troubleshoot bugs and analyze crashes to resolve product issues.
  • Used Polymer to build web experience.
  • Implemented HTTP calls using RPC. Used RPC tools to verify complex RPC calls.
  • Worked on code spanning 10 different languages.
  • Used BigQuery to discover, manage, curate and share my insights.
  • Resolved infrastructural issues including & not limited to fixing blockers for deployment & project releases, fix access policies.
  • Migrated a Single Page App from deprecated version of polymer framework to latest version.
Androcha Technologies
Dec 2017APR 2018

Software Engineer, Lead

  • Architected the core project which enables weekly investment in hundreds of thousand dollars
  • Implemented backend including networked tree operations and Multi-Level-Pyramid investment calculation logic
  • Implemented blockchain payment verification for Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  • Setup CI/CD pipeline over Heroku and bitbucket
  • Optimized Response time by a factor of 5x 
  • All this in under 3 weeks
June 2016DEC 2017

Software Engineer

B2B PIM for SME Supplychain

  • Project Architect and led the development team behind internal Resource Management platform, built using Elixir and Phoenix framework.
  • Implemented OAuth 2.0 for microservices with Single Sign On & Role-based Access Control (RBAC) in Elixir for Identity and Resource management APIs.
  • Drafted and implemented schema using Ecto and PostgreSQL.
  • Scraped ~500,000 Businesses for Sales channeling and lead generation using python and scrapy framework.
  • Reduced hourly cost on sales resources by 81% and saved ~960 hrs of on-field cold sales by building Customer funneling and Analytics tool using Google analytics.
  • Developed Business directory service where businesses can list and claim web presence for B2B sales platform.
EarthBenign, Austin, TX (Remote)
Mar 2013May 2016

Technical Product Owner & Full Stack Software developer, Remote

  • Built the multi-tiered  architecture for EarthBenign blockchain based payment system.
  • Created Etk framework, a generic scalable and modular base layer for  the multi-tiered payment ecosystem based on coloredcoins protocol in node.js that exposes APIs to third party vendors
  • Developed  3 prototypes using Stripe payment gateway API to build a checkout service layer that interoperates with virtual currency payment.
  • Developed Office Assistant Bot using python slack sdk for Slack Team Chat for storing TODOs, automate office tasks to improve productivity, set reminders on specific days.
  • Worked on first prototype from idea to product using rails framework.
  • Reduced local stack setup time from over 2+ hours to less than 45 minutes using bitnami stacks and automated deployment using codeship and webhooks on bitbucket. 
  • Provided minimal devOps on Ubuntu: Setting up apache, automated build bash script, server maintenance, setting up cloud IDE for developers, installing firewall protection rules using ufw.


Data Engineering

Numpy, Pandas, MongoDB, MapReduce, Data Analysis, BigQuery, PLX Studio, Cloud SQL, Spanner

Front End Web Development

HTML, CSS, Jquery, Polymer2, AngujarJS, AJAX, Gulp, Typescript, Google Closures, Soy


Elixir, Python, Javascript, GoLang, Node.js, Ruby, C, SQL

Web Frameworks

Microframeworks: Flask, Bottlepy

MVC Frameworks: Webapp2, Phoenix, Django, Express.js,  Rails

Template: Jinja2, Closure Templates, Jade, DTL

CSS preprocessors: stylus, sass, Closure gss.

Database Design

RDBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Google CloudSQL, Cloud Spanner
NoSQL: Datastore, ETS, Amnesia, MongoDB, Redis, FireStore(with Datastore)

ORMs: Ndb Datastore, Ecto, SQLAlchemy, ActiveRecord


Transactional Fund Investment system

  • Immutable Transactional state based MLM binary networked investment scheme prototype
LLRB Tree An academic implementation of Left Leaning Tree. Left leaning trees as proposed by Robert Sedgewick is hard everytime for other project use. Created an npm package.
FlattenList Recursive list flattening python module. Simple pure python implementation.


CDAC, Pune , M.H.

PG. Diploma VLSI & Embedded Systems

PG Diploma VLSI & Embedded Systems, 70.5%, Grade A

Project: Obstruction detection using Ultrasonic Sensor

Developed a simple Data Acquisition System using Ultrasonic Sensor with serial ASCII input at 40 Khz (Parallax serial ASCII based ping sensor) on Atmega16 microcontroller development board using AVR Studio.

Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur University

B.E. Electronics and Telecommunications

Electronics and Telecommunications, B.E.

BE Final Year Mega Project – Animal Telemetry

Worked on Anti-Poaching System Using Animal Telemetry using 8051 based AVR microcontroller to detect RF tags within range.