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Academic Projects

1. 2D Car with different Views: A mini project which demonstrates the design of a car within a 2-D environment along with the different views was carried out during 6th semester.

Language Used: OpenGL

Team Size: 2

Operating System: Ubuntu(Linux)

2.A project was completed on Wireless Sensor Networks to determine the false data injection and rectify it. Also a java emulator to demonstrate it and it was carried out during 8th semester.

Objective: Wireless sensor networks are usually deployed at unattended or hostile environments. Therefore, they are very vulnerable to false data injection attack. To rectify it we proposed new mechanism.

Language Used: JAVA

Team Size: 4

Tools: Eclipse, Note pad.

Operating System: Windows XP

Result: the performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated in terms of energy efficiency and tried level best to save the energy and use the low bandwidth in this proposed model hence we called it as A Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Authentication Scheme for Filtering Injected False Data in Wireless Sensor Networks

Industrial Projects

Project name: E-commerce Website

Description: Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. E-commerce website is developed to allow businesses to sell products over the internet to customers.

Client: Tribro Softech training project.

Period: Jan 2014 to Feb 2014


·Writing java codes to design the system

·Handling Exceptions.

·Writing java codes to redirect from one JSP to another.

·Creating the Database using SQL queries.

·Using HTML and CSS concepts for Graphical User Interface (UI).

Project Details: Java and UI project using advanced java concepts.

Team Size: 5

Tools: Eclipse juno, Oracle 11g, Edit Plus 3.

Technologies Used: Core Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, Oracle, Spring and Hibernate concepts.

Work experience

Oct 2013Mar 2014

Associate Software Trainee

Tribro Softech pvt ltd, Hyderabad

Tribro Softech pvt ltd is A Software Company with Technology Services and Business Process Services provider. And also it has expertise in a broad range of platforms and technologies building Software in Desktop & web applications. I worked here as an Associate Software Trainee for 6 months in the field of java as well as web application development for desktop browsers.