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Work experience

Apr 2009Present

Sole proprietor

Andria Krewson

Consultant and freelance writer, focusing on local and digital journalism, social media, niche local information and changing culture in the Charlotte area. I continue to develop my neighborhood blog at UnderOak and share journalism writing and research at Global Vue.

Some clients, with sample posts


("What it's like to write for Demand Studios")

PBS MediaShift

("Five tools to automate local advertising")

Crossroads Charlotte

("Leaders work to bridge science, technology gap")

(Sample post)

Conferences, barcamps and online community activitiesJanuary 2010: (expected) Science Online 2010, Raleigh, N.C. A three-day event to explore science on the Web, involving scientists, educators, students, editors, bloggers, journalists, writers, web developers to investigate online strategies and tools for doing science, publishing science, teaching science, and promoting the public understanding of science.December 2009: Society of News Design meetup in Hickory, N.C., organized by founder Richard Curtis. November 2009: The Future of News, participated through Twitter and watched remote seminar from Minnesota Public Radio on non-profit and for-profit news models.October 2009: Online News Association, San Francisco. Attended through grant for unemployed or underemployed journalists. Focused on sessions about local projects, content management systems, web traffic analysis, Twitter for news organizations, usability and design.October 2009: Barcamp Charlotte II, Charlotte, N.C. Pitched and led a session discussion seeking specific answers on how to improve journalism locally, including encouraging the use of hash tags in Twitter, encouraging out-of-work journalists to volunteer their time using new skills, partnering with new journalism outlets. Promoted conference through tweets, covered event for Crossroads Charlotte.August 2009: Social Fresh, inaugural marketing conference, Charlotte, N.C. volunteer. Directed traffic, guided visiting press, promoted conference through tweets.January 2009: Barcamp Charlotte, Charlotte, N.C. Inaugural camp. Attended. Participated in panel discussion on the future of journalism, with media representatives and public relations people.November 2008: CLT Wordcamp, with space provided by The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, N.C. Volunteer, planner, setup, logistics.RJI Collaboratory: Contributor to the "Hyperlocal journalism business model" group; member of several other groups aimed at sharing and learning about business tools and models for local online journalism.Wired Journalists and Publish2: Member since 2008, advocate for broader use of Publish2 tools.CLTBlog: A startup site in Charlotte, aimed at an involved, visual, participatory audience for news and opinion in Charlotte. Adviser to writers and photographer, contributor, attended recent "Future of Technology in Charlotte" vodcast taping.

Apr 1996Apr 2009

Design team leader

The Charlotte Observer, a McClatchy newspaper
Design, writing and editing, supervising designers, managing workflow, CCI superuser
Apr 1985Apr 1996

Various design and editing positions

Metro layout editor, Page 1 designer, night assistant state editor, day assistant city editor, bureau editor, assistant desk chief on universal regional design/copy desk

Layout editor

The Florida Times Union
Sep 1980Dec 1981

News editor

The Red and Black
I'm not sure these dates are exactly right. All I can remember are many long nights in downtown Athens, getting the paper out with good friends. And studying on the side. Sometimes.



Certificate in Communications and Technology

Certificate projects and papers focused on how news organizations use social networks, the implications of new media on global communications, business models for journalism, web design and online research.

Classes included:

  • “Computing Concepts and Issues: Power Tools for the Mind”
  • “Visual Communication and Web Design”
  • “Global Impact of New Communication Technologies”
  • “Database and Web Research: Strategies for Finding Information Online”

Bachelor of arts in journalism

The University of Georgia

Publication management focus combined a major in journalism, focusing on print journalism, with a minor in business. The program ended with a class and project analyzing the business of a small weekly newspaper in Georgia, led by Elliott Brack, a newspaper publisher and adjunct assistant professor. Extracurricular involvement with the independent student newspaper, "The Red and Black," provided invaluable practical experience.

Work samples


Photoshop (conversions, corrections, basic tools) XML editing, HTML editing, various browsers. Have long but shallow experience with Illustrator and Quark. Long, deep experience with Photogrid photo archiving tools.
Social media tools
Twitter (since February 2008), Delicious (since August 2008), Friendfeed, Flickr (since August 2007), Facebook (since about 2006). Learning Skype tools now.
Blogging software
Broad knowledge of a variety of tools, able to judge the effective of each tool for particular tasks. Experience with Blogger,, Google Sites. Learning goal: tools, Wordpress MU and integration with site management and design.
Microsoft Office tools
CCI Newsdesk
The predecessor to NewsGate, including page layout software (LayoutChamp), Tagedit coding, Codefixer, Modeledit font management, Configuration Manager setup and template management,
CCI Newsgate
Browser-based content management system for news organizations.

More work samples

Acting locally

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About me

I know how to effectively integrate visuals, words, technology and creative people.I have studied content management systems, particularly the Danish news system CCI, during my 24 years at The Charlotte Observer, and I have directed the design of niche local news sections by communicating over distance with content editors while supervising designers. I have run a regional bureau and designed pages and edited copy in all sections of The Charlotte Observer.

I have a certificate in technology and communication from the University of North Carolina's School of Journalism and Mass Communications and a bachelor's in journalism with honors from The University of Georgia, where I was a National Merit Scholar.

I'm comfortable with editing XML and HTML, as well as using blogging tools.

Areas of interest

Broad areas of interest: The evolving nature of local online news sites, the business of journalism, how networks of people work, how people interact with their technical tools in practice, and learning from other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, science writing and academic writing.

Technical areas of interest: Using Wordpress as a content management system, learning more about CSS, exploring Photoshop and Illustrator more deeply, keeping up with developments in proprietary content management systems as they evolve to support web-first publishing as well as print.