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Antonio Koebble

HVAC Maintenance Technician


I am a reliable, and skilled HVAC Maintenance Technician with 10 years experience in carpentry, electrics, HVAC maintenance, landscaping, plumbing and all other aspects of building systems and repair. I possess a caring, personable and professional customer service skill set.

Work experience

Reliant Realty

March 2016Present

Maintenance Technician

My duties include completing work orders of varios types including appliance repair, carpentry work, drywall repair, electrical repair, HVAC repair, painting, rental turnovers and sanitation. HVAC work includes condenser coil cleaning. Refrigerant charging checked by super heat/sub cooling. Repair of capacitors, contactors and relays. Testing voltage and amp draws of the blower motor, compressor and condenser fan motors. General preventive maintenance on handlers and condensers.

Campass Rock

June 2015Feb 2016

Maintenance Technician

My job was to perform routine building maintenance and tasks in various fields including but not limited to air conditioning repair, carpentry, electrical repair and plumbing. An example of my work included electrical maintenance including replacement or repair of fixtures (e.g. wall switches and outlets, fluorescent tubes, ballast, sockets, fuses, minor appliances, cords, etc.) using appropriate hand, power and specialty tools.

Commons of Valdosta

Sep 2008May 2015

Maintenance Technician

My job was to perform general maintenance or repair for buildings and grounds including carpentry, floor work, landscaping, masonry, painting, and plumbing. One example of my duties was floor work including the removal of old carpet, linoleum, and tile. Raising baseboards, laying down tack strips, installing foam and carpet while using carpet stretchers, steel rollers, and an electric heat bond iron. 


Environmental Protection Agency

Feb 2016Feb 2016

Mainstream Engineering Corporation

Environmental Protection Agency Section 608 Type I HVAC Certification


Reliant Realty (229) 244-1770 - Felicia Robertson, Property MGR

Compass Rock Realty (229) 288-5040 - Rick Carter, Supervisor

Commons of Valdosta (229) 244-7063 - Larry Benton, Owner



I can communicate with co-workers and management in an efficient way that allows me to inspire, lead, motivate, and build respect in the workplace. 


I'm a highly motivated self-starter who takes initiative in getting tasks done effectively, efficiently and properly.


I have the ability to adapt to changing conditions, manage multiple assignments, plan stratagies, set priorities and execute plans to efficiently complete tasks. 


I have a great ability to find solutions to problems using available information and resources, past experiences and proficient reasoning.