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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Customer Service Specialist

Select Photo-Graphics

This job has been the biggest but most rewarding challenge for me! I have really been able to build and improve all of my work skills. The one I believe I have improved most is my ability to multi-task. Since I am the main Customer Service employee I answer and return every phone call, if need be I transfer the calls to the appropriate employee or I take a message. We have a special program designed to keep all of our phone messages in so I type each message/redo order/new order into the program. I also respond to e-mails,  voicemails, faxes, and postal mail. Most of our phone calls and e-mails are request for photo appointments so I spend most of my time booking Photo Days for our coaches. On top of handling all communication I still help out with the photography side. Our photographers usually photograph on weekends and the pictures and the player's orders are turned into our lab that following Monday. (We are a youth sports photography only company.) So when Monday arrives I gather all the orders and type them into an excel spreadsheet. I have learned how to use many computer programs I have never even heard of before! After typing in the orders we prepare the pictures to be printed. I upload and edit the photos and then send them to the printer. Once printed I sort them by teams, double check them (Key to success!) and package them for shipping. I then weigh the packages, print the shipping labels, and have them ready for our Postman. Now while I am doing all this, I am still handling our phone lines and e-mail. So I am constantly interrupted by a customer but I can give them quality service and afterwords, pick up with my previous work right where I left off.

Besides multi-tasking I have also gained a lot of experience working with difficult customers. We have quite a few clients that are very picky with their photos, claim they have ordered much more than their order form states (We always have a copy.), are angry over the misspelling of their child's name, and customers who think their team's order has taken too long. I have recieved two awards because of my ablity to handle these situations. My coworkers always say that a customer could call because we sent them the wrong picture 500 times, it took over a year to fix, and their credit card was charged twice, and at the end of our conversation the customer is in love with me and wants to order more! I am just a genuinely sweet and caring person and I believe the customers can tell that I am not being fake with them, that I actually do want to help. I am very pleased that people can notice this about me and I am very lucky to be able to use what I believe is my strongest trait.I love this job but our hours depend on the season. In summer we're very busy with tournaments, in fall we're steady, but in winter we only have a few teams that we take photos of. I have recently married and have many responsibilities I need to take care of so I am afraid I have outgrown this job. It is great for students or anyone who needs a part time job but I am looking for a full time job with benefits and a reasonable salary.

Aug 2008Mar 2009

Guest Coordinator

Eclektica Salon

I'm called "The Face" of the salon. I handle all the bookings, e-mails, and phone calls. I greet each client that comes into our salon, whether it's just saying Hello and checking them in, hanging up a coat for them, or bringing them a beverage. I work every morning Monday through Friday, I prepare the salon for the day. I unlock the doors, turn the lights on, start laundry, count the cash in our drawer, and other things like checking our e-mails and phone messages. On occasion I am needed to close, I do the same things but just backwards. I'm constantly using our computer, I type in all our new client information and keep our client's hair formulas and contact information up to date. I also do confirmation calls, basically I call our clients the day before their appointment to confirm the time of their appointment and the services they are scheduled for. I have learned so much from this job, not only how to be a great receptionist and give quality customer service but with this being an independently owned salon I have learned so much about what all it takes to have a successful business. The reason I am trying to find a different career is because I do not have many oppurtunities to advance here. I am not interested in becoming a hair stylist and that is really the only way I could ever get promoted. I really want a job that I can make advancements in, earn a better salary, and move up into a better position. I just feel like I am not moving forward in life by staying here. I enjoy working and having new task given to me and new things to learn, but I believe I have gone as far as my position lets me go here.

Jul 2007Nov 2007



I started off at Applebee's working on Car Side To Go, when I turned 18 I became a server. I would host, greet all the guest, take and serve orders, and close out their checks. I used a computer to put in all the orders, took Car Side orders over the phone, and used our register for all checkouts. On weekends I was scheduled to open so I would show up before the restaurant opened and help set up for the day. I'd have task like getting the coffee ready and making sure all the condiments were filled on the tables. On weekdays I was scheduled to close, I would be one of the last servers to leave. When other servers were scheduled to go home before me I would check their part of the restaurant to make sure it was clean and well prepared for the next day. Then I would sign a sheet saying I approved of their section so that they could leave. I love that I was trusted with that responsibility. I really loved this job and how much I was able to communicate with my guest but once my last year of High School started the hours just did not work with my schedule and I had to quit. Now, I am done with school and I am focusing on maintaining a great career.

Jul 2006Jan 2007

Sales Associate/Stocker


Once I turned 17 I began working at Hollister. I greeted customers, kept our items looking neat by making sure they were folded correctly, and helped run the fitting rooms. When we would receive a new shipment of our products I would help take inventory and put them away. I enjoyed this job but I've always been one to be serious about work, and most of the other employees that worked there did not care very much about their job. They were there for the discount and the reputation of working at Hollister and having people constantly acting immature at work was distracing to me. All my friends say I'm a completely different person outside of work, and it's true. Outside of work I'm a fun, laid back, spontaneous person, but when I'm working I have task that I like to make sure are completed and a calm, helpful attitude I want to portray.



Retail Sales
With my previous jobs I've had a great amount of training on how to sell merchandise. I've learned how to talk customers into buying things they don't need or even already have! I know a lot about clothing merchandise, I know they key is to tell the customers how amazing they look in our products! Which is always true ;) . I also know a lot about the L'Oreal Professional and Redken hair care lines. At Eclektica I was always explaining the products to clients like when to use them (wet, dry, or damp hair) and how much to use. I've often been told I should become a motivational speaker because I can easily persuade people.
Customer Service
With all my jobs I have always had a great amount of contact with our customers. I was always greeting, socializing, and helping them. I have learned how to make them feel welcomed and wanting to always come back.   I remember a couple times specifically that I did my best at helping customers and I was rewarded. One time was while I was working at Hollister, I remember I had helped a guest pick out an entire outfit for herself. Once we were done I went back to folding clothes and she went to pay for her items. She came up to tell me Thank-you and Goodbye, and she had already used our fitting rooms to change into her new clothes! I was so happy to have done such a great job!   I also remember some great customers from Applebee's. Although I only worked there for a few months I had families and individuals who would come back and request me as their server. I loved that they enjoyed my service so well that they remembered exactly who I was!
I love to write! It's great when dealing with customers, I love to send them e-mails or letters, any way I can communicate through written words. Writing is my best way of expressing myself. English was my favorite subject is school. My biggest pet peeve would be spelling or puncuation errors so I always try my best. I feel customers can also tell by talking to me that I have very good vocabulary and proper use of words.
I have spent my whole life around computers. My father was always building and repairing them so we had many in our house. As a child I was always playing on a computer and now as an adult I am always working on one. I can use many computer programs and learn new ones very fast. I am a great typer, not only can I type at a fast rate of speed but I can still type accurately. I can also fix most of the common computer errors which saves a lot of time and money from preventing a technician from coming out for repairs.



I'm twenty years old and I am ready for life to start! I've had my share of fun and now all I want is to become a focused and hardworking individual. I'm ready to have a career where I can support myself and not have to depend so much on others. I'm really excited to obtain a serious job and finally be able to call myself an adult in this world. I believe life is too short to waste it sitting at home, I'd much rather be out doing things that help myself and other people. I will work my hardest to get what I truly want and think that I deserve. I'm a positive person and I'm thrilled about living and learning. My life motto has always been, "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching."


I am currently looking for a job in a nice, professional, and positive atmosphere. I enjoy dressing up for work and being able to be polite and proper as that is how I am most comfortable. I prefer an office type career because I enjoy answering phones and typing, one or the other always keeps you busy! I do not enjoy having a lot of "free time" at work, I'd much rather be productive and get things done. I'm a very organized and neat person and love for the people around me to be organized and neat as well. I do not do very good with chaos and clutter, I feel if everything around you is a mess then your head will be too! Even with all this "order" going on around me I am still a very laid back, friendly, and calm individual. I handle high tension situations very well because I do not let the stress get the best of me. I have a really big heart for family, friends, and strangers, and want to help out everyone, I'm always giving advice and support. I'm a quick thinker and react on logical thoughts much more than emotions. I just want to be a young and sucessful woman that makes her family and God proud. I am seeking a stable job with the potential to advance, full time, and a salary that will support where I am currently at in life. (Hoping for minimum of 11-12/hr)