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Project manager with expertise in several ways in information technology, including application development, database administration and enterprise applications. Skilled team leader works to deliver projects within budget to the highest quality by effectively organizing, managing and utilizing all resources, seeking a career advancement opportunity with a company that will challenge my problem solving skills putting the goals of the job ahead to accomplish the best results.

Work experience


Project Manager

Saudi Red Crescent Authority-Sahab Program
Project Manager Work on computer-aided dispatch" CAD" development for Saudi Red Crescent Authority, on both system requirements and technical aspects. Integrate the CAD with other tools needed by the emergency response. Oversaw scheduling of projects and works with developers on improvements. Member of a team that analyzed and planed SRCA AVL system. Developed applications(design, build and management). Analyzed, built, administrated and maintained a live database.

System Analyst

Saudi Red Crescent Authority-Sahab Program
System Analyst Analyzed the system to come with the best results passable. Write reports about applications with advantages and disadvantages. Monitored the system and tried to prevents the system from failing, achieved% 0 system failure during my working hours.



Bachelor Degree of Science in Information Technology with Business minor.

Florida International University

Information Technology provides an emphasis on software technology, database technology, and security technology. The program is ideally suited for those who wish to obtain a higher level degree in Information Technology, and seek employment in the IT industry.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: C#, Visual Basic, PHP, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript,XML, HTML, CSS and SQL Server.
  • Virtual machine applications: VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper-V.
  • Platforms: Windows X, Windows server, Linux and Mac OSs.
  • Development environments in MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio and Net Beans.
  • Computer and Network Security: Fundamental concepts and principles of computing and network security, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, hash functions, authentication, firewalls and intrusion detection, encrypt and decrypt connection, and operational issues.
  • Excellent knowledge of relational database design and implementation.
  • Implement backup and recovery procedures and tools for existing databases and file systems.
  • MS Office Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and Outlook.


Honest • Loyal • Determined • Persistent • Flexible • Initiative • Problem-Solver • Achiever

Team-Player • Relationship-Builder


  • Arabic native proficiency.
  • English bilingual proficiency.