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A growing talented professional with an infectious enthusiasm for innovations having had a stint in hospitality industry where newly creative designs of bed-making were invented. Also, had successfully carried out special industry reports on Nigerian Hospitality and Real Estate markets for ACTLAP Group and Jackrobbins Consulting, respectively, on a contract basis.  

Invariably, other fields of keen interests are: Customer Service Experience, Conflict Management, Communication and Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin et al. A skilled communicator; able to maintain cultural sensitivity to promote team cohesiveness, meticulously simplifying solutions to the best satisfaction of the target audience. Ability to harness personal, new challenges while maintaining a focus on the bottom line; and always maintaining a positive attitude and strong work ethics.



Reports writing, memos and minutes; understanding excellent  English grammar.

Interpersonal/Team Building

Ability to relate very well among people of diverse background with peaceful co-existence; verbal and  non-verbal communication such as cordial eye-contact.


Highly creative, analytic , thinking-outside-the-box to proffering solutions in a tick of time.


Well-experienced in organizing, coordinating subordinates, huge resources; and savvy in prioritizing needs to be met  within a required time frame.  


The flexibility to infuse into new challenging roles; hands-on.

IT/Computer Literacy

A good knowledge of  Microsoft Word, Excel, Publishing with dexterity, uploading and downloading files on the internet and new media.

Work experience

Dec 2013May 2014

Supervisor, Housekeeping/internal Control

Brighton Hotel and Suites, Ibadan, Nigeria.

A Supervisor, Housekeeping/Internal Control that coordinated the functions of housekeeping department. Creatively developed the new styles of making beds for esteemed guests to their satisfaction which had gained regular commendations. In addition, harmonized efficiently the assigned administrative duties including supportive secretariat responsibilities.


  • Properly administered and coordinated functions of team of housekeepers.
  • Tactically applied the learned skills to resolve inherent conflicts within the team.
  • Fully reviewed the daily sales records of all the departments for accuracy.
  • Submitted weekly reports to the Management to examine the level of progress.


Nov 2011Nov 2013

Administrative Officer

Judollar Holdings, Ibadan, Nigeria.

As an Administrative Officer, introduced recruitment system –selection, interviewing, placement and training of successful candidates -that fits the corporate organization. Also, managed day-to-day business activities and in-charge of convening meetings, official correspondence, the company’s corporate events. Therefore, transmitted weekly reports to the CEO.


  • Managed efficiently the affairs of the organization that portrayed professionalism.
  • Devised workable communication channels that reduced conflicts.
  • Introduced quality welfare that boosted the staff’s morale.
  • Propelled a doubled sales turnover through quality customer service.


Mar 2012Nov 2014

M. A, Peace and Conflict Studies (International Conflict)

University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
Nov 2006Mar 2010

B. Sc, International Relations

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.


Certificate of Excellence by Association of Nnewi Students   -2007.



Social networking, outdoor games and body fitness.


 Available on request.