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I have 7 years experience in Foreign Trade Service in Halkbank Maslak Commercial Branch Import and Export department  as authorized officer-Director ;

writting import letter of Credit, determining correspond bank's  reserve among the items and documents, informing the applicant on compliance with shipment and duration, inspecting the documents, determining the reserves, completing the insurance (if required) or checking the existing insurance policy , issuing the 700 swift message, fulfilling the all step of transaction,

Export letter of Credit; advising the L/C to the beneficiary issued by the applicant, informing the beneficiary if there is inconsistency between items on L/C and demanding documents and providing the correction, inspecting the sending documents for reserve , following the documents, payment/duration, fulfilling the all step of transaction,

Following the Exporting commitment and closing in duration, otherwise  imposing sanction, 

Preparing external guarantee, reviewing the content of guarantee compliance with applicant's demand and agreement, issuing the guarantee swift message,

Advising the Counterguarantee to the beneficiary issued by the applicant, 

Inspecting the documents of cash against documents transaction and checking the address and existance of correspond bank, following the duration or payment,

inspecting import documents of CAD  and advising to the applicant,

I am experienced on UCP  and URR 725.    I practised high amount transactions.

Yet, I have 3 years experience in marketing at halkbank. I worked as a customer relations officer dealing with credit marketing and operations from 2003 - 2006.

I am skillful, honest, selfconfident, self motivated, team worker, attentive and able to work under pressure.


Gaye Alsan

Yesim Tiryaki


Sep 1989Jun 1993


9 september uni.


CDCS Certificate-2013

IFS International Doc.Credit Specialist

Letter of credit

May 2003Jul 2003


Apr 2002Jul 2002

Foreign trade and operations

İzmir Chamber of commerce