Research Intern

Clausthal University of Technology / TU Clausthal
I worked as a research trainee at Clausthal University of Technology, Germany. As an intern I worked on different projects related to Fibre reinforced Plastics. I studied on Fibre Reinforced Plastics and their properties. My project focus area were : Optimum dispersion of carbon nantubes using epoxy resin. I prepared many samples of such type of polymer with different carbon percentage. Here I used ultrasonic dispersion technique and Resin transfer moulding(RTM) process for infusion of resin. Also I worked on natural fibres such as jute and prepared the sample using jute and polyurethane resin and made the infusion through RTM process. After preparing the samples I did testing of mechanical and electrical properties of the prepared sample. Also I worked on some glass fibre samples and was involved in the polishing of the samples using different fluid. I checked the prepared samples under a optical microscope to test it's purity.