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Work experience

Feb 2009Present


FourLeaf IT
  • Developed Aaron Rent's Dashboard to allow upper management to be able to view their key performance indicators on the web or mobile device
  • Worked with in-house technical team members and upper management/vice presidents to provide accurate requirement documentations, time lines, and overall program or project status
  • Provided ongoing IT support and technical consultation for ERA Trend Realty, Ed Baur Management, and Sound Depot & Performance in Gainesville, FL.
Jan 2008Oct 2008

Director of Technology

Mobile Campus
  • Implemented text messaging application to ensure 60k text messages would be delivered in less than 20 minutes
  • Coordinated with Universities to integrate Mobile Campus' emergency alert notification into their existing platform and schedule test alerts
  • Developed applications to utilize Google or Yahoo Web Services, which would grab localized data and make it compatible for text messaging
  • Established and maintained technical partnerships
  • Managed a team of one in-house and three contracted developers
Sep 2005Jan 2008

Program Manager

Mobile Campus
  • Integrated and customized SalesForce and trained team members how to utilize it
  • Coordinated design and implementation for technology development to promote company wide systems and support
  • Partnered with Director of Marketing to develop marketing initiatives including flyers, banners, and additional projects
Apr 1996Feb 2006


FinHeaven & Co
  • Developed into the largest Miami Dolphins web community
  • Organized events and parties for members of the FinHeaven community; included players and media.
  • Awarded “2005 Webbie” by the Miami Dolphins for Most Informative Site and Best Special Features
Jun 2004Sep 2005

Director of Internet Relations

Locker Room Memorabilia
  • Constructed a user-friendly website to establish a better online presence
  • Utilized Google AdWords to promote memorabilia and upcoming shows



Hillsborough Community College
  • Graduated with an Associate in Arts with a 3.58 GPA in 2004
  • Vice President of Communications for Phi Theta Kappa
  • Vice President of Student Government


University of Florida
  • Maintained a 3.26 GPA


Emil Bodenstein

Andrew is an excellent employee who has the ability to generate revenue for your companies bottom line with his diverse skill set and determined work ethic. He has the rare ability to work in IT and still break down his work in layman's terms for everyone to understand. This is helpful to company employees as well as in the promotion of any complex tasks your company is developing for the public consumer.

Jennifer Hill

"Andrew Tatum assisted my company during a very difficult server crash and network viral infection. He was professional and has always been reasonable about his recommendations. He always works with the idea that he is building a relationship, not just making a buck off of this one particular job. I appreciate that."

Brandon Hartman

John Trainor

"In my 20 years in technology, I can count on one hand how many people posses the raw technology and business savvy that Andrew possesses. Whether he is building an application, designing a web site, or installing a complex CRM application, he does it quickly, accurately, and with the best customer service skills around. He has an innate ability to hear business needs and apply them to technology. He thinks beyond where the normal technologist thinks, taking into consideration the marketing, sales, support, and real-world needs of the customer.

Whether it is mobile marketing, web development, hardware, database design, and application integration, he spans so many technologies that he is an ideal one-stop-shop for anyone who needs help with their business. He looks for innovative ways to solve problems with high-quality and low-costs."

Tony Tsonis

"Andrew is a genius, an innovator and a great asset for the organization. He's a tireless tech manager who isn't afraid to invest his blood, sweat and tears into a project. Andrew's work ethic and organizational diplomacy skills are contagious!"

Previous Work


To be a part of a dynamic team leveraging my experience and expertise in technology, project management, and business administration to achieve real, tangible goals.


  • Active member with Alachua County Emerging Leaders
  • Active member with the Advertising Federation of Gainesville


I love learning more about the human mind and how people make decisions, sometimes without much reasoning (ie: A Whole New Mind and Buyology). In addition, you'll find me reading books like Freakonomics, Outliers, and anything else by Malcolm Gladwell. Don't get my wrong though, I enjoy fiction works like The Girl

Who Played with Fire and The Art of Racing in the Rain. While I mostly stick to blogs to keep up-to-date on my web development skills, I do like reading Don't Make Me Think, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, CSS Mastery, CSS: The Missing Manual, Clean Code, and Code Complete.

Besides reading, I have fun taking my pit bull, Bailey, out on walks, to parks, and swimming. I also like to take time to appreciate the town by taking a nice bike ride every now and then. When I'm not busy working, reading, playing with Bailey, or riding my bike I take some time for myself and go to the gym. The theme that runs through my mind everyday is "Hakuna Matata."


  • User-centric - Strong understanding of what it takes to make an application have an intuitive UI and why it’s important
  • 100% Human - Proven to be an effective and efficient intermediary between technical team members and upper management/officers
  • Intellectually Curious - Able to easily gain new skills, ask the right questions, and apply knowledge to work efficiently and effectively
  • Team Oriented - Proven ability to work independently or cooperatively as a part of a team to meet project deadlines