Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2009 - Present


FourLeaf IT
  • Developed Aaron Rent's Dashboard to allow upper management to be able to view their key performance indicators on the web or mobile device
  • Worked with in-house technical team members and upper management/vice presidents to provide accurate requirement documentations, time lines, and overall program or project status
  • Provided ongoing IT support and technical consultation for ERA Trend Realty, Ed Baur Management, and Sound Depot & Performance in Gainesville, FL.
Jan 2008 - Oct 2008

Director of Technology

Mobile Campus
  • Implemented text messaging application to ensure 60k text messages would be delivered in less than 20 minutes
  • Coordinated with Universities to integrate Mobile Campus' emergency alert notification into their existing platform and schedule test alerts
  • Developed applications to utilize Google or Yahoo Web Services, which would grab localized data and make it compatible for text messaging
  • Established and maintained technical partnerships
  • Managed a team of one in-house and three contracted developers
Sep 2005 - Jan 2008

Program Manager

Mobile Campus
  • Integrated and customized SalesForce and trained team members how to utilize it
  • Coordinated design and implementation for technology development to promote company wide systems and support
  • Partnered with Director of Marketing to develop marketing initiatives including flyers, banners, and additional projects
Apr 1996 - Feb 2006


FinHeaven & Co
  • Developed into the largest Miami Dolphins web community
  • Organized events and parties for members of the FinHeaven community; included players and media.
  • Awarded “2005 Webbie” by the Miami Dolphins for Most Informative Site and Best Special Features
Jun 2004 - Sep 2005

Director of Internet Relations

Locker Room Memorabilia
  • Constructed a user-friendly website to establish a better online presence
  • Utilized Google AdWords to promote memorabilia and upcoming shows




Hillsborough Community College
  • Graduated with an Associate in Arts with a 3.58 GPA in 2004
  • Vice President of Communications for Phi Theta Kappa
  • Vice President of Student Government


University of Florida
  • Maintained a 3.26 GPA


To be a part of a dynamic team leveraging my experience and expertise in technology, project management, and business administration to achieve real, tangible goals.


  • Active member with Alachua County Emerging Leaders
  • Active member with the Advertising Federation of Gainesville


I love learning more about the human mind and how people make decisions, sometimes without much reasoning (ie: A Whole New Mind and Buyology). In addition, you'll find me reading books like Freakonomics, Outliers, and anything else by Malcolm Gladwell. Don't get my wrong though, I enjoy fiction works like The Girl

Who Played with Fire and The Art of Racing in the Rain. While I mostly stick to blogs to keep up-to-date on my web development skills, I do like reading Don't Make Me Think, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, CSS Mastery, CSS: The Missing Manual, Clean Code, and Code Complete.

Besides reading, I have fun taking my pit bull, Bailey, out on walks, to parks, and swimming. I also like to take time to appreciate the town by taking a nice bike ride every now and then. When I'm not busy working, reading, playing with Bailey, or riding my bike I take some time for myself and go to the gym. The theme that runs through my mind everyday is "Hakuna Matata."


  • User-centric - Strong understanding of what it takes to make an application have an intuitive UI and why it’s important
  • 100% Human - Proven to be an effective and efficient intermediary between technical team members and upper management/officers
  • Intellectually Curious - Able to easily gain new skills, ask the right questions, and apply knowledge to work efficiently and effectively
  • Team Oriented - Proven ability to work independently or cooperatively as a part of a team to meet project deadlines