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Eating disorders, weight management, elderly nutrition


To successfully become a Registered Dietician and work in a clinical setting.


Alison Siegal is an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama. During her first three years of College, her major was Nursing. She then attended Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing for one year, 2009 through 2010. She then decided to come back to the University of Alabama and is currently studying Nutrition. 


Ray Killingsworth

Ray Killingsworth was my clinical instructor for my Certified Nurse Assistant course. 

Work experience

Apr 2011Aug 2011



As a waitress, my responsibilities included serving food, cleaning tables and prepping food. This job helped improve my communication skills because I was constantly interacting with customers and other employees. 

Sep 2010Feb 2011

Certified Nurse Assistant

Trinity Hospital

I had a lot of responsibilites as a Certified Nurse Assistant. My responsibilities included taking vital signs, giving bed baths, taking patients' blood sugar, helping patients' eat, helping patients' to the bathroom or in and out of bed, helping patient's get dressed, and assisting the nurse. This job helped to me feel more comfortable in the hospital setting. 

Sep 2004May 2005


Crestline Pharmacy

My responsibilities as a cashier included working the cash register, answering the phone, re-stocking shelves and wrapping gifts. This job taught me how to work and feel comfortable in a retail atmosphere. It also made me have a lot more respect for the person behind the counter. 

Previous Projects and Papers


May 2011Present

University of Alabama
Aug 2009May 2010

Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing

I attended Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing for one full year. I really enjoyed my experience but realized that Nursing was not for me. I knew I wanted to remain in the healthcare world though, so that is why I chose nutrition. 

May 2006Aug 2009

University of Alabama

When I first started college at the University of Alabama, my major was Nursing. I did three years of classes and then transferred to Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing. When I realized that I was hesitant about Nursing, I worked at Trinity Hospital to gain more experience, but finally realized this major was not for me. I then transferred back to the University of Alabama and am currently studying Nutrition. 


Basic Nursing Skills
During my work as a Certified Nurse Assistant, I became very comfortable with performing many of the skills I learned in Nursing School. On a daily basis, I took vital signs, gave bed baths, helped patients' eat their meals, assisted them in and out of bed or to the bathroom, obtained the patient's blood sugar level, re-made patients' beds, etc.
Patient Interaction
Working as a Certified Nurse Assistant allowed me to feel more comfortable in the hospital setting. It also allowed me to gain the apporpriate communication skills to interact with patients. I also learned how to make the patient feel more comfortable while their in the hospital by being positive and making them feel better about themselves.