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Work experience

Engineering Systems Engineer

Electronic Data Systems

General Motors, Saginaw Steering and Gear Division

  • Maintained approximately 20 CAE applications on 70+ UNIX workstations covering multiple platforms.
  • Created both business and technical customized solutions that allowed multiple General Motors' sites to have access to real-time test data.
  • Completed EDS ESE certification training program which included TEAM/C, PL1, and JCL programming languages.
Dec 2009Present

Treasurer & Founding Member

Baker's Dozen Investment Club
  • Continual market monitoring, development and execution of investment goals of the B12 group.
Jan 2014Present

Senior Manager, Aerospace & Defense


Aerospace and Defense Sector

  • Led proposal efforts to ensure that simulation is utilized part of a customers manufacturing process to improve Americas presence in manufacturing.
  • Managed customer accounts by being a trusted advisor to ensure customer's continued to purchase ESI software products.
  • Engaged in ESI software sales process through (ERP system) to track progress of accounts.
  • Successfully established business relationships with high ranking government officials at many Department of Defense agencies and contractors.
  • Maintained technical relationships with customer engineers to ensure that ESI software is delivering as promised.
  • Coordinated field technical staff to best properly support customer needs.
Dec 2009Jan 2014

Americas Marketing Manager

MSC Software

Senior Marketing Manager

  • Motivated the Sales and Technical teams in a mature, highly competitive market to double pipeline using specific, data driven marketing methodologies.
  • Developed specific marketing plans with 5 regional sales directors tailored to uncover each unique market.
  • Researched, proposed and implemented a balanced marketing budget that is directly tied to pipeline generation, and ultimately revenue.
  • Created a systematic process, Project Fast Forward, for field staff to match industry needs to product capability.
  • Hired, trained, and managed a telemarketing team to develop further drive pipeline.
  • Developed American Marketing campaigns to increase sales leads to include coordinate large marketing events.
  • Coordinated MSC Software hardware and software partners to improve visibility and revenue generation for all stakeholders.
  • Drove Product Management and Development to create consistent, global messaging for sales to deliver to our customers and prospects.

University Manager

  • Through change management techniques, motivated the university team to improve their program to increase new customer awareness of MSC Software products.
  • Created University revenue and usage targets to drive team toward overall university goals.
  • Continual reviewing of achievements against targets to ensure that the University program is successful.  Tweak as necessary with a focus on hitting revenue targets.
May 2006Dec 2009

Enterprise Business Development Consultant

MSC Software

Aerospace and Defense Group

  • Crafted proposals for customers to maximize their return on investment with MSC Software's enterprise solutions.
  • Analyzed customer's current business models utilizing the Enterprise Solution Value tool and Design Structure Matrix methodologies to describe the most appropriate future state.
  • Lead distributed teams of engineers to create solution demonstrations at MSC Software's Solution Alliance Partnership meetings.
  • Collaborated with product development, services and field technical staff to bridge gaps in software solutions in order to ensure our customer's success.
  • Developed implementation strategies with our customers, services, and product development.
Apr 2008Mar 2009

Account Manager

MSC Software

Government and Defense Sector

  • Managed customer accounts by being a trusted advisor to ensure customer's continued to purchase MSC Software products.
  • Engaged in MSC Software sales process through (ERP system) to track progress of accounts.
  • Collaborated with GSA/SEWP (government contract vehicles) in order to ensure the customer was getting the most value for their purchase.
  • Successfully established business relationships with high ranking officials at many Department of Defense agencies and contractors.
  • Maintained technical relationships with customer engineers to ensure that MSC Software is delivering as promised.
  • Coordinated field technical staff to best properly support customer needs.
May 2001Mar 2008

Senior Lead Application Engineer

MSC Software

Eastern Region

  • Engaged customers at all levels of sales campaigns in order to derive technical value for our solutions.
  • Contributed directly and indirectly approximately 1.0 - 2.5 million dollars in annual new business for MSC Software through coordination with Sales representatives and customers.
  • Translated technical value of MSC Software solutions into business value for our customers.
  • Provided solutions to technical problems for our customers through MSC Software's products.
  • Taught classes to customers on basic and advanced topics in finite element analysis.
  • Developed software services for customers.
  • Managed distributed technical teams to provide customized pre-sales technical solutions to further MSC Software sales campaigns.


  • 2010: Most Valuable Player Award for the Americas (MSC Software)
  • 2008: CEO Circle.  Technical Application Engineer for Americas (MSC Software)
  • 2007: America's Special Recognition Award for SimEnterprise Sales Visionary (MSC Software)
  • 2006: Support Excellence Award for Invaluable Help to Account Management (MSC Software)
  • 2005: Support Excellence Award for Excellent Customer Support (MSC Software)
  • 2004: Outstanding Technical Support Award (MSC Software)
  • 1998: Heated Chip Removal Tool - R&D Solution Award (Northrop Grumman)
Nov 1994Apr 2001

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Electronic Sensors Sector

  • Developed and administered the classified wide area network in TSI Secure Compartmented Informatin Facility (SCIF).
  • Created UNIX scripts to allow engineers to gain efficiencies in running applications.
  • Maintained HP-UX workstations, printers, XTerminals, CAD and CAE software for engineers.
  • Mentored engineers in working efficiently in a UNIX environment.Created, analyzed and post-processed results for many large finite element analytical models pertaining to aerospace applications.
  • Trained engineers in methods of using finite element analysis software.
  • Developed web based applications and process methodologies to improve efficiencies in delivering dynamically created mechanical engineering analytical results to over 100 engineers.  This created a paradyme shift in the way that data was created, delivered, archived and processed on the Boeing 737 AEW&C within Northrop Grumman.


Mechanical Engineering Analysis
Structural Mechanical Engineering Analysis is a skill that I have developed since in college.  It is something that will always be with me.  Being an engineer allows me to dissect problems at their core, and develop a solution.
Software: MSC Patran, MSC Adams, MSC Nastran, Mathcad, Matlab. Codes:  C, C++, Fortran, Unix/Linux Scripting, MSC Patran PCL, JCL, DOS
Microsoft Office
Using Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Projects and Visio as a tools to communicate are done frequently.  Numbers are black and white; however, they can be incomprehensible.  Being able to provide them in an understandable story is something I excel at doing.
Over the last 20 years, I have continually refined the ability to communicate with an audience.  Reading an audience and providing information that drives the audience in a specific direction is what I do best.
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing goes beyond advertising to customers.  Internally, it is essentially change management and getting everyone in the company to adopt a role in driving new products to market.  It requires an alignment of pre-sales goals with the needs of the company; with continual follow-up and metric tracking.


Community Outreach

Odds and Ends

Conference Papers

Mech/Pat Integration Software Package, Presentation 2006 MSC Software Users Conference, Anthony Davenport (MSC Software), Dave Mastrorocco (MSC Software), Eric Binter (US Army ARDEC), Michael Daniti (US Army ARDEC).

Virtual DOE, Paper and Presentation at 2004 MSC Software Users Conference, Anthony Davenport (MSC Software) and Awad Gharib (Danaher Tool Group).

Bending MSC.Patran Sessions Files to Your Will with Unix Scripting, Paper at 2002 MSC Software Users Conference.  Anthony Davenport (MSC Software).

An Integrated Approach to Random Analysis Using MSC/PATRAN with MSC/NASTRAN, Paper and Presentation at the 1999 MSC Software Users Conference.  Anthony Davenport (Northrop Grumman), Jim Leedom (MSC Software), Mohan Barbela (MSC Software).

A MultiDisciplinary Approach to Calculate Displacement Due to Random Vibration For A Space Based Focal Plane, Paper and Presentation at 1998 NASA GSFC FEMCI Conference, Anthony Davenport (Northrop Grumman).


To secure a Vice President of Business Development or Sales Position at a High-Tech Firm in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Executive management and leadership are about creating success for all stakeholders at all levels.

An organization's leadership should not only focus in improving its revenue and balance sheets, but also ensuring that its customers, partners, stockholders, and employees are all part of the success. 

Over the last 20 years, I have provided my companies and customers with insights into ways to increase their return on assets and productivity of their people with thorough analysis of products and processes.

While many executives may shy away from their corporate numbers, my many years of analytical work allows me to help an executive team find the important values that allow them to improve their corporation’s success through a clear, focused strategy that drives change.

Finally, my time spent at the US Military Academy at West Point, has embedded in me a sense of duty and honor that has allowed me to ensure fairness and maintain integrity in all aspects of my career.

Top Secret - Full Scope/Lifecycle Polygraph

Northrop Grumman Corporation