Work experience

Work experience

Engineering Systems Engineer

Electronic Data Systems

General Motors, Saginaw Steering and Gear Division

  • Maintained approximately 20 CAE applications on 70+ UNIX workstations covering multiple platforms.
  • Created both business and technical customized solutions that allowed multiple General Motors' sites to have access to real-time test data.
  • Completed EDS ESE certification training program which included TEAM/C, PL1, and JCL programming languages.
Dec 2009 - Present

Treasurer & Founding Member

Baker's Dozen Investment Club
  • Continual market monitoring, development and execution of investment goals of the B12 group.
Jan 2014 - Present

Senior Manager, Aerospace & Defense


Aerospace and Defense Sector

  • Led proposal efforts to ensure that simulation is utilized part of a customers manufacturing process to improve Americas presence in manufacturing.
  • Managed customer accounts by being a trusted advisor to ensure customer's continued to purchase ESI software products.
  • Engaged in ESI software sales process through (ERP system) to track progress of accounts.
  • Successfully established business relationships with high ranking government officials at many Department of Defense agencies and contractors.
  • Maintained technical relationships with customer engineers to ensure that ESI software is delivering as promised.
  • Coordinated field technical staff to best properly support customer needs.
Dec 2009 - Jan 2014

Americas Marketing Manager

MSC Software

Senior Marketing Manager

  • Motivated the Sales and Technical teams in a mature, highly competitive market to double pipeline using specific, data driven marketing methodologies.
  • Developed specific marketing plans with 5 regional sales directors tailored to uncover each unique market.
  • Researched, proposed and implemented a balanced marketing budget that is directly tied to pipeline generation, and ultimately revenue.
  • Created a systematic process, Project Fast Forward, for field staff to match industry needs to product capability.
  • Hired, trained, and managed a telemarketing team to develop further drive pipeline.
  • Developed American Marketing campaigns to increase sales leads to include coordinate large marketing events.
  • Coordinated MSC Software hardware and software partners to improve visibility and revenue generation for all stakeholders.
  • Drove Product Management and Development to create consistent, global messaging for sales to deliver to our customers and prospects.

University Manager

  • Through change management techniques, motivated the university team to improve their program to increase new customer awareness of MSC Software products.
  • Created University revenue and usage targets to drive team toward overall university goals.
  • Continual reviewing of achievements against targets to ensure that the University program is successful.  Tweak as necessary with a focus on hitting revenue targets.
May 2006 - Dec 2009

Enterprise Business Development Consultant

MSC Software

Aerospace and Defense Group

  • Crafted proposals for customers to maximize their return on investment with MSC Software's enterprise solutions.
  • Analyzed customer's current business models utilizing the Enterprise Solution Value tool and Design Structure Matrix methodologies to describe the most appropriate future state.
  • Lead distributed teams of engineers to create solution demonstrations at MSC Software's Solution Alliance Partnership meetings.
  • Collaborated with product development, services and field technical staff to bridge gaps in software solutions in order to ensure our customer's success.
  • Developed implementation strategies with our customers, services, and product development.
Apr 2008 - Mar 2009

Account Manager

MSC Software

Government and Defense Sector

  • Managed customer accounts by being a trusted advisor to ensure customer's continued to purchase MSC Software products.
  • Engaged in MSC Software sales process through (ERP system) to track progress of accounts.
  • Collaborated with GSA/SEWP (government contract vehicles) in order to ensure the customer was getting the most value for their purchase.
  • Successfully established business relationships with high ranking officials at many Department of Defense agencies and contractors.
  • Maintained technical relationships with customer engineers to ensure that MSC Software is delivering as promised.
  • Coordinated field technical staff to best properly support customer needs.
May 2001 - Mar 2008

Senior Lead Application Engineer

MSC Software

Eastern Region

  • Engaged customers at all levels of sales campaigns in order to derive technical value for our solutions.
  • Contributed directly and indirectly approximately 1.0 - 2.5 million dollars in annual new business for MSC Software through coordination with Sales representatives and customers.
  • Translated technical value of MSC Software solutions into business value for our customers.
  • Provided solutions to technical problems for our customers through MSC Software's products.
  • Taught classes to customers on basic and advanced topics in finite element analysis.
  • Developed software services for customers.
  • Managed distributed technical teams to provide customized pre-sales technical solutions to further MSC Software sales campaigns.


  • 2010: Most Valuable Player Award for the Americas (MSC Software)
  • 2008: CEO Circle.  Technical Application Engineer for Americas (MSC Software)
  • 2007: America's Special Recognition Award for SimEnterprise Sales Visionary (MSC Software)
  • 2006: Support Excellence Award for Invaluable Help to Account Management (MSC Software)
  • 2005: Support Excellence Award for Excellent Customer Support (MSC Software)
  • 2004: Outstanding Technical Support Award (MSC Software)
  • 1998: Heated Chip Removal Tool - R&D Solution Award (Northrop Grumman)
Nov 1994 - Apr 2001

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Electronic Sensors Sector

  • Developed and administered the classified wide area network in TSI Secure Compartmented Informatin Facility (SCIF).
  • Created UNIX scripts to allow engineers to gain efficiencies in running applications.
  • Maintained HP-UX workstations, printers, XTerminals, CAD and CAE software for engineers.
  • Mentored engineers in working efficiently in a UNIX environment.Created, analyzed and post-processed results for many large finite element analytical models pertaining to aerospace applications.
  • Trained engineers in methods of using finite element analysis software.
  • Developed web based applications and process methodologies to improve efficiencies in delivering dynamically created mechanical engineering analytical results to over 100 engineers.  This created a paradyme shift in the way that data was created, delivered, archived and processed on the Boeing 737 AEW&C within Northrop Grumman.



Mechanical Engineering Analysis

Structural Mechanical Engineering Analysis is a skill that I have developed since in college.  It is something that will always be with me.  Being an engineer allows me to dissect problems at their core, and develop a solution.


Software: MSC Patran, MSC Adams, MSC Nastran, Mathcad, Matlab. Codes:  C, C++, Fortran, Unix/Linux Scripting, MSC Patran PCL, JCL, DOS

Microsoft Office

Using Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Projects and Visio as a tools to communicate are done frequently.  Numbers are black and white; however, they can be incomprehensible.  Being able to provide them in an understandable story is something I excel at doing.


Over the last 20 years, I have continually refined the ability to communicate with an audience.  Reading an audience and providing information that drives the audience in a specific direction is what I do best.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing goes beyond advertising to customers.  Internally, it is essentially change management and getting everyone in the company to adopt a role in driving new products to market.  It requires an alignment of pre-sales goals with the needs of the company; with continual follow-up and metric tracking.



Odds and Ends

Top Secret - Full Scope/Lifecycle Polygraph

Northrop Grumman Corporation