Federally licensed firearms dealer AJC Sports Shop Inc., located in Clute, Texas, has served in the firearms business since 1994. Nationally recognized for offering competitive prices, the family-owned and operated business offers a great selection of firearms, accessories, and outdoor and hunting equipment. The small-town company provides a physical location as well as an online store, and it sells firearms at gun shows throughout the state of Texas. At its physical storefront in Clute, Texas, AJC Sports Shop is open Monday through Friday and closes on weekends in order to attend gun shows. Customers can make purchases online at any time.All customers must undergo an FBI background check before purchasing firearms from AJC Sports Shop. Due to legal requirements, AJC Sports Shop cannot ship a firearm directly to a customer; instead, the company ships the firearm to a local dealer or similar store holding a federal firearms license. Customers can obtain the ordered firearm from the transfer store after filling out paperwork and paying that store’s transfer fee. AJC Sports Shop also fulfills online orders for ammunition and high-capacity magazines, pending age verification and checking restrictions. Once all issued checks receive approval, AJC Sports Shop will ship the purchased merchandise. The Clute, Texas, dealer will refuse firearm sales that appear illegal or tied to gun trafficking.AJC Sports Shop is dedicated to outstanding customer service. Its knowledgeable staff explains how firearms work, how to operate firearms, and how to take firearms apart. If a customer requests a firearm not in its inventory, AJC Sports Shop will try to locate the item. AJC Sports Shop ships defective firearms it sold back to the manufacturer free of charge. The Clute, Texas, company offers a flexible return policy and 90-day layaway terms on firearms.