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Jazz Alliance Network

Jazz music is an artform that beckons all people to experience the spiritual element involved in seeing or hearing musicians perform the craft that they love. Explore this web site to learn more about our efforts to bring Jazz music to our communities in the United States and to stay updated on the Jazz world at large.  We plan to create the venues neccessary to enjoy this timely music that many great people have left for us to have and to hold in our heart. We ask that you join us and take part in the 'soundtrack' of America, in which we truely believe, testifys as to what Jazz music is all about.


The Jazz Alliance Network is seeking people with skills that would help further our cause

of promoting all aspects of the Jazz medium.

We welcome all those who are interested in promoting the music we all love.

There are many avenues to assist the Jazz Alliance Network.

You may have the skills to help our organization, or you may know someone who has

a variety of knowledge involving the music of 'Jazz'

Contact us by responding to the email address below. We hope to hear from you, soon....

[email protected]

Mission Statement

The Jazz Alliance Network is a non-profit organization created to foster the artform called "Jazz" by enhancing its exposure within the community; inspiring artist development and educational outlets such as Workshops and Clinics; supporting other art forms related to its subject matter, such as Fine Arts and Crafts; providing other venues for the benefit and experience of its' artists, educators, enthusiasts, patrons and the overall community.

Jazz Insight Trumpeter Sean Jones

The Voice of Sean Jones

SEAN JONES Artist Review

Sean Jones is a Trumpet and Flugelhorn player thatI first heard on a concert date in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2002.Sean was performing with a fantastic drummer, James Gaiters and his group at the Swifton Commons Mall.Listening to his Trumpet playing, one could not miss the tone of the notes that  he projected to the audience.Marc Fields, a very nice Trombone player, remarked,"man, I couldn't  have imagined hearing a young

Freddie Hubbard sound any better, yet there he was."

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