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Industry–savvy Quant. Business–savvy Technologist. Tech–savvy Strategist. Creativity–savvy Growth Hacker. Over two decades of successfully partnering with Fortune 500 business, government, healthcare, & non–profit sector senior executive clients, in pivotal strategic advisory roles, to successfully unleash digital transformation initiatives (digital disruption capabilities), by leveraging digital growth multipliers (digital strategy, technology, accelerators) with a multidisciplinary digital IQ proficiency: Leadership – Governance; People – Operations; Analytics – Big Data; Digital Literacy – Technology Integration; & Digital – Mobile User Experience. Optimizing digital technology investments to harvest greater value creation (ROI), productivity, growth, & organizational effectiveness. Contributing author of PTI's Transformational CIO Leadership book. Creator of the first cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for economic development. Dual Masters (MBA/MS) Digital Business Management candidate. 


Unleashing and harvesting untapped organizational potential, transformation, innovation, and effectiveness to:  

★ Business-Organization-Management-Digital Strategy-Transformation-Change Management

★ Strategic Planning-Growth Hacking-Innovation Management

★ Digital Communications-Branding-Engagement

★ Organizational Design-Development-Effectiveness-Engagement

★ Enterprise-Business Architecture

★ Transformational Leadership & Talent Development-Alignment

★ Program-Portfolio Management

★ Customer-Business Relationship Management

★ Performance-Risk Management-Analytics

★ Technology Adoption, Literacy, & Learning Solutions

★ Process Optimization-Automation

★ Electronic Health Records & Health Informatics

★ Information (Content)-Knowledge Management

★ Clinical Practice Management Information Security-Assurance-Privacy


★ Digital Business Architecture: accelerating effectiveness, efficiency, and agility through digital business transformation

★ Digital Business Strategy: crafting agile digital strategy that leverages digital resources, services, and assets to create and capture business value

★ Digital Business Analysis: streamlining digital and information governance to drive business value capture and creation

Information Governance: Messaging, RM, ECM, KM, Privacy, Cyber-Security, Information Assurance, FOIA, e-Discovery, Information Lifecycle Management

Digital Governance: Social Media, Web Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Engagement, Crowdsourcing, Mobile Ecosystem

Enterprise-Business-Mobile Architecture: frameworks, models, methodologies; Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and Mobile (BYOD, Apps) platforms

Performance Management: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Decision Management, Health Informatics

Business Productivity: CRM, ERP, HCM, EHR, Health IT  

★ Organizational Effectiveness: unleashing organizational agility through organizational design, development, alignment, and engagement

★ Organizational Design-Development-Alignment: harvesting a customer-centric vision, work culture, rewards systems, and communications 

★ Organizational Engagement: Social Enterprise (Social Business), social re-engineering by design, and innovation-ideation management

★ Business Relationship Management: driving peer business partnerships for strategic business, technology, and leadership alignment       

Thought Leadership: Business Domain Insight - Acumen - Analysis

Strategic Planning: Digital - Social - Mobile - Cloud - BI (Big Data/Analytics) 

Digital Information Management: Communications - Social Media - ECM (KM) 

Business - Stakeholder - Customer Relationship Management 

★ Business Transformation - Change Leadership 

★ Organizational Design - Development - Engagement (Innovation) 

★ Work Culture Assessment-Shift; Social Re-engineering by Design 

★ Leadership Alignment - Workforce Opimization

Skills Set

Relentless Thought Leader

Highly motivated, dynamic team leader/builder/player skilled in strategic guidance, needs assessment, tactical planning, establishing priorities, delegating tasks, motivating teams for high performance, and following through to ensure success. Personable, articulate, curious, creative, analytical, enthusiastic and positive outcomes-oriented. 'Outside the box' thinker; complex problem solver; emotionally intelligent, proficient situational leader. I love a good challenge.

Transformational Strategist

★ Strategic Management and Systems Thinking: Understands the connections and relationships across functions and entities for both internal and external constituencies; thinks creatively into the future; strong analytical skills proactively identify and recommend business solutions that drive profitability and help meet target goals   ★ Governance: Capability-based portfolio management oriented to ensure a 360 degree view of all business initiatives for effective strategic planning and intelligent business investment life cycle management; analytical performance management proficiency to streamline and considerably improve practice efficiencies and effectiveness for maximizing business value and minimizing risk   ★ Planning and Execution: Equally skilled in strategy, tactical and operational execution abilities, including P&L responsibilities   ★ Business Technology Acumen: Demonstrated broad knowledge of emerging and disruptive Digital technology capabilities and trends across platforms and applications; demonstrated ability to prioritize alternative Digital solutions, drive results and influence leaders in a cross functional, diverse, large-change environment   ★ Change Leadership: Initiates and sponsors change efforts; aligns resources; overcomes stakeholder resistance; engages and motivates stakeholders to implement and sustain change endeavors; and has a genuine desire to challenge the status quo and create innovative solutions   ★ Collaboration and Influence: Actively engages stakeholders and team members participation and input to decision-making; inspires others to see and recognize new winning perspectives through diplomatic buy-in, persuasion, and business relationship management skills   ★ Multi-level Management: Confident engaging with all levels of executive management; able to interact with diverse personalities; and able to openly share opinions and to challenge problematic business decisions   ★ Team Orientation: Strengths in creativity and collaboration within team and across business stakeholders; exceptional inspirational facilitator of teamwork and decision-making in virtual and in-person settings   ★ Organizational Strength: Demonstrated experience in successfully managing complex organizational initiatives involving multiple functions and multiple business lines of business, including the identification and articulation of problems, influencing the decision-making process, and delivery of expected outcomes   ★ Results Orientation: Buck stops here mentality. Does whatever is necessary to deliver high performance; can quickly switch between team and solo modes for superior program management; has strong program management skills with ability to drive and prioritize results (i.e. planning, designing, documenting, communicating and follow-up)   ★ Integrity: Strong sense of work ethics and unwavering commitment to professionalism; humility to admitting mistakes and sharing of achievements   ★ Communication: Communicates information with the appropriate audience, at the right time, through the appropriate communication channel   ★ Decisiveness: Makes timely, effective, and precise decisions   ★ Partnership: Strategically partners across business stakeholders to achieve "win-win" solutions and outcomes; ability to facilitate meetings and influence key stakeholders   ★ Service Orientation: Focus on enhanced customer service and service delivery   ★ Confidence/Initiative: Has foresight and willingness to perform in challenging and ambiguous situations; confident in my abilities to "figure it out" when the way forward is unclear and determined that I can influence events   ★ Reward and Recognition: Vetted in an innovation-based work culture that values and rewards opportunity and service excellence   ★ Thought Leadership: 'Outside the box' thinker who is curious, creative, analytical, and a complex problem solver with an ability to question assumptions   ★ Highly Motivated: dynamic team leader-builder-player skilled in strategic guidance, business needs assessment, tactical planning, establishing priorities, delegating tasks, motivating teams for high performance, and following through to ensure success   ★ Personable: articulate, enthusiastic, emotionally intelligent; proficient situational leader that is positive outcomes-oriented

Actionable Game Changer
Practicing the art and science of organizational leadership development, for the past two decades, to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.   ★ Providing innovative technology insights for organizational strategic management ★ Focusing on business-technology alignment, enablement, and process change   ★ Leveraging technology, not only for competitive advantage, but to create new opportunities   ★ Focusing on short and long range mission, vision impact   ★ Infusing technology-powered business objectives into strategy   ★ Improving core processes and workloads in an innovative, transformational manner   ★ Transforming traditional work culture into creativity, collaboration, and innovation  
Digital Business Transformation
Providing strategic Business and Information Architecture guidance for organizations to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century   ★  Providing strategic consultation to assigned line-of-business (LOB) business partners in defining or designing business strategies, processes, capabilities, key performance indicators/metrics and change management impacts, as well as researching, identifying and internally marketing enabling technologies based on customer requirements. Ensure business problems are solved at the correct level of abstraction. ★ Facilitating refinement of company business strategy into business capabilities that can be implemented through people, processes, information, and technology. ★ Participating in enterprise strategy development, including environmental analysis, opportunity identification, value cases and business innovation portfolio development. ★ Participating in enterprise architecture development, including business architecture, information architecture, application, and technical architecture. ★ Facilitating development of cross-LOB Enterprise solutions that combine knowledge of particular business processes and issues, general technological options, and process facilitation techniques. Integrate continuous improvement areas for assigned lines of business into the Enterprise Business Capability Map (EBCM) and Enterprise Architecture Repository (EAR). ★ Developing and maintaining metrics to measure the value and productivity of the company's business architecture assets. ★ Assessing near-term needs, using structured interview processes, to establish business priorities; consult with technical subject matter experts and develop alternative technical solutions; advise on options, risks, cost vs. benefits, and impact on other business priorities. ★ Collaborating with the program management office on reporting project status, issues, risks and benefits. ★ Collaborating with other IT functional areas to remain apprised of project status, and inform LOB business partner management of progress; conversely, keep technology leaders aware of key LOB customer issues, identifying and resolving potential problems and conflicts. ★ Establishing a regular communication program to generate awareness and publicize the business value achieved with the Business Architecture Framework. ★ Facilitating workshops with leaders and subject matter experts to obtain input and gain buy-in on business architecture artifacts and related processes.  



Senior Management Consultant - Business-Government-Healthcare

Break★Thru Management Consulting (AmVet Technologies)







                CHIEF PRIVACY OFFICER,





Accomplishments: Strategic adviser to government CxOs & senior executives for digital & organizational transformation; information governance & assurance; & organizational effectiveness initiatives including: Digital Government Strategy–Transformation, Clinger–Cohen Act, FITARA, FISMA, FOIA, IRM Strategic Plan, Open Data (Data.Gov), Open Government Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, Privacy Act, Enterprise–Business Architecture, Enterprise Content Management (Records Management–Knowledge Management), Performance–Value–Risk Management (Big Data–Business Intelligence–Analytics–CPIC), Information Assurance (Cyber Security–Privacy), Cloud Commoditization, Mobile Platforms; Digital Communications (Branding–Social Media–Engagement), Governance–Compliance (Standards–Policies–Directives); Organizational Design–Development–Effectiveness– Engagement; Work Culture Assessment–Leadership Alignment–Talent Optimization; Business–Customer Relationship Management

Outcomes: 30%+ annual fiscal budgetary & operational cost savings resulting directly from harvesting streamlined people–processes–technology–data–communications enterprise & functional efficiencies through game–changing digital transformation leadership, governance, & organizational design–development; core workforce digital literacy & technology integration; key big data analytics insights; breakthrough digital & customer experience; & automated, digital operations, work, & information streams


Senior Health IT Consultant Electronic Health Records (Clinical Practice Management)


* Clinical Information Management: Electronic Health Records (EHR) Platforms – Health Informatics – Web/Mobile Integration
* Clinical Practice Management: Practice Management Platforms – Workflow/Process/Billing Automation – Performance Analytics Accomplishments: Strategic healthcare consultant to health care clients for digital & organizational transformation initiatives, including streamlining & automating operations, work, information, & communication streams, through the turnkey delivery of leading cloud (mobile) Electronic Health Records (EHR) & EDI integrated Practice Management (PM) platform solutions, including web & process integration, user training, & vendor liaison services
Outcomes: 25%+ annual cost reduction & 30%+ revenue increase resulting directly from harvesting streamlined people–processes–technology–data–communications functional efficiencies through game–changing digital EHR/PM platforms transformation; core workforce digital literacy & technology integration; key big data analytics insights; & automated, digital operations, work, & information streams


Senior Management Consultant Fortune 500–1000

Siemens Management Consulting

Accomplishments: Strategic management consultant to Fortune 500–1000 executives (GE, Pfizer, Sony, Met Life, NY Life) for digital & organizational transformation initiatives, including core business web applications (BRM, CRM, ERP, HCM, ECM, KM, e–Commerce, SEO, SEM), as well as key organizational effectiveness initiatives, to align strategic business, organizational, & leadership goals
Outcomes: 25%+ annual P&L positive impact resulting directly from harvesting streamlined people–processes–technology–data–communications efficiencies resulting directly from strategic leadership, governance, & organizational design–development initiatives; core digital technology integration; & automated, digital operations, work, & information streams




University System of Maryland

Digital Business Management



University System of Maryland

Digital Technology Management 












CPLP 2017


Professional Affiliations

★ Association For Image And Information Management

★ Alliance For Innovation

★ American Council For Technology | Industry Advisory Council

★ Business Relationship Management Institute

★ Center For Creative Leadership

★ CIO Executive Council

★ Cloud Security Alliance

★ Human Capital Institute

★ Information Systems Audit and Control Association                                                     

★ Institute of Management Consultants

★ Institute of Organization Development

★ International Association of Privacy Professionals

★ Organization Development Network

★ Society of Human Resource Professionals

Professional Interests

★ Big Data/BI/Analytics

★ Digital-Social Business Transformation

★ Digital Disruption

★ Health Informatics

★ Information Assurance

★ Knowledge Management

★ Organizational Development-Effectiveness

★ Semantic Web (Web 3.0)