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Jul 2012May 2016

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India


Mar 2004Apr 2011

ICSE (10th and 12th Boards)

Little Flower School, Jamshedpur, India

10th Board-97.4%

12th Board-92.5%


Language Proficiency and Insatiable Curioisty

I have good command over English as well as over my mother tongue, Hindi. More importantly, I am always interested in origins of words, neologisms, vernacular stories and the little quirks that make a language come to life. Besides that, I am in the process of learning French and Telugu and am always open to learning new languages. Languages open us up to stories and lives and vibes we had been untouched by till now. They are alive and shivering with possibilities.

Avid Reader

I do not think that books are merely a cure for lonely hearts or that they teach or that they can replace a hundred friends. Books, for me, are portals into alternate worlds where I can be alone, bring friends or make friends. But most importantly, there I am a partner to the soul that created the world, and creating or recreating together is a powerful and moving experience. Also, I explore while reading and love trying out literature in every form available. On one day, I sample an Oulipan delight; on another , I am rendered breathless by the deceptively simple seventeen syllables of a Haiku.

Blogger and Writer

I have a blog called Engineered Realities- -about "Surrealist Miss-interpretations", as I like to call it. I write fiction in the form of prose and poetry, absurdist, experimental, playful whimsy. I think the gift of imagination and the ability to play with ideas, words and even reality are the reasons why I believe in magic.

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Having been an avid debator and extempore speaker since my schooling days, I am always ready to be a part of lively and  honest discussions and to facilitate communication between people. For me, effective communication is when people try to reach out to each other while expanding their own mental horizons. Bonfire nights with people telling stories, children trying to tell us what we have closed ourselves to, or people talking about worldly issues in a frank and open manner-communication skills are vastly underrated.

Academic and Extracurricular Achievements

  • 1st in All-India ICSE National Essay-Writing Competition in 2008.
  • Best Team and Best Speaker in All-India Frank Anthony Debate-Zonal and Regional Finals in 2008 and 2009.
  • 4th in International TATA WORLD Essay Writing Competition in 2008.
  • 1st in Seouli Seal Regional Quiz Competition in 2006 and 2005.
  • Held various positions in dancing competitions over the years.
  • 1st in Just A Minute competitions in 2012 and 2013.
  • 1st in various intra- and inter-college quiz competitions.
  • 1st in intra-college Spelling Bee.
  • 2nd in Writing Competition in inter-college fest.
  • TATA HITACHI Scholarship in the 10th and 12th.
  • GRE-327/340 and TOEFL-115/120.

Statement of Purpose

  I grew up among books, questions, and games. In many ways, an idyllic childhood. Or what some may simply call a childhood. Over the years, those passions remained, and surprisingly, so did the sense of wonder.  But it was a different sense of wonder. One that a child cannot be bothered with, because it comes with knowing things that they have not been taught yet.

                           So, here I am, with an unrelenting curiosity to explore language and the creativity that is inherent in neologisms, puns, metaphors, similes, wordplay, witticisms, conceptual blending, children’s delightful goo-goo versions, et al. Maybe explore is not the exact word for it. Play is closer to it. Who can describe in one word ‘the bottling up of a child’s delight’? Oh, also, I am very interested in all those instances when language fails charmingly, like a lovable fallen hero in the classics.  It also moves me considerably, what stories can do to us. And what we can do to stories.

                            That is, in essence, what I am looking for-the charms, the beauty and the magic of playing with language and stories, through different mediums and in different forms; and being mesmerized by the deceptively simple pleasures of trying to find one’s voice and to communicate. To see children teach us while they learn in a world that could do with unlearning some of its lessons. Therefore, any opportunity which utilizes my writing, storytelling and communication skills  along with my ability to play with language would be welcome. And while I am at it, learning a new language, a new game, a beautiful story wouldn't hurt.