Work experience

Work experience

2011 - Present


Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman

Aisha is the Chairperson of the Better Life program for the African Rural Woman. Best known for her  advocacy works. She  spearheads a holistic approach to adult education and empowerment programs in Rural Communities.

2014 - Present


NorthLink Insurance Broker

Director, Board of Director

2013 - Present


University of Abuja

Memeber. Governing Council

Member. Finance & General Purpose Committee.

Member. Tenders Board Committee

Chairperson. IGR Committee

Chairperson. Rebranding of University  Identity Card Committee

2013 - Present


Armitage Intergrated Service  Nig. Ltd

Integrating Gas, Agriculture into communities 

2013 - Present


Global Shea Alliance 

Promote and support Rural Wiman enhance Shea butter products

2013 - Present


Mara Foundation

Assigned as a Mentor to mentor four Mentee to establish their business.

2012 - Present


White Ribbon Alliance on Safe Motherhood

Member, board of trustees

2009 - 2014

Guidance Counsellor

El Amin International School. Minna

Assist the students develop a strong and productive personality

2012 - 2013

1996 - 1996

Volunteer Mason and Health Supervisor

Global Volunteer

Community volunteer service, Iringa, Tanzania



1987 - Present

Secondary School Certificate

St Geroges School, Montreux, Switzerland

High Schhol

1979 - Present

Primary  School Certificate

Corona International School, Lagos.

Primary school

1989 - Present

Personnel and Management Diploma

American University, Paris


1993 - Present

BSC(Hons) Psychology

Webster University, Geneva
1995 - Present

Quranic Arabic

Umul Qura. Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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Aisha Babangida is currently the ChairperOn of the Better Life ProgrM for the African Rural Woman. A non profit Organisation founded by her late mother Dr. Mrs Maryam Babangida. Her vision is to empower and educate the Rural women of Africa., to give them a sense of purpose and development in their various communities through: Scholarship programs for the youth. Finance of women cooperative societies and clusters involved in Agro businesses. Empowerment of Rural Women through skills acquisition and entrepreneurial training. Provision of relief materials to victim disaster. Adult Literacy programs




Leadership skills.

negotiating skills

interpersonal skills


2012 - Present

Intercultural Competence

Institute Villa Pierrefeu, Glion. Switzerland

To recognise and analyse patterns and relationships of various cultures around the world.

2014 - Present

Social Entrepreneur and Enterprise Training. 

Abuja Enterprise Agency. Abuja
2014 - Present

Executive Leadership Course

United Nation Institute for Training and Research. Montreux, Switzerland
2015 - Present


2015 African Development Conference. Harvard .

Fostering development collaboration within the global South.

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