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Tedla is a multidisciplinary professional with 18 years of diverse experience in Education, Health, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene portfolio Management. The core competencies Tedla excels at include Portfolio Management, Technical Assistance, Programme Leadership, Capacity Building, Business Development, Donor Management,  Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, Team Building etc 

Global Executive MBA in Leadership and Management, MA in Educational Research and Evaluation, IPGD in Project Management and BA in Sociology and Social Administration are the qualifications Tedla would bring to  UNICEF.

Currently, Tedla is working with Millennium Water Alliance ( MWA) as Ethiopia Program Director. In this role, Tedla provides strategic leadership in leading consortium member's effort in program designing and implementation.

Amref Health Africa, the largest Health Development Organization in Africa, is the organization where Tedla has worked for a total of eight (8) years before he resigned as a Business Development Organization in 2016. Generation Integrated Rural Development Consultant, a World Bank funded programme and Hibir Integrated Community Development Organization are also previous employers of Tedla between 2003-2007. 


January 2013Aug 2014

Global Executive MBA

United States International University

Management and Leadership

Feb 2011Jul 2013

Master of Art, Educational Research and Evaluation

Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa

Educational Research and Evaluation

Jun 2011Nov 2013

International Postgraduate Diploma

Cambridge International College

Project Management

Sep 1998Jul 2003

Bachelor of Arts

Addis Ababa University,Addis Ababa

Sociology and Social Administration

Work History

January 2018Present

Program Director

Millennium Water Alliance

MWA is a consortium of leading US based International NGOs (World Vision, CARE, CRS, WaterAid, FH Ethiopia, Helvetas etc) working to improve water supply Sanitation and Hygiene in developing countries.


  • Provide leadership of MWA collaborative programs in Ethiopia
  • Promote strong coalition building across MWA members in Ethiopia and provide consistent communication, shared learning and strategizing across MWA members
  • Ensure high quality, well-coordinated program implementation and knowledge management and communication documentation of program learnings and outcomes
  • Provide assistance with ongoing sensitization of the MWA regional and global strategies with MWA staff, members and collaborators
  • Promote and support development of an organisational culture that reflects respect and peer support, accountability, high performance, innovativeness, continuous improvement, and effective team communication
  • Establish, maintain, and improve working relationships with key Ethiopia donors, government, strategic partners and other collaborators within the country
  • Visit program sites periodically to learn and support implementation and new program development
  • Provide high level representation and communication about program achievements to government and other key stakeholders

Programme Design and Technical Assistance

  • With support from the Regional Director, ensure that MWA is implementing quality WASH programs that are government-led/supported and proactively utilising market-based approaches to attain sustainability and scale
  • Oversee the design, implementation and monitoring of all longer term technical goals, objectives and activities of programs in Ethiopia
  •  Ensure that the different technical sectors of the program are coordinated, integrated and support each other to optimize programmes and projects
  • Convene and lead regular program meetings, including steering committee, technical groups and others
  • Lead the program teams in developing and submitting all necessary reports and documents to the local/country governments and to donors
  • Provide grant reports to Regional Program Coordinator for review
  • Stay informed about activities in the country and innovations that MWA might want to consider testing or using
  • Ensure that program offices are keeping appropriate financial records and staying on budget
  • Develop, in collaboration with MWA members a national supporting strategy and lead implementation of it
  • Lead program relationship development activities with government officials

Knowledge Management

  • Collect and share ideas from programs that should be disseminated for mutual learning
  • Oversee Knowledge Management so that all program minutes, reports, proposals, documents are accurately labelled and stored in a shared MWA repository
  • Share lessons learned or interesting findings with global communications director to facilitate learning and sharing
  • Help to position MWA as a regional expert via sharing of tools, presentations and lessons in high level forums
  • Support members in documenting and sharing research, pilots, innovations and lessons learned. 
  • Ensure that MWA staff have time to generate knowledge management pieces for learning and sharing
  • Write and design communications documents to leverage program based evidence for advocacy and development and learning purposes, including internal documents, narrative articles, and external publications
  • Coordinate workshops/meetings in collaboration program team, government or strategic partners
  • Produce at least two learning documents each year for sharing among members or in the WASH sector

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  • Oversee development, execution and periodic review of program MEL
  • Convene regular learning events to ensure that all members are getting learning value from the program
  • Utilize program learnings to influence modifications to the program to increase program value
  • Support MEL personnel in analysis of field data to be used in program reporting, learning and program improvements, including qualitative and quantitative statistical analysis and narrative evidence from MWA programs

Membership Value-add

  • Provide and promote regular communication and transparency among MWA staff and MWA members
  • Engage in frequent communication with members to ensure collaborative relationships and shared value
  • Seek ways to provide and improve value for MWA members
  • Continuously look for new strategic partners that may add value or collective impact to MWA programs

Additional Responsibilities

  • Notice, understand and resolve any issues that develop between members or within the MWA Ethiopia programs
  • Conduct performance reviews and future objective development and provide guidance, coaching, and/or remedial steps to staff
  • Lead or serve on program teams as helpful to accomplish above goals or support MWA activities
  • Present or facilitate sessions at national or regional events and represent MWA at events
  • Engage in relevant regional networks to learn and represent MWA
  • Develop thematic areas of expertise based on gaps in the country in MWA staff and utilize knowledge to support program development and implementation and knowledge management
  • Additional duties as needed to support national or global objectives
September 2016November 2016

Acting Country Director

Voluntary Service Overseas            January 02'2017 - February 03'2017                                                                          

In this role, Tedla provided leadership to the country program in the absence of the Country Director. These included program leadership ( Health, Education and Livelihood), organizational development and human resources, annual financial planning and participation in East Africa Leadership meetings.  

April 2016December 2017

Program Development and Funding Manager

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)


Strategic Leadership  

As a member of Senior Management Team (SMT), I continually contribute towards developing shared vision about our country programme strategy and approach among all staff and volunteers, working closely with the Country Director, other SMT team members and Regional Programme Management and Funding team members. 

Programme Development 

I lead  the development of new programmes  and partnerships prioritized by the VSO country strategy. These includes: 

  • Identify potential project ideas in livelihood, Health and Education Programs. In line with the country strategy , I am responsible in the preparation of  high quality concept notes and/or proposals writing. 
  • Participate in the quarterly monitoring and review of progress against country funding plans (CFPS) with support of senior management team
  • Keep track of emerging funding opportunities and support in-country donor management led by the Country Director.

Programme Quality and Implementation    

I coordinate the design and delivery of appropriate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and ensure the compliance with internal and external ( donor, government) requirements in close coordination with the Regional M&E Manager and relevant Programme Managers.  

Donor Management 

Engage and take forward various entry points identified with DFID, USAID, CIDA, EC, ECHO and other institutional donors and embassies in line with established country funding plan (CFP). This includes researching donor interests and funding patterns, attending forums and meetings for further networking and information sharing.

Finance and Resource Management 

Support and participate in annual budget preparation and Quarterly Business Review process. I work closely with programme and finance teams to ensure timely submission of quality narrative and financial reports as per the standards of the specific donors and in line with the contract.

Visibility & Branding:

Lead on the efforts to raise the programme profile by coordinating the collection of human interest stories and visuals, production and dissemination of materials highlighting VSO’s unique contribution towards a range of development issues in country.

Salary: $ 2300 per month 

Jan 2015March 30 2016t

Business Development Manager

Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia

Provided technical and managerial oversight in relation to business development of the country programme.

Review of project logical framework analysis (LFA), annual work plans, and M & E frameworks and operations research plans within the technical areas relevant for business development and model replication.Ensured that Amref Health Africa Business Development activities contribute to the achievement of the overall Ethiopia country programme objectives and performance targets through prudent resource management. Led a multidisciplinary team in packaging , organizing and  dissemination of workable models on business models related to national and international policies, strategies, and guidelines

Development of Systems and Tools for Programme Management and Quality Checks

Undertake cost analysis, operations and evaluation research for selected projects/programmes for providing adequate information for developing business cases for health interventions for Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia. Provided leadership for Health, WASH, Nutrition technical teams for continued application and documentation of scientific inventiveness in projects and programme implementation

Facilitated the overall growth and development of the programme, jointly with the Country Director, Deputy Country Director, HQ Technical Specialists, Programme Managers, National office (NOs) Programme Managers, and the Project Teams. Continually assessing and reviewed the responsiveness of the Programme area towards the Ethiopia Health Policy; HEP; other national health plans; Amref Health Africa Ethiopia country plan and the Amref corporate business plan; and VGC targets.

Actively participate in Senior Management (SMT) and Program Technical Team (PTT) teams meetings.

As a member of the senior management team of the Ethiopia Country Office, initiated and implemented several actions. As Secretary of programme technical team of the Ethiopia Country Office , played key role in providing guidance to the country programme development. Successfully managed internal  and external relationships including those with donors, partners, and collaborators with full involvement of the Country Director. 

As a BDM, I provided excellent technical and management leadership to Amref in Ethiopia activities in Business Development related to programme development, fundraising, donor management, partnership development and capacity building. I played leadership in pre-positioning for large grant applications for institutional and corporate donor applications and follow up negotiations. It has been a success for myself and my colleagues to secure more than 10 million USD per annum for two consecutive years. The major donors to which I have led successful proposals include high quality proposals for large donors such as DFID, EU/ECHO, USAID/OFDA, UNICEF, GSK, Italian Cooperation, GiZ etc

Salary: $1919 per month

Sep 2013Dec 2014

Capacity Building Program Manager

Amref Health Africa
  • Tedla provided technical support to country programme on designing, management, monitoring and evaluation of capacity building initiatives. Tedla has actively participated in a number of national level taskforce endeavors in designing and developing manuals, guidelines and training materials. This include HEWs Upgrading module preparation, HEW package writing, Human Resources for Health Management training modules writing etc. 

  • He also, in response to request by Directorate of Capacity Building provides support in organizing and delivering Leadership, Management and Governance training that would contribute to improvement of LMG skill for midwifery managers. Tedla has coordinated the baseline capacity assessment of Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia office and the end line evaluation done by IFPRI focused on the WASH and SRH support provided by the Foreign Affairs of Netherlands government.

  • As a member of various technical working groups at national level, Tedla represented Amref Health Africa in National HRH Forum, National Health Science College Forum, and National Human Resources for Health Management Technical Working Group, mHealth Interagency Coordination Forum and other ad hoc committees at a National level. 

  • Tedla played pivotal role in the design and implementation of the National Health Extension Upgrading program, development and management of several capacity building projects, actively involved in operations research of various types, baseline and formative evaluations at Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia.

Jan 2012Sep 2013

Human Resource for Health Project Manager

African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
  • Coordinated competency based learning material writing workshops
  • Align short-term in-service trainings with national policy and guidelines
  • Design and coordinate national capacity assessment of health science colleges
  • In consultation with program managers,documented and shared best practices
  • Coordinate donnors,journalists and partners visit to the project site
  • Support Health Science Colleges and Regional Health Bureaus in training of trainers
  • Project designing on human resource for health development and management
  • Engage in evaluative research of the various training projects
  • Financial management of the various project budget
  • Prepare quality reports for internal,donnor and partner needs

As a Project Manager, I have successfully coordinated competency based learning material writing workshops, made significant contribution as part of a team in aligning the national in-service trainings with the health work force development  policy and guidelines, designed and coordinates the national capacity assessment of 20+ health science colleges. He has provided support to more than 22 Health Science Colleges and 6 Regional Health Bureaus in training of the trainers, shared best practices at various knowledge sharing forums like Canadian Network of NGOs (CANGO).

Aug 2010Dec 2011

Training Coordinator

African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
  • Coordinate learning and knowledge management activities of the country office
  • Organize new curriculum design workshops in partnership with the Open University/UK
  • Document and share learning events for partners
  • Liaison with UNICEF Ethiopia, The Open University and FMOH in designing and implementing of training programs
  • Coordinate baseline studies,mid-term and final evaluations on Human Resource for Health
  • Oversee production,duplication and delivery of training material and equipments
  • Training of trainers on identified knowledge and skill gaps
  • Financial management,supervision and reporting

Coordinated learning and knowledge management activities of the country office, Organize new curriculum design workshops in partnership with the Open University/UK, Document and share learning events for partners, Liaison with UNICEF Ethiopia, The Open University and FMOH in designing and implementing of training programs, Coordinate baseline studies, mid-term and final evaluations on Human Resource for Health, Oversee production, duplication and delivery of training material and equipment, training of trainers on identified knowledge and skill gaps, financial management, supervision and reporting were some of the roles that Tedla effectively managed to coordinate.

Jul 2007Sep 2008

Project officer

African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)

Tedla played a pivotal role in conducting a nationwide needs assessment that documented the evidence to convince Federal Ministry of Health to consider distance learning modality to train community health workers in Ethiopia. Liaising with FMOH and RHBs by presenting the Elearning experience from Kenya, identifying opportunities for distance learning for health workers, organizing results dissemination and stakeholders workshop as well as developing strategy in collaboration with the Open University of UK has been the key functions of the post that he has delivered.

Participate in baseline survey on health influencing behaviors, Lead the design and implementation of Medico-Anthropological, Socio-Anthropological and, Migratory Pattern Survey, Coordinate outreach programs to Pastoralist and agricultural communities, Coordinating gender sensitive workshops at the district level, Organize peer education and community conversation sessions on HIV/AIDS, Lead the design of health promotion materials, Proposal writing and appraisal, Financial management and reporting, Proposal development and appraisal, Advocacy work with community leaders and religious figures, Organizing research finding dissemination workshops. 

  • Participate in baseline survey on health influencing behaviors 
  • Lead the design and implementation of Medico-Anthropological, Socio-Anthropological and Migratory Pattern Survey
  • Coordinated outreach programs to Pastoralist and agricultural communities
  • Coordinated gender sensitive workshops at the district level
  • Organize peer education and community conversation sessions on HIV/AIDS
  • Led the design of health promotion materials
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Proposal development and appraisal
  • Advocacy work with community leaders and religious figures
  • Organizing research finding dissemination workshops
Mar 2005Jun 2007

WASH Program Management Specialist and Team Leader

Generation Integrated Rural Development Consultants

Tedla has provided leadership role for a multidisciplinary team in preparing integrated Woreda Strategic Plan, established and updating database for six districts of West Showa zone, conducted training needs assessment and delivered training on program management, financial management and reporting, contract administration and monitoring and evaluation for government staff and CSO staff. In doing so, I have led a team that succeeded in availing access to 26 water supply facilities in West Showa Zone of Oromia within 2 years.

  • Prepared integrated Woreda Strategic Plan
  • Established and updating database for six districts of West Showa zone
  • Training need assessment
  • Trained district Program Management Team and Community Facilitators
  • Led a multidisciplinary team of professionals
  • Mainstreamed gender in the development sector
  • program planning, implementation and Follow up
  • Consulting woredas on financial management and reporting
  • Managing Contract Agreements
  • Organized and delivered training for Local Service Providers
Nov 2004Mar 2005

Education Program Coordinator

Hibir Integrated Community Development Organization

Tedla has coordinated the needs assessment on Non-Formal education in the rural villages of Tiyo district. He has effectively mobilized community resources to construct four education centres.  This job has required the following responsibilities that Tedla managed to successfully coordinate: selecting Non-Formal Education sites, facilitating the construction of Non Formal Education centres, recruitment and training of Non-Formal Education Facilitators, provide supportive supervision of the teaching-learning process and, Monitoring and Evaluation of the overall project implementation.

  • Conducted project needs assessment on Non Formal education
  • Facilitated community mobilization and advocacy
  • Identified Non-Formal Education sites in partnership with community members and local authorotoes
  • Supervised the construction of Non Formal Education centers
  • Selecting and training Non-Formal Education Facilitators
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Financial management and reporting
Aug 2003Oct 2004

Life Skill Trainer

Hibir Integrated Community Development Organization(HICDO)

Training delivery for Children, Youth and Adults on prevention and Impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS as well as equipping trainees with Reproductive Health Life Skill, organizing discussion forum with community leaders, the youth and CSO representatives concerning HIV/AIDS with special emphasis on Gender Based Violence, health seeking behaviour, training peer-educators, training manual preparation and project proposal development has been the key responsibilities that Tedla was in charge as a Life Skill trainer. Monitoring and evaluation of the behaviour change among trainees had also been integral to his job responsibility.

  • Training children, Youth and Adults on prevention and Impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS
  • Training Children, Youth and Adults on Reproductive Health issues
  • Organizing discussion forum concerning HIV/AIDS with focus on women victims
  • Preparing training manuals on gender
  • Preparing project proposals
  • Monitoring and evaluation of behaviour change among trainees
  • Monthly and quarter progress reporting


Results Based Planning and Management

R-WaSHP International Consultants-World Bank
Nov 27, 2006 - Nov 30, 2006

FGM Operational Research in Afar AMREF and Consultant

October 14, 2008 - October 24, 2008

Results Based Management

AMREF Ethiopia
Jul 21, 2008 - Jul 25, 2008

Operations Research

Consortium of Christian Relief Association
July 12- July 26' 2012

Leadership and Project Management

Justice Leadership Institute, Boston
June 14, 2010 - June 18, 2010
Jul 2014Present

Training of Trainers on Leadership and Management

Methodist University
Sep 2013Present

Certificate of Competence in MS Project 2007

Zemen Management and Development Institute
Jun 2014Jun 2014

Global Study Tour

Symbiosis International University
Apr 2012Apr 2012

World Federation of Public Health Association (WFPHA) International Conference

Federation of Public Health Association
May 2012Jan 2012

Biennial Programme Meeting AMREF Head Quarters

AMREF Head Quarters
August 10'2014August 22'2014

Job Evaluation and Appraisal



The Most Promising Presenter

AMREF Head Quarters,2012


Research Publications

Mulatu T. (2003). An Assessment of Sociocultural Factors that Affect Female Academic Performance.

Mulatu T.,Yousuf J.,Haregu T.,Seyoum D. (2012). Contribution of Traditional Birth Attendants to the Formal Health Sector in Ethiopia. Pan African medical Journal.

Long L.,Mulatu T. (2013). Getting Community Level Trainings Right. Africa Health Journal

Mulatu T. (2013). The Potential Role of mLearning in the Health Science Colleges of Ethiopia.

Mulatu T. (2014). The Post-2015 Health development Agenda: What fits Best for Africa?