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Personal Information

Date of Birth: 11th January 1994

Age: 23 years

Health: Excellent

Drivers Licence: Full Licence


12/8 Willowbank                               
 North Dunedin
New Zealand 9016

Telephone: 02102833343

Email: [email protected]


Feb 2016December 2017

University of Otago College of Education

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Endorsed in Information and Communication Technology
Feb 2012Dec 2015

University of Otago College of Education 

  • Bachelor of Teaching (BTchg)
Mar 2014Present

New Zealand Red Cross

  • First Aid Certificate
Jan 2005Nov 2011

Menzies College

  • NCEA Certificate of Achievement Level 2
  • Certificate in Tourism and Travel Level 2
  • Sir George Seymour – National College of Airline, Travel & Tourism – Tourism Student of the Year Scholarship
  • Margaret Irwin Cup for Public Speaking
  • Rex Hohepa Memorial (Taonga) Maori Culture Club Award
  • Bronze Star Award, The Royal Life Saving Society New Zealand
  • Completed NZASA 1500m Swimming Award
  • Leader in the Art and Culture Committee
Jun 2010Jul 2011

Shoshoni High School

  • American Red Cross Certificate
  • Graduation Diploma (with Honours) Shoshoni High School,  United States of America
  • Certificate of Completion, Education First, Exchange Year


“Aimee displays a high level of professionalism. She is always punctual, shows respect for all staff, children and parents, is flexible, shows initiative, and is willing to go that extra mile to help meet the needs of everyone”

- Jo Wilson

Principal of St Leonards School

“Aimee is very organised, enthusiastic and has a great relationship with the class. Aimee’s motivation and willingness to improve are great personal qualities”

- Damian Burden

Teacher at Kaikorai Valley College

Teaching Experience

 Jan 2016Present

St Leonards School

Principal Release 0.8 (2016) Full Time Teacher (2017)

Year Two - Four Students

Oct 20142015

St Leonards School

Student Teacher

Year Two - Four Students

May 2014Jun 2014

Silverstream Primary School

Student Teacher

Year Five & Six Students

Oct 2013Nov 2013

Elm Grove School

Student Teacher

New Entrance - Year 1 Students

May 2013Jun 2013

Macandrew Bay School

Student Teacher

New Entrance - Year 1 Students

Oct 2012Nov 2012

West Gore Primary School

Student Teacher

Year Five - Six Students

May 2012Jun 2012

Kaikorai Valley College

Student Teacher

Year Seven Students

Work experience

Feb 2014Nov 2015

University of Otago University Flats

Residential Assistant (RA)

With the University of Otago welcoming a large majority of international students into Otago every semester, it is my job as the RA to develop and provide a safe and stimulating living environment for students that facilitates, promotes and nurtures the development of both academic excellence/achievement and positive life skills.

Nov 2014Jan 2015

Ritchford Dairies Limited

Relief Milking over summer on a 350 cow farm.

Nov 2013Jan 2014

Garnham Group Limited

Dairy Farm Worker

Working on this 800 cow farm doing basic farm duties such as milking, feeding calves, and spraying.

Personal Qualities

  • Thoughtful
  • Open minded
  • Sense of humour
  • Enthusiastic
  • Outgoing
  • Positive
  • Flexible


  • Family and Friends
  • Sport: Touch, Netball, Rugby, Swimming
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Travelling
  • Theatre Productions
  • Reading
  • Music

Teaching Philosophy

As an educator I understand the influences that the community has both on the school and the surrounding environment as well. It is through this that we as teachers can educate ours learners to value and appreciate the environment around us, as it becomes a central part of not only the  community but a global community as well. As teachers it is critical that we provide the learners with the steps needed to climb the bridge to success, as they work towards being able to achieve their full potential. By putting a number of experiences and learning opportunities in front of the learners and supporting them through the challenges and giving them the ability to take charge of their own learning, they are able to have pride in themselves as well as their achievements. It is important that as an effective teacher we need to respect and listen to our learners, allow our learners to have a voice and encourage reflective and creative thought. It is vital to develop positive relationships with students, their caregivers/ whānau and staff because it strengthens the concept of whanaungatanga. By valuing what each child brings to the classroom; this includes their culture, identity, backgrounds and experiences, this enables cultural awareness and diversity. I think it is important to create an inclusive environment where children are not afraid to take risks with their learning. All children can succeed and it is important that teachers have high but realistic expectations of their students.

"Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere.                                                                                                                     Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te ao.

The bird that partakes of the miro berry reigns in the forest.
The bird that partakes of the power of knowledge has access to the world"


Key Achievements

  • I contributed and participated as a the Staff Rep for the Board of Trustees. 
  •  I completed my Postgraduate Diploma while completing my first two years as a beginning teacher.
  • I created numerous interactive resources and wall displays for the classroom.
  • I developed an interactive unit for Mathematics which included pre and post-diagnostic assessments.
  • I have had many opportunities to use and interpet different forms of assessment over the period Some of these assessments were: JAM, Running Records, Writing Samples, Observations and Learning Conversations.
  • I created a supportive and safe environment where children were able to take risks.
  • I form strong relationships with the parents/caregivers .
  • I have taken part in a number of activities outside of the classroom such as coaching  the netball team and  Touch team as well as going to support the schools hockey team each week.
  • I have been involved with the planning and running of fundraisers and other community events.

Curriculum Strengths

Overall I feel extremely comfortable teaching all curriculum areas. With a very democratic view on teaching I push towards allowing the learners to take ownership of their learning. By integrating ICT into my lessons and taking into consideration the different learning styles I work towards promoting very interactive lessons that engage the children in the learning. I like to include anecdotal learning and ensure all children feel safe to share ideas and that it's ok to be wrong.


Numeracy is one of my strongest curriculum areas to teach. I am passionate and knowledgeable about teaching all areas and love to provide challenging and engaging tasks for all of my learners. I celebrate the idea that there is more than one way to work out an equation and it is through this positive attitude that I support my learners to take risks and to share their ideas. When creating a numeracy programme it is important to take into consideration that some children may have anxiety around this curriculum area. This is why I believe that you need to make it relevant for the children so that they can make mathematical connections to the world around them.


Literacy has always been a passion of mine especially when it comes to writing and oral language. Allowing the children the opportunity to express themselves through words is something that I believe is important for a 21st century learner. As a teacher I strive towards challenging and catering for all learners, as we as a community work towards giving each child the opportunity to achieve success. This is most witnessed in a reading programme. This is because by providing students with a number of opportunities to read and to take part in reading both at home and at school, it helps to develop their understanding of a number of different strategies as well as builds up their confidence to be able to take risks.

Te Reo Māori:

Throughout my teaching practice I have learnt a lot about Te Reo Māori and Tikanga and the strong links that it has to the New Zealand Curriculum. With the Treaty of Waitangi promoting three key principals partnership, protection, participation we as educators need to provide opportunities in our classroom programmes where these aspects incorporate a Te Ao Māori world view. By doing this our learners have the opportunity to hear and use Te Reo Māori as well as develop an understanding around Tikanga Māori and how it is valued and promoted within the school and the wider school whānau.


Drama plays a big role in my life. Being able to go in role and use your imagination is critical in helping to develop confidence and creativity. As a beginning teacher I see the importance of integrating drama into my literacy programme. This is because it gives the students the opportunity to write in role, where they express how the character is really feeling. By being able to act their ideas out and developing a role on the wall for their character it allows them to become a lot more critical and expressive based around their reading and writing.



Jo Wilson

Principal of St Leonards School and Mentor Teacher (As a Beginning Teacher)


St Leonards School                                  

29 St Leonards Drive                                  

St Leonards 9022

Email: [email protected] 

Work phone: 03 471 0501

Cellphone: 0274898189

Jilena Hastings

 Associate Teacher (As a Student Teacher)


  St Leonards School                                  

 29 St Leonards Drive                            

  St Leonards 9022

Email: [email protected]

Work phone: 03 471 0501

Cellphone: 0273061799