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Principles based product / operations / technology leader; strategic planning, product development and execution in multi-chanel content distribution (broadcast, online, mobile, print) media and entertainment companies; global internet infrastructure and operations delivery expert.

Transformation Leadership-

Led The NaisCorp Internet Group Technical Operations from internet startup to "Commercial Grade" provider fueling 4x audience growth and revenue from global product (Socbay search engine, Socbay IMedia, Socbay mp3), Mobile MVNO service, and commerce offerings from,, and IMedia mobile.

Strategic Planning / Execution-

Delivered NaisCorp's integrated "Digital Content Factory" launching music and video download offering, affiliate model for audience growth on, mobile IMedia, and efficient content production / post-production / distribution services establishing a lead position in "New Media" consumption across multiple distribution channels (Print, DVD, Online, Broadcast, Mobile, and Location Based Entertainment).

Product Innovation- 

Launched Mobile IMedia infrastructure, a pioneer product, in ad supported rich media delivery. Established global contact center, network, and IT services infrastructure during growth stage of NaisCorp powering scale from 50 to 1000 employees and 20,000 users to over 50 million across Asia.

Operational Efficiency / Effectiveness-

Re-negotiated network, application software, maintenance support agreements, standardized and consolidated datacenter hosting, virtualization, network, storage, and environmental footprint to slash bottom line IT costs by over 35%. Leveraged and implemented ITIL best practices framework,  open source technologies, process re-engineering, program / project management methodologies increasing availability metrics to 99.99% whilst maintaining flat FTE counts.

Team Building and Collaboration-

Established global product development and support model for media download subscription business across engineering, product development, Q / A technical operations, marketing, and finance in Vietnam, Singapore, and the US. Maintained retention levels (less than 6%) through clear mission, matching right resources with right roles, progressive job families, succession planning, rewards / recognition programs, and cross training. Built communication triads (Business, Operations, IT) facilitating prioritization across 40 geographic location and establishing program / project management methodologies improving on time delivery by 20%.


Thomas creates and enables business growth through technology solutions aligned with a solid business strategy, organizational alignment and scalable efficient / effective business / processes. The end game is to build a sustainable business leaving a positive legacy from which future consumers and employees benefit.

Work experience


Digital Media & IT Services Executive

Amethyst Immersive Media

Developed and led rich media product / technology and support for the Online, Broadcast, Mobile, Publishing, DVD Distribution, and licensing business models including content creation, content management, content distribution, billing system architecture, business intelligence, and enterprise back office systems.

-Launched Socbay Internet Search Engine and launched Socbay iMedia mobile application.

-Established enterprise asset / content management system to capture and catalog over 10 years of image text, and video content across the enterprise to enable ad supported lifestyle product offering, media subscription services, and affiliate traffic generation to Nam Huong Media as well as Socbay iMedia.

-Secured $2 million in funding and integrated two business acquisitions into the corporate infrastructure in 1 years.

Established consolidated hosting strategy and enterprise bandwidth agreements realizing 25% reduction in infrastructure costs.


Chief of Operations

ISIS Group International (acquired by VinaGame)

Enabled 3x revenue growth through the creation of a shared services organization supporting subscription based products, multi player gaming solutions, advertising business models, travel, and retail commerce for VinaGame business verticals in the b to c on-line channel and Mobile MVNO services.

Captained the design, implementation, and support infrastructure delivering 40+million users monthly and 800+servers, storage systems, and network capability supporting the most visited sites in Vietnam ZingMe, ZingMP3, ZingNews, ZingChat.

-Reduced operating costs by 30% through system / network contract negotiations, and implementation, and implementation of audit and control procedures for capital expenditures.

-Improved operational stability, reliability, and availability through implementation of IT Service Management framework including best practices in change management, incident management, and configuration management achieving 80% first call incident resolution.

-Completed data centre expansion efforts to accommodate growth projections of 100% increase in capacity for rich media products and content delivery for global product launches.


Business Development Director

Koshinski and MDs

Responsible for growth of the department of Infectious Disease and further develop relationships among patients, referring physicians, industry partners and donors. Cultivates relationships with the goal to enhance the patient experience, develop stronger referring physician base and enhance the ability to indentify and secure resources to support our departmental missions.-Improved customer service for patients, including our community sites, by creating and implementing new and innovative programs designed to create a more patient friendly environment. 

-Developed Patient Concierge Program - Designed for patients being seen in the Department of Infectious Disease. 

-Provided communications with referrring providers by implementing and managing educational presentations to promote our technology and specialties.

-Acted as emmissary for our various locations for tours requested by outside entities, business relations and dignitaries-Interact with campus departments in the creation and implementation and/or facilitation of marketing and philanthropic opportunities to increase philanthropic support-Engaged in quality interactions with other institutions to attract greater support for our high quality department.


Assistant Golf Coach

Oregon State University

Responsible with organizational duties and helping in the development of training and practice schedules for the Oregon State University Men and Women's golf team. Responsible with recruitment of qualified student athletes within University and NCAA guidelines.


Assistant Golf Professional

Cambridge Golf Club

Consultant Engineering

Power Industry Consultant

Designed and developed Broadband Network for various communication companies such as MediaOne, Cox, Lucent Technologies, etc. 






Bachelor Science

Georgia Polytech