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Aija Naro

Massage Specialist

Work experience


Integrative Wellness Consultant I Massage Therapist

Atmah Ja's LLC Private Practice

With an accomplished private practice, I have acquired over 17 years of experience as a massage expert and personal consultant in the wellness industry, specializing in interdisciplinary health concepts which assimilate mind-body medicine, yoga, nutrition and diverse healing modalities learned from around the world. Expanding my private practice into a prolific career spanning nearly 20 years is a reflection of my networking, marketing, and relationship skills that have synergistically evolved with the times and technology, merged with a holistic nature geared to nurture and fulfill the needs of my clientele. 

*SPECIALIZATION: Food as Medicine | Homeopathy  | Consulting | Wellness Advising | Fitness & Life Coaching


Licensed Massage Therapist

Earthing Day Spa

My strong work ethic has magnetized me to be a leader at one of Charleston's most successful and longest running day spas.  Working at Earthling provides me with the opportunity to experience a great local clientele with whom I have built strong and lasting loyal customer relationships. The high end spa treatments are divergent from my personal practice and allow me to intermingle luxury while treating and educating clients with a naturopathic discipline.  From The Steamy Wonder, The Vichy to lomi lomi, I am one of the most requested and well versed practitioners at the spa to serve along side a collective - collaborative team of expert practitioners. 


Yoga Therapist / Private and Group Instruction             

Founder of Yoga Techx

With over 17 years of teaching experience, my dedicated work "on the mat" evolved YOGA TECHX, a mental-physical discipline highlighting the science of the mind/body through the ancient art of yoga applied as a modern day catalyst to reboot and equalize the psyche through breath, posture and meditation. This pioneering practice stems from years of field work and advanced studies of yoga and psychology, coupled with an intrinsic faculty to read and interpret digital age stress. YOGA TECHX is an innovative hybrid approach embracing neuro-biology, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Eastern medicine/philosophy  express the universality of yoga with a modern edge. 

* LECTURES / COURSES:  Navigational Tools of Awareness  |  Mind-Body Control  |  Meditation/Mental Discipline  |  Relaxation  |   Stress Management
*CLIENTELE: Corporations  |  Sports Professionals  |  Physicians  |  Mental Health Professionals


Owner  Yoga ~ Massage Studio and Art gallery

Atmah Ja's ~ The Art of Core Consciousness

My most exciting and personal innovative adventure was to open an eclectic high-end yoga, massage studio and boutique art gallery in Charleston, SC.  Teaming up with local artists, I acted as the creative director, spinning new life on Broad St in the heart of Charleston’s traditional art district. My vision was to curate a one of a kind space to experience the symbiotic relationship of wellness across mediums on “a creative stage!  As a brand strategist and creative consultant I Served as the primary sales director, procured new clients, curated showings, finalized contracts and assisted in installations / collaborations on design projects.



Licensed Massage Therapist

South Eastern School of Neuromuscular Therapy

Training in Structural Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Treatment Standards and Techniques including Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage,  and Swedish Massage


Bachelors of Education

The University of Toledo 

French National Honors ~ Pi Delta Phi                                                                   Overseas Studies Program: semester in the South of France

Adv. Certifications

Lymphatic Drainage Plus

LMT Success Group ~ Medical Massage

Extensive study of lymphatic system and critical role of pathogenic  -physiologic factors in the body in relation as largest circulatory system in the body.

Application of - Analgesic / Gate Theory relative to CNS; nocireceptors (pain receptors) and mechanoreceptors (touch receptors)

Ace Massage Cupping 

ACE Massage Cupping™

Cellulite Reduction Scar Reduction ~ Lymph Drainage Detoxification ~ Movement of Stagnation Contouring the Face & Body ~ Assist with Weight Loss Programs ~ Skin Toning and Firming ~ Pre- and Post-Operative Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Applications

Vital Principle Institute

Anti-Inflammator, Cellular Growth- Metabolism - Regeneration, Analgesic, Production of Endorphins and Nitric Oxide, Stimulates Collagen, Stimulates Nerve Function and Response