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Most Adventurous Award
Most Likely To Become A Scientist
Deputy Form Leader (Years 10 and 11)


Problem Solving
In working in after school activities such as Hi Sparc I have learned to in teams solve complicated mathematical problems involving high energy cosmic rays and analyze data that wasn't always clear and straight forward in a swift and efficient manner.
In becoming a boarder for the first time during Year 10, I have learned to grow and develop skills in balancing a busy and fulfilling schedule. With Air Cadets, my YouTube channel, volunteering, Piano Lessons, HiSparc, Science Society, Maths Help and Modern Foreign Languages all in one week while maintaining high grades and studying for GCSE's is now a conceivable feat - thanks to an organized and simple schedule that benefits both me and my well being. 
Through being team leader in expeditions such as the recent Year 10 expedition to Dartmoor, I have learnt essential team leadership skills when working with peers in a close environment. I have also learnt to work well in teams outside of school, through joining Air Cadets, where good team  
At the age of 14, I moved away from my parents and became a full time boarder in a foreign country. This forced to me to massively improve the quality of communicating how my week went, and basically expressing myself, when not always in the immediate presence of the person I am speaking to. 
During my time at the Royal High School Bath, I have been acting as School House Leader at the boarding house. The basically entails in me making rota's for cleaning the kitchen, organizing and taking care of the boarding house, and often providing emotional support to the younger boarders. 


Sep 2014Present

General Certificate of Secondary Education

Royal High School, Bath
Religious Studies:
Classical Civilization:



Best Questioner

ESU-Churchill National Public Speaking Competition For Schools


When volunteering for the Cheshire Home in Ethiopia, I represented the school in an off campus location in supporting and helping children with medical ailments such as missing limbs, as well as a selection of physical and mental disorders. During this enriching experience, I played with children with cleft lips, raised money for a media center at the orphanage, and provided children with games and companionship that was not always available at the orphanage.