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Ahsan Zaidi

Senior Social Worker

Work experience

Dedicated Senior Social Worker with nearly 7 years of experience in proving care and support to people who are socially downgraded,experiencing problems in their lives and bringing them to the main stream.

Key skills: 

Skilled communication able to influence across boundaries.

Experienced provinding support to people from all culture.

Delivering motivational lectures curbing suicidal tendency people.

Proving innovative ideas thus preventing poverty.

Giving skiiled  related ideas and assisting people to achieve their targets.

Working in team,assesing risk and making recommendation.

Analytical and logiacal reasoning which harmonizes with the demands of my profesonal needs.

Enhance parenting and support the physical, intellectual and emotional development of children and young people who need help, in line with the Children’s Plan.

 Help disadvantaged people of all ages improve their health and well-being.

 Aid people in poverty to improve their financial position, informing them about their entitlements and helping them to access training, work opportunities and benefits..

Professional profile

Social work supervision.

Case management.



Student/adult assesment.

Human development

Programme implementation

Risk prevention and reduction

Programme cordinator/organiser

Staff management.

Oct 2009Present

Senior Social worker,Integrated child and women developer,Case manager,Working analyst,Organiser,Educator

  • Performing routine visitations in the local communities, particularly to families with vulnerable young children, to ensure the care provided is sufficient and meets Health and Safety standards
  • Help plan and facilitate discharges
  • Documenting the progresses of the families under my supervision and regularly updating my superiors on any changes which may call for action
  • Contributing to multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Handling referrals to counselling
  • Working with families in crisis situations
  • Working with children in care who need foster parents or homes for adoption.
  • Working with the care home staff to increase the chances of the children in their care to get fostered or adopted
  • Counsel clients and patients in individual and group sessions to help them overcome dependencies, recover from illness, and adjust to life.
  • experiencing problems with family relationships and conflicts

    ● struggling with the challenges of growing old

    ● suffering serious personal troubles and mental distress having drug and alcohol problems

    ● facing difficulties as a result of disability, including feeling isolated within the community and experiencing practical problems with money or housing.

  • promote human development and security, social inclusion and participation across the lifespan
  • Arrange good-quality alternative care for children whose parents cannot care for them, and for adults who can no longer manage in their own homes.


Best social worker of the year award 2011 

Glowng light award 2012

Fluorescence award 

Best team managent , coordinadtion award.

Enhancing skilled development and allevating poverty award

Integrated child and women development award 2013