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Work experience

Feb 2007Present

Outbound TSA

Arthur Middelton Capital Holdings

I started in May 2007 as an inbound TSA. November of 2007 I was happy to take a supervisor position and did it well for a year. After my supervisor position I took the outbound TSA position. During my shift I make outgoing sales to out previous customers. I now love my job and I want to move on and learn something new and excited.

Feb 2004Dec 2007

Front end supervisor

I started at big lots in February as a cashier and when I wasn’t needed on the register I recovered the store. Soon after I became a front end supervisor. During my shift I would have to clean the front of the store, make sure the customers were being taking care of, and be there for my cashiers. After getting my job at AMCH I stayed at Big Lots until December.


Aug 2006Jan 2008


When I graduated from high school in 2006 I went straight in to college. Unfortunately when I became a supervisor I was working a lot so I dropped out of school, but I am looking into going back.

Aug 2003Jun 2006


McKinley Senior High School


Yes I am 21 and I've only had two jobs but in both jobs I have exceeded. I love the person I am today. I own my house and every move I make I make sure it will improve my future.