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Master of Science

Örebro University

eGovernment is the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in public administrations combined with organisational change and new skills in order to improve public services and democratic processes. For this, new expertise combining technical, organizational and sociological knowledge is required.

Research: Public-Private Partnerships in ICT for Development: The Ghanaian experiment/ experience

Aug 2005Jun 2006

Post Graduate Diploma

Helsinki Business University of Applied Sciences

The International Business Acumen Programme is a professional Development Programme aimed at giving students who already have a Bachelors Degree the following benefits:

  • increased awareness of the global marketplace;
  • strong theoretical knowledge of international business management;
  • beneficial cross-cultural management skills (negotiations, human resource management);
  • practical insight of international business practices through case-studies, team works, foreign study trip, and real business projects.

Research: Market Research for ABB Marine: The Russian Oil and Gas Industry, How to Market ABBs AZIPOD Icebreaker Vessel Engines in Russia

Oct 2000Dec 2004

Bachelor of Business Administration

Lahti University of Applied Sciences

The International Business Programme aims at providing the students with the qualifications and skills needed to work independently, creatively and effectively in positions requiring expertise in international business. BBA emphasizes the international aspect and the importance of language skills. Graduates will easily adapt to work with people from different countries, as they are trained to understand other business cultures Research: Market Research Project for Sapomec Oy titled "A Guide to the African Garments Industry" . The focus was on Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt


Päivi Kari-Zein

Senior Lecturer, Haaga- Helia University of Applied Sciences, International Business Consultant

Anders Avdic

Programme Director, Electronic Government Master Programme, Ö;rebro University, Sweden

Junno Kaarna

I have worked with and under Mr. Kaarna on several projects

Technical Skills

MS Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Web Design and Applications, XML, UML


I am an eGovernment expert with the educational background of a Master of Science Degree in eGovernment from Sweden, and a Bachelors Degree in International Business from Finland. In addition, I am firmly grounded in the transformation process government agencies and private businesses are going through,  and the role of technology in these changes. My research and work related activities in eGovernance have mostly been in the fields of Public- Private Partnerships in ICT for Development, ICT advocacy, Organisational reengineering, KM for eGovernment and Govt 2.0.

I am employed as an eGovernment Expert at the Helsinki State Council, in their Social Services Unit.  This role requires me, among other things, to advise, strategise, and lecture on the implementation of various change initiatives that are currently underway within the different units of the City Council. At present, I am involved in a project for the integration of web 2.0 tools in the delivery of social services.

My other competencies include:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of technology in solving government and governance problems.
  • Applying scientific knowledge related to change and ICT use, to strategic and operational problem solving in government organizations.
  •  Knowledge of how information is created and used in organizational processes and how these processes can be managed and improved.

Training and Courses

  • Virtual Teamwork Course on Cultures and Organisations in International Business, Helsinki Business University of Applied sciences in collaboration with Alicante University, Spain, March 2006
  • Economies of the Baltic Countries, Tallinn Technical University, Tallinn, Estonia, January 2003
  • Business in Russia, St. Petersburg State University, St Petersburg, Russia April 2003
  • Vietnamese Culture and Economy, Lahti University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Haiphong University, Vietnam, March 2002
  • Environmental Management, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, January 2004
  • Conflict Resolution and Management: University of Cape Coast, Ghana, May 1998

Interests and Hobbies

Boxing, Hiking, Volleyball, Badminton, Creative Writing

Professional Development and Work Experience

  • I have made presentations at seminars and organised exhibitions on cultures in Finland, 2003-to date
  • I conceived the idea and assisted in the design and implementation of a Wiki , a Knowledge Management System for the eGovernment Master Students of Ö;rebro University, Sweden, May-June 2008

Consultant, eGovernment/Knowledge Management Specialist

ALTD Inc/ Helsinki City Social Services Department, June 2008 to date

Coordinator, Human Capital and Resource Efficiency Program

Business Developer, Collaboration and Project Team Member

The Ghana Virtual Classroom Project, March 2008 to date

Created the idea and collaboration between Ö;rebro University (Sweden), University of Education, Winneba and One Village Foundation (Ghana), Bangladesh Open University and Soft Ed Ltd (Bangladesh) to improve distance education in Ghana by using video and SMS to implement pedagogy and to create a large-scale interactive learning environment.

Analyst, Market Research

ABB Marine (Finland), August 2004 - September 2005

Research on Russian oil and gas industry.

Analyst, Market Research

Salpomec Oy (Finland), June- November 2003

How to Market Garment Handling Logistics Solutions to the African Garments Industry. Special focus areas: Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt


Electricity Company of Ghana -Regional Headquarters (Tema), August 1999- December 1999,

Cost and Budgeting Unit, Stores Accounting.

Sales Person, Network Marketing

Golden Neo Life Diamite International (Ghana), April 1998-April 1999

Accounts Clerk

Wallsdan Forex Bureau Ltd (Ghana), January 1997-December 1997

Primary School Teacher

National service Secretariat-Dodowa District (Ghana), April 1996-December 1996

Economics tutor for GCE Advanced Level candidates

Language Skills

English                                                Fluent

French/German                                  Intermediate

Arabic/ Finnish/                                   Basic

Hausa/ Ga/ Twi                                   Fluent


" He does not give up or hide from a challenge. Instead he breaks it down to the pieces that can be managed and makes each piece complete without loosing sight of the whole... He has a good sense of judgment and humor for when things do not go his way"

Dr. Brett Fifield

"Ahmed is a make-it-happen diplomat"

Dr. Anders Avdic