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Work History

Saudi Company For Construction & Development Trading ltd

2008 Present

ICT Manager

  • Building and developing Corporate IT infrastructure.
  • Leading the development & implementation of the company's systems and ensuring the effective performance over all.
  • Managing Corporate's Network, and recognizing & implementing necessary network improvements.
  • Planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating the operations of information systems & electronic data processing.
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures for computer systems operations, usage and development.
  • Overseeing troubleshooting, systems backups, archiving and disaster recovery.
  • Ensuring the healthy running and optimum performance of the company's network.
  • Continuously evaluating possible threats that may exist and propose corrective controls in order to eliminate such threats.
  • Providing effective IT solutions that will help to enhance the business performance.
  • Coordinating with key stakeholders to discuss system requirement, specifications, costs and timelines.
  • Leading the information technology security and protection.

Construction Product Holding Company - CPC


System Developer

  • To create a huge human resource system that serve over 36 companies as a holding head office.
  • Sharing & filtering all internet resources. Maintaining computers .
  • Administrating network. Analyzing Complicated Data & Atomize it.
  • Developing Process for atomizing departments 

Saudi Binladen Group - Rush Project Division - SBG - RPD



  • Building Human resource application for the company as a desktop application using visual basic And Access database.
  • Developing applications for departments for atomizing work.
  • Providing crystal reports development Network Administration Security enhancements Windows server configuration. 

Saudi Binladen Group - Architecture & Building Constrction Division - SBG - ABCD


Computer Maintenance 

  • Formatting computers, installing windows and applications (Microsoft office, Autodesk).
  • Preparing switches for network and joining computers to the domain as well as trouble shooting Networking issues Sharing and filtering internet for users
  • Fixing printers issues such as maintaining inks and cartridges Achievements: Building store application from scratch based on company requirements

Objective & Personal Statment

My career objective is to work as ICT Manager for a reputable company that would increase my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience.


  • I can develop & convert any current application into IOS , Android & Windows platforms which can be downloaded via stores.
  • I am able to resolve any issue related to information computer technology.
  • HTML, JavaScript ( basic ) , Html5 , Database Administrations , SQL Query , Mobile Application Development Using Most Recent Alpha Software Technology 
  • Systems integration with any type of databases.
  • Enhance the speed load of data pulling from db .
  • Writing Guides & Deploying Documentations & Tutorials .
  • Defend organization from hacking attacks.
  • Implementing Network Infrastructure's for secured environments. 
  • Securing Computers vulnerability Updates.
  • Technical support for any problem into PC.


Saudi Arabia , Jeddah

Al Salamah Dest

P.O. BOX 44066 Jeddah 21581


Upon Request

I can provide all the details upon request or during interview .

Family Status

Status :Married

Kids Availability : Yes

My Age : 34

How Many Kids : 2 


Other Certificates

  • CCNA Networking Academic Certified
  • CCNP Networking Academic Certified
  • ASP.NET Academic Certified
  • DOT NET Microsoft Web Development
  • A+ Microsoft Maintenance Academic Certified
  • English ICEL CANADA - York University
  • Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Alpha V11 & Alpha Anywhere Certfied
  • certified 
  • certified


Canadian Business College


Diploma certificate ASP.NET

I have learned how to interact & achieve my requirements using ASP.NET programming language .

Canadian Business College



Worked into virtual lap

York University


ESL up to level 5

I have attend the YULI program for 1 year. during this class I increased my reading ,speaking, writing And English grammars.

Amman Al Ahliyahh University 


Bachelor in Information System Technology

I have attended MIS as a habit & as a major in the university and finished over 148 hours scoping Management of information technology to complete the bachelor degree at 2.8/4 score .


  1. Created Radiology application which work for IOS , Android and other platforms .
  2. Created a medical beauty center website
  3. Created official construction company website
  4. Created online shop-cart with integrated shipment and gateway payment
  5. Invented a service for social media to collect online cash .
  6. Created application for dry & clean services with online request and payment integrated  for IOS , Android & other platforms .
  7. Created online human resource.
  8. Created Revenue integrated with archiving system online.
  9. Created Inventory system.


  • Created self HR service ( native mobile application , android & IOS ) Maintaining network, Ports forwarding to different applications based on company requirements .
  • Developing Human Resource application online for the company using MYSQL database covering All the services related to an employees along with dashboards & charts.
  • Created material request tracking system, where employees request items, they can track it until The supplier send it to the store, also coding the items structure in the system into MYSQL Database .
  • Created complex digital library to atomize company Revenue Department.
  • Created FTP Server for the company having latest technologies for file transfer protocols.

    Was responsible for security and active directory, managed to setup company mail and back up for Over 500 users, as well backing up ( Disaster Recovery ) The holy Makkah AutoCAD files & maps.
  • Managed to apply security solutions & antivirus, setup any type of anti virus CONSOLE and configure It to the users Through network,
  • Responsible for purchasing all devices related to ICT( Pc 's, Laptops , network switch's , firewalls , Applications plotters etc. ).
  • Worked with untangle security solution (Linux product) Made application for camp, which is like a hotel system where labor get in a room and exit it and Pay the rent through the app I am currently working in RFID for inventory project .
  • I have a lot of other online systems , I may provide upon request within my interview Measuring & monitoring users internet productivity.
  • Providing Log report for employees who uses company systems . Analyzing company department process and convert it into CMS application online.


Arabic ,  Speak / Read / Write , Fluent
English , Speak / Read / Write , Fluent
Chinese ,Speak / Write , Learning Mode